IGTor – Get Free Followers, Story Views, And Likes On Instagram

Today, I’ll show you a trick that can get you 1000 Free Instagram Followers or more! You will get followers, likes, views, and many other benefits. The trick that we will employ is known as IGTor. This Free Instagram Followers Panel may be used every 30 minutes, but proceed with caution and gradually. You must create a demo account before applying the trick to use it. You may still use it without a demo account, but doing so is risky. So, create a new demo account or use one you already have.

What Is IGTor?

IGTor Free Instagram Followers is a panel that allows users to increase their Instagram account with a few clicks effortlessly. This Instagram follower growth trick is available as both an app and a web trick. The app version, however, is only available to Android users. Remember that the IGTor com website is in another language; nevertheless, a language selection option above the page allows you to convert the page into English or your own language. You may also use the Chrome browser, which instantly translates your webpage into your desired language.

Is IGTor Free Instagram Followers Panel Safe?

The IGTor Free Instagram Followers Panel is risk-free when used with a demo account. It is no longer safe to use without the assistance of a demo account. They require you to log in using your Instagram account. It is OK to log in using a demo account or an Instagram account that is unimportant to you, even if that account is lost. After that, enter your primary Instagram account where you want those followers, likes, and views. This makes the trick completely safe. If you log in with your primary Instagram account, it will automatically begin following and liking other profiles, eventually leading to your account’s termination or blocking.

Why Use IGTor Free Instagram Followers Panel?

The benefits of using the IGTor Free Instagram Followers Panel are stated below. This list covers a few of the most significant reasons; otherwise, it would be endless if I included them all.

  • This Free Instagram Followers Panel is simple and easy to use.
  • There is no need to log in or create a password for your primary Instagram account where you wish to transfer followers.
  • I know you despise human verification and surveys, and they also do. There is no need to conduct any questionnaires.
  • IGTor is legitimate and operational.
  • The Free Instagram Followers Panel is available in two versions. The IGTor App, for example, is exclusively accessible for Android users. The web version is the other.
  • The web version is compatible with any device or operating system with an internet connection.
  • IGTor com offers eight free services you will learn about as you read.
  • The followers’ likes and views arrive immediately.
  • You are not restricted to 1000 Free Instagram Followers; you may get as many followers and likes as you desire.
    IGTor can be used every 30 minutes indefinitely.
  • IGTor has a language option, making browsing easier for people worldwide.

IGTor Cons

Before applying the trick, there are a few things you need to take care of.
  • Creating a demo account requires more effort.
  • Demo accounts are readily canceled. As a result, we’re using a demo account rather than our own Instagram account.
  • Using IGTor com excessively may be risky and detrimental, even for your primary Instagram account; therefore, it is best to use it gradually.
  • Only Android users could use the IGTor App version. There is no app for iOS users; they must only use the web version.
  • Login issues happen sometimes. These problems may take longer to resolve.
  • Some free services, such as followers, likes, or views, may be unavailable occasionally. And it takes a bit longer to return. Relax; this occurs now and again.

List Of Free Services From IGTor

IGTor offers eight free services, which are listed below.
Followers – You may send followers to your Instagram account using the demo account.
Likes – With the likes service, you may earn free likes on your Instagram pictures and videos.
Video Views – They also provide a service for sending views to your Instagram videos. Keep in mind that this does not include likes.
Story Views – Like videos, you may offer free views of your tale. This allows your article to reach a wider audience.
Comment Likes – Comments with many likes might help your account reach a wider audience. IGTor is a free service that helps you to acquire those likes in your comments.
IGTV Video Views – Use their free service to increase the number of views on your IGTV videos.
Poll Votes – Another way to cheat is to submit votes to your Instagram story poll. Not just yours but also other people’s story polls.
Saves – Instagram post saves are extremely useful in improving your Instagram reach. As a result, IGTor also offers a free service that allows you to send free saves to your Instagram photos and videos.
Note: Now available services are marked with a “green tick mark,” while temporarily unavailable services are marked with a “red cross mark.”

How To Get 1000 Free Instagram Followers And likes?

IGTor com is a very simple and easy way to get 1000 Free Instagram Followers and Likes. Follow the instructions outlined below. Also, you may watch the video tutorial below.
  • To begin, go to the “IGTor” website or download the app using one of the icons below.
  • A list of 8 Free Services will be displayed to you. Examine which of the markings shown in the above image is available. Select the service, in this case, followers, and click the “use” option.


  • Click “Login” now.


  • After that, enter the login information for your demo account and click the green “login or Entrance” button. Remember not to submit the login information for your primary Instagram account.

  • Now, enter the username of your primary Instagram account. Only the username is required. Then, on the “Find user” page, click the “Find user” button.

  • Finally, click the “send followers” or “start submission” button, as appropriate.

You may get 1000 Free Instagram Followers and Likes by following this method. You can get more than 1000 followers and likes, but to be safe, limit yourself to 1000 followers every week.

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