How to Track My Daughter’s Phone for Beginners?

How to Track My Daughters Phone

As a concerned and responsible parent, the protection and safety of your children is likely to trouble you. When it comes to daughters, a parent’s concern increases manifold as they are more emotionally vulnerable and the proliferating crime rates only makes your concern valid.

If you have been wondering of a way out to track my teenager app that ensures your daughter’s safety, ClickFree is your answer. It is the perfect way to ensure the safety of your daughter as it holistically tracks all of one’s activities on phone.

Smartphones have become a very inseparable part of our lives, especially for teenage people. While smartphones have brought people closer, it also poses a challenge of meeting the wrong ones. Spy apps like ClickFree have enabled parents to keep a check on their children in a very secretive manner.


What is ClickFree?

ClickFree is a web based application that allows its users to gain access into someone’s phone in a remote manner. This remote view assists in seeing someone’s messages, call list, GPS location, social media engagement, etc.

Speaking particularly in context of your daughter, you will be able to view her phone engagement. From ClickFree, you can attain every vital information about her. Things like whom she has been calling, texting or where she was at any point in time; you can see the truth black and white.

ClickFree’s Amazing Features

ClickFree has an array of good features and functions that make it stand class apart from other spy apps. It ensures that the remote supervision and access is completely anonymous. As the application is web based, it leaves lesser scope of trails for identification.

Having stated the versatility of the App, below are some of the vital features that make ClickFree has:

  • Brilliant User Interface

ClickFree has a very user friendly interface. For beginners, it is immensely easy to get privy and accustomed to the working. There is clarity of conduct. It offers a completely risk free environment for first time spy app users.

As the name suggests, all it takes is a few clicks on the tabs to garner access to your daughter’s phone, track her location, her social media engagement. It is simple to use and operate.

  • Stealth Mode

You don’t have to worry about the fact that your daughter will find out about you spying on her phone. ClickFree has a super safe stealth mode in place that diminishes the possibility of detection. There will be no pings, security alerts, etc. that your daughter will receive on her phone.

  • Works on iOS and Android Phones

Whether your daughter has an iOS or Android phone, you will still be able to get access to her phone. ClickFree supports both iOS and Android phones and does not require any jailbreaking or rooting through the target devices.

  • Additional Features

ClickFree has many features that offer you an insight into your daughter’s life through her phone. Some features are so amazing and valued that they will give you an access into your daughter’s mind.

Features like keylogger also allows the users to see what key strokes were made on the phone. These strokes include deletes and drafts as well. Any deletions of messages or call records would definitely indicate the intention of hiding a fact.

How to Track My Daughter’s Phone for Beginners

ClickFree is the most wholesome way of tracking your daughter’s phone. Her interactions, locations, etc. you can see it all from this web-based app. Now the question is, when you are a beginner, how well versed you need to be with technology to use ClickFree.

Even if you were a first timer with technology, ClickFree will provide you the ability to spy diligently into your daughter’s phone. There will be no security leak, no pings or alerts on your daughter’s phone. You can track her phone without her knowing.

Having stated that the process is simple, let us know get introduced to the procedure:

Step 1: The first is to register on the ClickFree web-based app using your email ID. Your email ID will be the one which will be used for all official communication from ClickFree, so choose the email wisely.

Step 2: After the registration, you need to select the plan you seek from ClickFree. It has many plans with varied offerings, all rendering some or the other spy purpose. You choose the monthly plan you seek.

Step 3: Once the plan is selected and paid for, you will receive a set up link on your registered email ID. The set up link would have easy instructions to follow. Follow those instructions and the installation will be done in a jiffy.

Step 4: Once the setup is complete, you would then need to select the target platform. This is where the bifurcation between Android and iOS comes into play.

If your daughter has an iPhone, you have to select iOS. ClickFree will then seek the iCloud ID and password of your daughter’s iPhone. The moment you enter that, you would be able to gain immediate access to her iPhone.

If your daughter has an Android phone, you have to select Android as the target platform. After this, you need to download the app into your daughter’s phone. However, the process is still safe from detection.

As the app weighs only 3 MB, it can be hidden as soon as it is downloaded. Once hidden, its existence vanishes completely even from the library of apps. Android does not allow direct remote access. Any spy app promising to do so is cheating.

Therefore, in a simple set of procedures, you can gain access into your daughter’s phone. It would help you in knowing whether she is on the right track in life. As a parent, being sure of your children’s well being is the most essential gift.


At an age when gullibility is extreme, it is imperative for parents to keep a track on their children. Your concerns about how to track my teenager app will be well sorted from ClickFree. The platform has a lot to offer in terms of getting remote access.

When you know your children, their weakness, their gullibility, it becomes essential to know if they are keeping good company. It is not even spying if your concern is only to ensure the safety of your daughter.

Protecting the children is not only a choice but also a moral duty of the parents. ClickFree understands the rationale and the lack of technological prowess with parents. Therefore, From ClickFree, it is ensured that the best interface with minimum hassles is in place.

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