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Without a doubt, iMovie is one of the most common video editing programs for Mac users. It is easy to navigate around and, along with a user-friendly menu, has an intuitive interface. iMovie users will quickly find what they need or even discover what they didn’t know they wanted. Advanced users with many choices will get into the nitty-gritty of the features to customize their videos. Finding a Mac Movie Maker that is better than iMovie is very difficult. Let’s talk about iMovie for Windows now.

I hope those are the perfect iMovie Alternatives for you. Notice that iMovie does not function under Windows until reading on. It won’t really happen. This article also does not cover any technique that teaches you to mount a Mac on Windows so that you can also use iMovie on the Mac OS that is hosted.

In fact, it is restricted to only Mac OS users who have trouble using an app of that caliber for Windows users. Therefore, for such users, we have a patch, and here are the 6 best Windows Alternatives when it comes to iMovie.


But What About iMovie for Windows?

On Windows, iMovie does not function. So it’s best to look at some of the other Best Movie Editors for Windows instead of looking forward to Apple launching an iMovie on windows. There are several applications like iMovie that can do the same tricks. Let’s take a look at apps that are good movie editors, like iMovie for Windows 10. 

Corel VideoStudio


The video editing program available for Windows is Corel VideoStudio. When it comes to using audio for your images, it is among the best editing tools to make it more appealing. The explanation behind this is that a free music library owned by Video Studio is available for you to use. Thus, the use of your favorite music in the clips becomes simpler for you.

Any of the characteristics that can be used by imaginative minds to create something that is fantastic are features such as Stop Motion Animation, attractive filters, split screens, track transparency, etc. When you want to add dialogs to the video, you can match the audio. It’s also much easier to balance the audio in the clip with this app.

Windows 10 Movie Maker


You can download this app from the Microsoft App Store and use it to edit and make videos if you are using Windows 10. Almost all the major video file formats are supported and are identical to the other applications above. When you use the free edition, you can miss out on some functionality and quickly switch to the premium version to enjoy the advanced features.

You can also download Windows Movie Maker for the lower versions of windows as needed. 

NCH Video Pad


This is one of the editors that are also equivalent to Sony Vegas, one of the advanced video editing tools. The editor uses advanced level effects and filters that can be used for editing your clips and images.

It supports different clip formats and can be compared easily to iMovie for the degree of accuracy and the level of artistic scope it offers you to work on. This platform also creates direct YouTube and Facebook uploads. For the more advanced option and edit option, you can go for the paid version.

The app is available for all Windows models, from Windows XP to Windows 10. 

Lightworks Free


This is also available through Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. For a better artistic experience, it’s better to opt for the paid version. It also won the 2017 Non-linear Editing System Emmy Awards. The free ones

It won the 2017 Non-linear Editing System Emmy Awards as well. The free edition falls short of some of the big changes, so it is easier to opt for a better artistic experience with the paid version. 



Often, along with your video clip, the text allows you to communicate a far bigger message. One such editing program that can be used to edit and insert text is Typito. By using photos and brand templates, you can use this program to design a marketing plan.

The app easily supports full HD videos, but free versions prevent you from using some of the features for uploading your videos, such as easy access to social media sites. You can also enjoy models for free motion graphics and preview your videos at the time of editing them.

The app is available for all Windows versions.



If you search for a video editing application with simple but full features, VirtualDub is the best option. No doubt, as with the above video editing tools, it does not have many choices, but it is the program on which you can rely on fast fixes. This program’s easy functionality helps you to trim, edit, reorder and add effects with great ease. Suppose you are new to video editing and are looking for a video editing program that is free, easy to use, and quick to use, then VirtualDub might be a good option.

The biggest downside of this tool is that it only provides basic features. Thus, if you are looking for advanced features, it is not fine. 

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Final Words:

Okay, that’s all folks! I hope you guys like this alternate article on iMovie windows and find it useful to you as well. Please give us your input on it. If you guys have more questions relevant to this post, as well. Then, in the comments section below, let us know. Shortly, we will get back to you. 

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