How To Sign Up & Watch Paramount Plus On Xfinity?

Paramount Plus Xfinity

Do Xfinity subscribers get access to Paramount Plus? Yes, they do, and with this simple tutorial, you’ll learn how to watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity and all of the pertinent information. In the United States, there is a video-on-demand service called Paramount Plus. For an annual Paramount Plus fee of $149.99, the platform provides a wide choice of movies, shows, and events, including A Nashville Country Christmas, Waco, Yellowstone, and South Park. If yearly payment is not an option, you can pick the extremely reasonable monthly Paramount subscription. Because Paramount Plus is geo-restricted in many countries, the Paramount Plus Xfinity bundle may not be an option in inaccessible areas. In locations where Paramount Plus is inaccessible, a dependable Paramount Plus VPN with a US server may be used to acquire access to the streaming service. Continue reading to learn more about the Paramount Plus Xfinity bundle!

How To Sign Up Paramount Plus Xfinity?

Follow these nine easy steps to sign up for Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

  • On your remote, press the Xfinity button.
  • Launch the apps.
  • Choose Paramount Plus from the list of apps.
  • Choose Try It Free if you are a first-time user.
  • An activation code will be sent to you.
  • In a browser, go to the Paramount Plus website.
  • Locate and choose Xfinity.
  • Enter the activation code and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You may now watch Paramount Plus on your Flex or X1 device.

How To Watch Paramount Plus On Xfinity?

To watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity, follow the steps below.

  • Ascertain that you have a robust internet connection.
  • Turn on your Xfinity TV streaming box and smart TV.
  • On the Xfinity TV remote, press the Xfinity button.
  • Find the Paramount Plus app.
  • Sign in using your credentials after opening the app.
  • Xfinity customers may now watch Paramount Plus.

What Is Xfinity?

Xfinity users may use the Xfinity TV box to stream cable, live channels, and much more.

Do Xfinity Customers Get Paramount Plus?

Yes, Xfinity subscribers may access Paramount Plus via the Paramount Plus app if they have a Paramount Plus subscription.

Is Paramount Plus Free On Xfinity?

No, on Xfinity, Paramount Plus is not free, and users must pay Paramount Plus subscription prices for the subscription plan of their choice.

How Much Is Paramount Plus A Month On Xfinity?

Paramount Plus Xfinity

The following are the Paramount Plus plan subscription fees.

Plan Cost
Essential Plan
  • $11.99/month
  • $119.99/year
Premium Plan
  • $14.99/month
  • $149.99/year

Is There A 30 Day Free Trial For Paramount Plus On Xfinity?

Yes, a 30-day free trial of Paramount Plus Xfinity is available. Watch its content on as many devices as possible during the free trial. After the free trial period, you will be charged for the subscription plan of your choice.

What’s On Paramount Plus Xfinity?

A wide collection of fantastic movies and shows may be found at Paramount Plus. Some suggestions are provided below.

Movies Shows
Instant Family Fraiser
The Tomorrow War Deadwood
Top Gun: Maverick Twin Peaks
Without Remorse Yellowstone
Scream Mayor of Kingstown
Mother OZ
Infinite Yellow Jackets

What Other Devices Are Compatible With Paramount Plus Besides Xfinity?

Paramount Plus Xfinity

Almost all devices are compatible with Paramount Plus. The following is a list of devices that Paramount Plus supports.

iPhone Smart TV
Apple TV Xbox
Roku Amazon Fire TV
Android PS3/PS4

How To Upgrade My Paramount Plus Subscription On Xfinity?

Follow the instructions listed below to upgrade your Paramount Xfinity subscription.

  • Open a browser on your laptop and go to
  • To upgrade your subscription, click on Edit Billing/Payment Info.
  • If you signed up using a different device, such as Apple TV, the website may request that you upgrade using the same device.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Xfinity Not Working?

Follow the instructions outlined below to resolve the Paramount Plus not functioning problem.

  • Relaunch the Paramount Plus app.
  • Check the status of the Paramount Plus server on a website like Down Detector.
  • Examine your internet connection and wireless router.
  • You need to update the Paramount Plus app.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Try watching it on a different device.

How To Cancel Paramount Plus On Xfinity?

Follow the below instructions to cancel Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

  • In your Voice Remote, say the name “Paramount Plus.”
  • Alternatively, go to On Demand > Networks > Subscription Add-ons>Paramount Plus.
  • Select Manage My Subscription.
  • Select Unsubscribe.


Paramount Xfinity may be obtained via

  • I found it by using Xfinity’s search bar.
  • Comcast Xfinity HD TV is tuned to channel 827.
No, Xfinity Flex users do not get Paramount Plus free of charge. Users must purchase a subscription to Paramount.
For Paramount Plus customers, Paramount Plus is accessible on Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1.


The programming library offered to subscribers by Paramount Plus is extensive. The service is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Xfinity. Depending on the Xfinity subscription plan they pick, Paramount Plus Xfinity users get access to all of its content, with or without advertisements.

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