CRM Pricing And Features Review CRM has emerged as a formidable CRM competitor and SaaS provider in recent years. They feature a robust range of tools to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in running their operations successfully. can assist you with everything from project management to custom software development. This piece will examine Monday’s CRM system, including its features, advantages, and price structure. CRM Overview

Monday’s CRM is relatively new to the market, but in a short time, they have developed its features and functions to compete with other vendors. Their CRM has features that enable you to become closer to your customers, track communication effectively, and expand your business simultaneously.

Monday CRM Features

Monday’s CRM provides many features that help you manage your staff and stay on top of their task. Some of the key features of Monday’s CRM package are listed below. All of these tools enable you to obtain visibility into your sales pipeline and boost the efficiency and productivity of your staff.

Sales Pipeline Management CRM

Their sales pipeline management feature lets you personalize your current sales pipeline by creating filters. You may set new sales targets, anticipate revenue by month, and forecast revenue by transaction stage, among other things. This enables you to determine where to concentrate your efforts to improve your sales and generate more income. It’s an effective technique to track and improve your sales pipeline as you expand.

Contact Management CRM

The contact management tool is another useful feature of Monday’s CRM. This feature allows you to add or import new transaction contacts that can be properly monitored and handled. You may do so using this feature.

  • Make new contacts.
  • Assign them to a certain account.
  • Provide contact information (name, title, firm, etc.)
  • Set their priority status and assign a customer category to them.
  • Make your business card.

These features enable you to obtain information about your customer and their requirements easily.

Lead Management & Customer Onboarding CRM

It’s crucial to have an effective technique to manage and assign leads to the appropriate department or sales professional when they reach your pipeline. The lead management feature allows you to add new leads to your pipeline, assign them to the appropriate individual, and set up a lead status. With Monday’s automation feature, this part may be completely automated. It may deliver specific leads to specific accounts or persons based on automated criteria you set up.

Lead Capturing

The lead capture feature enables you to manage and work your leads based on the kind of contract. This feature works really well in helping you go through your leads and rank them based on how important they are to your sales pipeline.

Team Tasks & Projects

The customer project features are particularly useful for helping you track and manage specific activities linked to your customers. You may keep track of specific emails related to an account to stay on top of everything going on with that customer and their projects. You may not only view emails, but you can also keep track of calls, meetings, and sales activity associated with a specific account. These features enable you to stay on top of your game and facilitate communication with your clients during the whole process. As a manager, this gives you a comprehensive picture of how your salespeople are handling their clients’ demands and how effective their communication is.

CRM Learning Center

Although Monday’s CRM is incredibly user-friendly, it provides a learning center where you can use its software effectively based on your company’s requirements. This is useful if you transition from one CRM provider to You may also learn how to connect other apps that you require for work into Monday.

Monday CRM Pricing

Monday’s cost is based on the plan you want to use and the number of users you want on the platform. plans are fairly affordable and, as you can see, contain some excellent CRM features.

The Bottom Line:

Knowing the sorts of CRM features accessible via is crucial to helping you make an informed buying decision. Overall, their CRM software is unbeatable and quite affordable for small to mid-sized organizations.

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