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Are you aware of the number of Google Chrome Extensions? How many famous SEO Chrome Extension options? Marketers should be aware of the following list of the best Chrome Extensions. Regarding search engines, the first item that comes to mind is Google. We rely on Google for its dependability, productivity, efficiency, and user-experience-improving extensions.

With Google as the primary advertising platform, the task of marketers has become more difficult. Everything must be a top priority, from monitoring their website to assuring its ranking, link building, and usability. As a result, SEO extensions have altered the marketing landscape, making it easier for marketers to achieve their objectives instantly. Certain extensions are indispensable for on-page SEO, content organization, usability analysis, metadata, outreach management, and link building.

What’s Google Extension, And Why Do We Need It?

Let’s comprehend this commotion before we delve into the SEO Chrome Extensions.

  • Google Extensions are the shortcuts to multiple Chrome apps. The Grammarly Extension, for instance, enables users to check the grammar of any page and/or document without opening the webpage. Simply click on the extension, sign in to your account, and then check the grammar.
  • Google Extensions are a potent, lightweight, and speedy method for using Google Chrome as a multipurpose, productive tool. The third-party Google Extensions offer infinite capabilities and functionalities to the user.
  • SEO Extensions can assist with various tasks, including conducting SEO audits, monitoring traffic, conversion rates, CTRs, rank, backlinks, competitive analysis, keyword research, on-page or off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

However, browsing hundreds of Chrome Extensions to find the right one can take time and effort. Having stated that here are some of the best SEO Chrome Extension options that marketers can use.

Best SEO Chrome Extension Options

As we curated, the best SEO Chrome Extension options are listed below.

1. SEOquake

SEOquake has made a positive impression on the market as a free plugin. It is among the most valuable tools available to marketers for obtaining SEO metrics and assessments. Marketers can set parameters for any query, obtain a SERP analysis, build a custom set, determine keyword density, check social statistics, and compare domains or URLs with SEOquake. SEOquake is an additional interface for marketers covering internal/external link analysis, keyword density reports, social metrics, and SERP overlay details. It is a plugin and extension that is user-friendly and compatible with multiple web browsers.

2. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome

Start using Firebug Lite for Google Chrome to obtain the correct SEO results for your website. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome aids in displaying DOM elements, HTML elements, and Box Model shading in a visually expressive manner. One can use interesting features such as live CSS property modification and HTML element inspection with a mouse. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome aids in instantly analyzing and scrutinizing a website. This Google extension aims to collect details about console calls and XHR requests.

3. vidIQ Vision for YouTube

With vidIQ Vision for YouTube, now is the time to discover all the secrets behind YouTube videos that rank and receive the most views. vidIQ Vision for YouTube is a potent tool that helps creators build an audience. This SEO Chrome extension can provide all the primary data marketers need to improve video performance and verify optimization data, promotion opportunities, and subscriber engagement. The vidIQ Score is derived from a cross-platform algorithm that provides access to historical data and in-depth information about the platform.

4. Mangools

Use Mangools directly within your web browser without switching websites or tabs. It offers SEO executives a new experience with features such as verifying domain strength, analyzing backlinks, rank monitoring data, on-page SEO, and keyword analysis. SEO executives can access DA, CF, PA, TF, keywords, URL or domain data, SERP tools, and more with this SEO Chrome extension.

5. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a useful tool for locating automated and open source software. It is possible to improve web quality, web performance, and web app correctness using the details provided by this Google extension. Lighthouse can assist in running tests on the page, auditing it, and generating reports on all the crucial details. Well, the objective is to improve the quality of the webpage by using unsuccessful tests to delve deeper into issues and how to fix them.

6. Similarweb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

With Similarweb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis, you can quickly analyze key metrics and traffic, including keyword ranking, traffic ranking, engagement rate, and traffic source. It offers a comprehensive perspective of customers, competitors, and the industry. Similarweb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis is a competitive digital intelligence tool that goes deeper than others. One can obtain in-depth website statistics in advance of others with one click.

7. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs is a famous tool for SEO executives to monitor all significant website activity and conduct a thorough competitive website analysis. To eliminate the need to return to the Ahref website, however, the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar extension is used. It has made it easier for executives to obtain crucial details such as redirect tracers, faulty link inspectors, search results, country changers, etc. It includes the most important SEO metrics and SERP results.

8. PageSpeed Insights (with PNaCl)

PageSpeed Insights (with PNaCl) can assist in analyzing a website’s performance, as its name suggests. This SEO Chrome Extension also provides users with SEO optimization suggestions. PNaCl is an experimental extension that employs open source code to delve deeper into page details.

9. SEO Minion

SEO Minion is an excellent option if you want a detailed preview of SERP, damaged links, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Analyzing HTML, optimizing SEO, and receiving alerts for any potential problem is possible. In addition, one can check for Hreflang, highlight all links, use the Google search location simulator, and preview search engine results. SEO Minion also includes SERP utilities displaying Google SETP data or URLs from the local, paid, organic, news, fresh, image, video, PAA data, and FAQ listings. Additionally, one can check Hreflang elements and linked pages.

10. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo has attained a new level of popularity as an SEO tool, but it needs to garner more traction as a Google extension. The BuzzSumo extension offers a comprehensive view of articles and social engagement data. It aids in viewing social media details, such as who on any social platform disseminated the content. This SEO Chrome extension can aid in analyzing the format and performance of content. In addition, users receive the number of backlinks to the page they view and can extract canonical pages.

11. SEO Analysis by WooRank

As its name suggests, the WooRank extension focuses on SEO analysis and website review. WooRank can assist with SEO, social media, usability, and mobile analyses while gathering new data for the website. It offers an in-depth analysis of off-site and on-site data to help executives understand the website. WooRank can also be used to obtain details about competitors’ websites. It analyzes website traffic, backlinks, search engine optimization, website technologies, structured data, social links, backlinks, usability, and mobile friendliness. The tool improves website quality, optimizes the site based on the campaign, validates work, and conducts in-depth competitor research.

12. BuzzStream Buzzmarker

BuzzStream Buzzmarker is a Chrome extension that enables you to initiate more efficient and effective outreach to prospects. It helps get better links, greater coverage, and more traffic. It is a platform for communication that enables customers to improve their digital PR and link-building results. BuzzStream identifies primary information and metrics to build a database of prior promoters, send more effective emails, and use data to enhance the success rate and inbox overload. It also offers digital PR, link builders, and content promotion.

13. Detailed SEO Extension

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of SEO using the Detailed SEO Extension without switching windows. This SEO Chrome extension provides users with a comprehensive view of their website. When they click the button, they will receive a comprehensive SEO analysis of the website, including its title description, canonical link, URL, keywords, and word count. Detailed SEO Extension allows users to obtain relevant information without examining the source code. In addition to links, headings, schema, images, social links, and quick links, users can gain insight into links, headings, schema, images, and rapid links. Capturing the details of NoFollow links while instantly highlighting them is possible if you wish to follow them.

14. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool is a freemium Chrome Extension that helps professionals instantly find keywords. It provides essential details regarding CPC, monthly search volume, and competitive data. Keywords Everywhere – The Keyword Tool discovers keywords that rank for any domain and page in the SERPs. This tool assists with SEO difficulty metrics, related keywords, long-tail keywords, trending keywords, Moz link metrics, estimated organic traffic, and backlinks for domains and web pages. It functions as a HashTag generator, a search insight widget, a video insights widget, a SERP metrics widget, a Tags widget, and a Trend Chart.

15. WebMaster Tools – Bulk URL Removal

WebMaster Tools – Bulk URL Removal can remove a list of URLs from Google Search. Instead of painstakingly copying and pasting the URL, WebMaster Tools – Bulk URL Removal makes it simple for marketers to remove the button one at a time. If the CSV file is broken, one can investigate the links in the developer console immediately.

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Well, Google is one of the most prominent search engines of all time, and it includes several extensions that can assist users in streamlining their duties. Regarding SEO, a few complexities must be considered. Consequently, it is essential to consider the complication and significance of factors when selecting the ideal Google SEO Extension. To reduce manual tasks and save time, one must consider all possibilities. The proper SEO Extensions allow executives to focus on more important duties that require their attention rather than on mundane tasks.

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