Multidimensional Anger Test – What Is It? And Is It Accurate?

Multidimensional Anger Test

Anger is a prevalent problem among people. There are various reasons behind a person’s aggression and angriness. It might be tension, confused emotions, a hostile setting, or anything else. Do you know, however, that you can measure anger? Yes, you read it correctly. Anger has many faces in the internet world. With a Multidimensional Anger Test, you can measure it effortlessly. This exam, however, is only known to a few people. That is why I want to explain the accuracy of this Multidimensional Anger Test and let you know it. Here is a guide to help you. Learn more about MAT by reading on.

What Is Multidimensional Anger Test?

Multidimensional Anger Test

Anger is never clear; the emotion is directed at someone or something, and people become violent when they see the specific item. A Multidimensional Anger Test is, therefore, a great solution to assist people in determining the source of their anger and its range. This exam may be found on social media platforms. Furthermore, because of the efficacy of comprehending circumstances and reasons for angriness, it has piqued the interest of many people who want to measure their anger and discover strategies to control it.

Is Multidimensional Anger Test Accurate?

The multidimensional anger test includes 38 questions reflecting people’s anger experiences. By studying your reaction, it identifies the reasons behind your anger. However, this Test will reflect multiple anger scales, such as.

  • Frequency of the anger.
  • The hostile outlook.
  • Anger’s magnitude.
  • The mode of expression.
  • Range of your anger among with its solution.
  • Duration of the anger.

These scales are further broken down into two groups. One is anger in, and the other is anger out. When the exam is finished, you must choose one of two options: agree or disagree. Your response decides the percentage of your anger. The Multidimensional Anger Test, on the other hand, is broken into numerous categories.

Anger Arousal

It will cover your anger’s frequency, severity, and duration.

Anger Spectrum

This will cover the whole spectrum of the circumstance and reflect what causes the wrath of anger.

Hostile Outlook

It will reflect your perspective on people and the world. If you get a high score, you are likely to be skeptical.

External Anger

This score represents the intensity of your anger. If your score is high, you are irritable.

Internal Anger

The score represents your level of guilt for expressing your anger.

Consider The Following:


Although this exam does not guarantee accuracy, it depends on your responses. This test provides accurate findings 90% of the time and assists you in developing techniques to help you calm down and manage your anger.

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