Customize Default Mail & Message Replies on Apple Watch

Replies on Apple Watch

With Apple Watch, it’s pretty easy to keep track of things like messages and emails and reply to them. Especially when I am on the move and don’t have much time for individual replies, I prefer a handful of default replies to respond. Interestingly, watchOS also gives the flexibility to customize default mail/message Replies on Apple Watch so that you can shoot your response right away. Let me explain to you how it operates!

Edit Default Message/Mail Replies on Apple Watch

At any moment a new email or message arrives, Apple Watch shows a selection of choices to let you respond promptly. For example, you can choose to reply using fun-loving emojis, scribble, voice dictation or react with the prearranged replies without needing to dig into your iPhone.

Nevertheless, how do you edit the default message or mail responses on watchOS? Well, you require to use the Watch app for iPhone to add a new reply or fine-tune the previously existing ones.

1. Start Watch app on your iPhone.

Replies on Apple Watch

2. Now, make sure the My Watch tab is chosen.

Replies on Apple Watch

3. Next, scroll down and choose Mail/Messages. The method for both mail and messages replies is same. Therefore, you can choose the preferred option depending on your requirements. In this guide, I’m going to choose Mail.

Replies on Apple Watch

4. Next up, select Default Replies.

Replies on Apple Watch

5. Up next, touch on Add Reply.

Replies on Apple Watch


You can further edit the Mail or Message replies that previously exist on your Apple Watch.

Directly, tap on Edit at the top right corner of the screen. Next, type the new response like “Will call you later.” Once you have ordered the new response, be sure to tap on Done to complete.

6. Now, use the on-display keyboard to type in the custom response.

Replies on Apple Watch

7. In the end, make sure to touch on Done to approve the modifications.

Replies on Apple Watch

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Fine-Tune Messages/Mail Replies on Apple Watch With Comfort

That’s pretty much it! So, that’s the process you can add new mail/message replies & edit the current ones on your Apple Watch. Now that you understand how it works, add a variety of responses to use them to respond instantly.

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