How to Insert Signature in Word

How to Insert Signature in Word

Inserting signatures in word can be possible if you do it with the help of a trusted application. Creating signatures in different formats is popular because these are used at different levels, especially at the professional level.

In case you need the way through which you can do it, you are on the right site. Here we will let you know how it can be done with one of the finest applications named CocoSign. Please look at the below information and find out what we have for you to look for.

 Significance of Inserting Signature in Word

Microsoft Word is the ultimate word processing software used worldwide at a personal and professional level. You can create documents through this, as it is being used at a broader scale, so numerous people like to add eSignatures to Word documents to enhance the speed of their document processes.

The maximum benefit of adding electronic signatures to your Word documents is that most people already use the software to edit and create signatures on the document. Though this may be the most obvious advantage, so make sure that your organization can guide the use-case of electronic signatures before they come up with a solution.

 CocoSign as an Application for Adding Signatures in Word

This is one of the finest applications that can be used if you need to quit on paperwork and think about going green and looking forward to an application for e-signatures. From its official website you can learn a lot more about this application. CocoSign is a dynamic cloud-based tool that allows you to do your work with 100% safety.

You can leave your worries behind when it comes to confidentiality as all the things are done here securely because the tool is highly encrypted. You can safely use it without having a fear of breaching the privacy or leakage of data. The software is safe because it has an extra layer to protect the data.

Most business organizations love this app is the user-friendly benefit that comes with it. You can make the most out of this app regardless of the size of the business. It doesn’t matter whether it is small or big; you can make it work without any issue with CocoSign.

With multiple subscription plans, CocoSign helps you pick any plan you like according to your work’s needs. You can initially go for the free version and later try out the paid plan when extending your work. This application and all the features are being made by keeping in mind your business requirements.

The app offers you multiple templates for the sake of your business necessities. You can choose the one that you think suits your work the best. Some tools enhance your work quality, and you can suggest them to your business partners so they could try them and improve the quality of the work.

All the activities are being monitored in real-time. This allows you to keep an eye on the activities related to the documents you uploaded. Whenever someone adds, edits, signs, or opens the document, you will be able to find out who did that and who is next in line who needs to do that.

CocoSign offers multiple formats for users to pick from. You can go for Word, Excel, PDF, JPD and others. You can also add text and images even after you upload the document. This allows you to only make necessary changes without doing all the work from the start.

Users can even make changes when they are working in offline mode. You can’t have the internet all the time, so whenever you don’t have access to the internet, you can make changes in offline mode as they will be saved in drafts, so whenever you go back to active mode, you can make changes.

No matter where you are and what you do, you need the internet and your electronic device to do all the work within a few minutes. It is up to you whether you want to sign a single document or go for multiple documents all at once. Electronic signs don’t take much time, so a lot of signatures can be made within a couple of minutes.

Now you don’t have to restrict yourself to a specific area to make business deals as you can broaden your working cycle wherever you need to. Make agreements and business contracts at the international level and leave all your worries behind. This allows you to boost the quality of your work without thinking about anything else.

You can also save yourself from the hassle of paperwork and make a huge difference by reducing paper usage. Not many people are capable enough to do all the documenting work independently as it requires so much stamina and energy. Plus you cannot roam around from place to place with the documents for signing.

Using CocoSign to Sign a Word Document

Step 1. There are many ways to upload the Word file that needs to be signed with the help of CocoSign. The best way is to drag and drop the file in the given field. You can also do it by opening the file folder in a separate document browser window.

Choose the files on your own through their location by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ option. When the Word document is uploaded, a preview of the document would be visible.

Step 2. CocoSign provides multiple edits for signing documents, filling forms, and many other official requirements. These edits have date, text, adding a signature, or the initials, so select the type of changes added in the document.

Step 3. You can move the mouse over the area where the signature must be added in the document preview. Press the mouse button, and the ‘Signature’ option will be there, so tap on it. There are three options for you to include an electronic signature. The first option is to make an e-signature using a mouse or trackpad.

The second one is to draw the sign on paper, scan the signature, and upload it to the PC. This signature can be uploaded to CocoSign. The third option is to write your name and select the suggested signature style given by the software.

Step 4. In the end, press on the ‘Done’ button and the document will be given for download, along with the edits made in the document.


We hope that this article will be sufficient for you to get to know about one of the finest applications that can help you create signs in Word format. Many other applications can do the same work for you, but the benefits that come along with this fantastic application cannot be found anywhere else.

With such fantastic pricing plans and ease of usage, CocoSign has everything that must be there in all advanced apps. Try this out and share your experience with us. We would love to know whether this was the app you needed or whether or not it suits you.

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