How to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers

How to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers

Nowadays, every teenager has a digital device and can access the internet. When teens spend most of the time playing games, using social media, checking emails and messages leads them to addiction. For teens, the mobile device has become an integral part of their lives. Mobile device addiction is a concern of every parent. A recent survey has shown that 55% of the teens are addicted towards digital devices and a daily average spend time on mobile devices by a teenager is 6-7 hours.

Teens use mobile devices to connect with friends and families. They use it for their research and education purposes. They also use digital technologies for entertainment or amusement and even some teens used a mobile device to escape something in their life. Mobile addiction is a major issue that has been increasing day by day. Not only kids, teens, and adults are getting addicted to digital devices. Mobile addiction can make a teen’s mind dull and lazy. It may cause mental health issues.

Effects of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers

Excessive use of mobile phones is not good for health. Teen start using mobile devices regularly and they will have no idea that they are being addicted to digital devices. There aren’t any positive effects of cell phone addiction because it only destroys teen overall development. Emotionally or physically teens are attached to mobile phones. Some major effects of digital technology addiction in teenagers are as follows.

Effects of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers

  • Physical Health Issues

It’s a major problem for every device addict. In a recent survey, almost 46% of teens between 14 to 24 who are addicted to the digital device have suffered from physical health issues. For instance, the mobile user looks down on the mobile or bend their neck toward mobile devices which cause neck and back pain. As they will not have any physical exercise which may cause many physical complications.

  • Sleep Deprivation 

The blue light emitted from mobile devices is harmful to our eyes which makes it difficult in sleeping. The blue light radiation from your mobile phone will reduce your sleeping patterns and affect melatonin. They spend more time checking emails and messages, scrolling social sites, watching videos. Teens will use mobile devices before going to sleep and end up using mobile for hours. This will disturb your sleeping timing. Even some teens use devices for a whole night. Lack of sleep will cause insomnia & illness.

  • Mental Health Complication 

This is also the main effect of mobile addiction. Teens connect with different peoples online. They may be victims of cyberbullying or trolling which leads them to anxiety and depression. Using mobile excessively will make you feel more stressed. As they tend to give a quick response to the mobile device’s messages or notifications. Researchers have this saying “the more you are addicted to something, the more stressed and depressed you feel”.

  • Effects on Social Inclusion

Teens are so busy in their online world that they forgot beside the online world, there’s also a real world. Mobile addiction will have serious effects on teen’s social lives. They will isolate themselves from others. They will spend less time with friends and family which will affect their relationship. They will also have low self-esteem.

Sign and Symptoms of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers

Sign and Symptoms of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers

  • Lack in sleep

Mobile addiction makes your sleeping habits unhealthy. The harmful light emitted from mobile devices causes damage to eye-sight which makes it difficult while sleeping. Excessive use of digital devices doesn’t let you sleep. As you tend to spend more time on screen.

  • Low academics

If your teens have a problem scoring good marks on an exam, it’s because he/she can’t focus on the study and easily get distracted. The main reason is mobile addiction. They will use mobile more rather than studying.

  • Change in mood

Their mood will also be changed frequently. If a teen sees anything that is disturbing it may affect their mood. If parents try to restrict their device usage, they seem more aggressive and angry.

  • Easily Distracted 

The mobile device is a medium of distraction. If your teens frequently get distracted is a sign of mobile addiction. Sometimes they find themselves zone-out in the classroom. They feel anxious when their mobile phone isn’t around. Even if they are doing an assignment, they will frequently use mobile devices.

  • Less Family Time 

If your teen always late at the dinner table or spends less time with family, this is also the main symptom of addiction. Even while eating with family they used mobile devices excessively. Teens will not listen to parents and disobey their rules. Mostly they will spend their time alone at home.

Steps Getting Rid of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers 

It’s important to get rid of mobile addiction. It only has negative effects on human life. All the people will only face the repercussion of mobile phone addiction. Parents should also teach their kids to have limited screen time. If you are getting addicted to the digital device, first you should know its sign and symptoms. So, here are the best major steps to eradicate mobile addiction in teenagers.

Steps Getting Rid of Mobile Addiction in Teenagers

  • Be Involve

The initial phase of controlling mobile addiction starts with you. Parents should be aware of all activities like what apps are using by their teens, with whom they are chatting, are they being addicted. Educated them about the harmful effects of phone addiction. Be involved in their device activities. As teens spend most of their time on technologies, the parent should encourage teens to focus on enhancing their creative skills and go outside with their friends and families to develop a healthy social life.

  • Good Role Model 

Every kid learns from their parents. It’s necessary to have a good influence on their teens. Parents need to be good role models in order to get rid of technology addiction. Parents should stop using mobile phones in front of their kids and teens. If parents start using the phone continuously, their children will also have a mindset that using a phone is good. So, you should lead by example for your kids and teens. Make sure you interact with your teens daily. You should set a good digital habit for you and your kid.

  • Set Screen Time limit 

It’s necessary to set time limits on technology use. Parents can view their daily average screen time on an in-built app or can install it from mobile apps or the play store. This will help you to know how much time your teen is spending on particular apps or screens. Setting a time limit on device use will allow you to stop the risk of mobile addiction. Once you set the time limit it will block the apps and close the screen at bedtime. Disable notification settings in mobile devices.

  • Use Monitoring apps 

It’s the best way to get rid of mobile addiction in teenagers. The Majority of teens are tech-savvy so it’s an important tool to monitor their screen activities remotely. There are few parental control apps you can find. It allows the parent to monitor their teen cell phone activities remotely. You can set screen time on a device and can track their all online activities. If your teens spend too much time on a digital device. It’s better to limit their teen cellphone. These are the best monitoring apps.

It’s important to restrict your teen from using a cell phone excessively. You should also set a rule in device usage. For instance, No phones are allowed in family time or dinner, Using the mobile device is strictly prohibited while studying. Let them know if they break these rules you will be punished. Motivate them to have device-free activities.


Therefore, parenting plays a vital role in keeping their teen on track. It also depends on teens how familiar they are with mobile addiction. Teens should also be responsible for their excessive cell phone usage. If they are getting addicted to mobile, talk with your parents freely. Let them know about your current condition.

Instead of using a mobile device in your free time, spend your time with a friend outside, try exploring new things, or be involved in such activities that will help to develop your problem solving or decision-making abilities.

Educating your teen about smartphone addiction will lead them to mental health issues. If it’s necessary try to seek help from a professional or doctor to get rid of smartphone addiction.

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