How to Get Sling TV Student Discount?

Sling TV Student Discount

Sling TV is a great platform for people who want affordable entertainment. For various reasons, many new users are looking for an all-in platform. Sling TV is an excellent way to enhance your collection. It was never easier to watch LIVE TV. Sling TV offers you affordable, easy-to-access plans.

Users can benefit greatly. As a student, it can be difficult to pay for many subscriptions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to save your costs.

Sling TV Have a Student Discount Plan?

Sling TV does not provide users with a student discount plan. It’s hard for you to find some affordable plans online. On the other hand, Sling TV brings some great offers. This adds value to your purchase. Users can experience seamlessly and enjoy high quality content.

You can get premium features with tons of advantages. We all want to save money as students. It’s the nearest to share your wonderful tools. We advise you to try it today.

Steps to Sign up for Sling TV:

You don’t have to do much to sign up for the Sling TV platform. You can create an account easily and enjoy their excellent services. Here are the steps to begin the process.

Step 1: Users can test the platform at no cost for three days. The platform supports all the highest channels. Here you can visit the homepage. To start the process, click on the registration button.

Step 2: Users can start with their account creation. You must register with your email account. Users can create a secure password as well. A combination of different ases, numbers and special characters is recommended. It gives you maximum online protection.

Step 3: Currently Sling TV offers multiple plans to users. Three plans can be found on the website. With this website, you can see a significant increase in your entertainment list. Users can select channel lists from 30+, 45 and 50+. Users can also include a few additional channels to achieve the maximum number.

Step 4: The last step is to use the payment portal. Users can make payments on the platform and enjoy the service immediately. You can pay with Sling TV via Credit Cards or Paypal. They are both viable ways to confirm your trial for three days. The money is deducted once the trial period is over.

These are the steps to enjoy unlimited fun on the premium website. Today users can test them and get a great viewing experience.

Deals with Sling TV:

Sling TV has no fantastic student discounts available. However you have a large number of deals. Here are the ones you will enjoy enormously.

1. Get a Free AIR TV Mini

The Air TV mini device is a great addition to your home configuration. You can easily make your TV smart via this option. It makes streaming content from anywhere in your home easy. Internet connectivity makes things relatively easy, too.

Users can stream on their TVs in outstanding 4K quality. You can access Sling and Netflix one-touch on your devices. Users must pay the payment in advance for two months.

2. You can get 10$ off Sling and Starz, Showtime, and EPIX

The website is currently being promoted and offers enormous discounts. You can get 10 dollars off your sling TV subscription. Additional services such as Starz, Showtime and Epix are also available to users for free. It’s valid for a month.

You get more than 50 channels and outstanding quality during streaming. Users also enjoy movies and TV shows on demand.

3. Free streaming

Sling also provides users with a free streaming option. It’s perfect for people who can’t spend a lot on live TV. This platform offers only a limited number of channels. By purchasing a plan, users can enjoy exclusive features by clicking here.


Sling TV has different options, and we try to answer all your questions in this guide. Very few student discounts are available on the site. You can use the deals to reduce the overall purchase costs.

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