Top PDF To Word Converter To Use

PDF To Word Converter

Microsoft Word is the world’s most widely used document format. Email, messengers, and cloud-based communication systems make editing, amending, and sharing easy. Furthermore, Word files are highly compatible with all operating systems and responsive on all devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. This post will examine the best PDF to Word converter tools online. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What’s A PDF?

PDF is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format, a file format comprising text, hyperlinks, signatures, and occasionally a few images. They’re an excellent approach to displaying files consistently across multiple device formats. This is one of the reasons why many legal documents are accessible in PDF format. A fundamental disadvantage of PDF formats is that the file can only be edited with special PDF editor software. Some of the tools offered are expensive and out of reach for most people. This takes us to our next subject, where we’ll discuss why you should convert PDFs to Word files for various reasons.

Why Convert A PDF File To Word Document?

Word documents, as opposed to PDF files, are popular because they are readily accessible and editable on practically all devices. Although Microsoft Word is the widely used text-based editor, many alternative online tools, such as Google Docs and OpenOffice, are accessible, making Word a generally accepted format.

Word Document Format Benefits

Easy Editing

It takes a lot of time and effort to make separate copies of files for editing. In contrast to Word documents, which are easy to edit and save a lot of time, PDF files cannot be edited for free.


A Word document is easier to search than a PDF.

Easy Sharing

Word documents are often hosted on cloud systems. Without requiring everyone to download the file, sharing the docs inside your Organization is easy.


Most Word-based software, such as Google Docs, may be used for free.


To open a document in PDF format, you’ll need software like Adobe Acrobat. In addition, you will need help opening the PDF file if you have the software installed on your device. Word files, on the other hand, do not need any additional tools to be executed. We’ll look at some of the best PDF to Word converters.

Top PDF To Word Converter To Use

As we curated, the best PDF To Word Converter options are listed below.

1. DocFly

PDF To Word Converter

DocFly converts PDF files to Word online swiftly and effortlessly. You may submit your files to the platform and stay for the PDF to DOC converter to process them. When finished, immediately download your freshly produced document. Because DocFly is a cloud-hosted platform, you may access their website without worrying about the newest updates or downloads. It has almost everything you need to generate, edit, and convert PDF files online.

2. Adobe Acrobat

PDF To Word Converter

Adobe Acrobat is a household brand in the design business. Because they invented the PDF file format, you may put your faith in their PDF to Word converter tools. You can generate, edit, and review PDF files and eSignature documents and collaborate with your teammates for all PDF-related activities in one app using Adobe Acrobat. Adobe offers a free PDF to Word converter that is easy to use. Choose the file, then drag and drop it into the drop box zone. Acrobat converts your PDF file to a Word document, which you may edit and format. Signing into the app allows you to download and share your converted file with others.

3. Wondershare PDF Converter

PDF To Word Converter

Wondershare is a well-known brand in the video editing market, and it offers a wide variety of free video utility tools. Surprisingly, its website offers a free PDF to Word document converter. You may convert PDF files to Word documents, sheets, Powerpoint presentations, and other text-based document formats using Wondershare’s PDFelement platform. With OCR, you can also convert scanned PDFs to editable Word documents. Another nice feature is the option to download the app and use it in offline mode. It’s free to download for Windows and iOS.

4. Ashampoo

PDF To Word Converter

Ashampoo PDF Pro 3 is a professional PDF to Word converter that goes above and beyond to manage your PDF files. It also offers box features. Ashampoo includes all the features you need to generate, edit, convert, combine, and protect PDF files. The Ashampoo platform’s version 3 features a ribbon-based interface that allows you to edit text documents inside a Word document. Because the interface resembles Microsoft Word, you won’t have to spend hours learning a new text processor. One of the features we love about Ashampoo PDF Pro is that it has a dark mode to prevent eye strain. It means you can work for extended periods without taking breaks, enhancing your productivity.

5. PDF to DOC

PDF To Word Converter

PDF to DOC is an online PDF to Word file format converter. You don’t require any special effort to convert your files using the tool, which is easy to use. One of the platform’s best features is the ability to choose up to 20 PDF files simultaneously and convert them all to Word documents in a single try. After the conversion, you may download the Word documents individually or in a ZIP archive folder. You may convert up to 20 files at a time using the platform. However, a “Clear Queue” option allows you to repeat the procedure as often as possible.

6. PDF Filler

PDF To Word Converter

PDF Filler promises to be one of G2’s best cloud-based PDF editors. It includes a cloud-based PDF maker and editor experience that allows you to execute all editing tasks on any device, including mobile phones. A significant benefit of using a cloud platform is the ease with which you can collaborate with your teammates and share files to complete tasks more quickly and without much effort. In addition, it offers monthly recurring premium memberships that give you access to all PDF-related tools and one day of customer support help in case you get stuck in the process.

7. PDF Simpli

PDF Simpli is a repository for several free online conversion tools. The PDF to PNG converter, PDF to Word converter, PDF to JPG converter, and other sophisticated PDF capability tools are among the most widely used conversion tools. PDFSimpli can be accessed from any browser and is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. Because the conversion is entirely online, you don’t need to install any software on your computer. As previously said, it hosts a range of PDF editing file editing features, allowing you to edit text, add images, and electronically add signatures to the file from this platform.

8. Ease PDF

Ease PDF is an online PDF to Word Converter that supports batch conversion. The capability improves overall efficiency while converting many files at the same time. Even though the tool is free, you can be certain that the quality of converted Word documents will not suffer throughout the conversion process. After converting the PDF to Word format, the content of the PDF may be readily edited in common document tools such as Microsoft Word or WPS. Furthermore, EasePDF guarantees that all of your data is secured. This means the data is not revealed to the tool and is secure.

9. LightPDF

LightPDF is a PDF to Word document converter that works on all platforms. It is compatible with all Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Converting PDFs to Word documents takes seconds, and you may edit the text in the converted Word file format using the Word Docs app. One advantage of LightPDF over many other free tools is its clean interface and annoying advertisements. This lets you finish your PDF conversion procedures quickly and move on to other chores. LightPDF also hosts several crucial PDF conversion tools such as PDF to PPT Converter, PDF to Excel Converter, PDF to Text Converter, PDF to Images Converter, and many more.

10. Free PDF Convert

Free PDF Convert is an excellent platform for converting PDF files to various formats such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and even image formats such as PNG. You also receive access to 20 more PDF conversion tools to assist you with basic PDF operations such as splitting, merging, and compressing PDF files. Free PDF Convert, unlike other converters, offers a free trial to convert PDF to Word format. If you want to use all of their tools, you may join up for a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription to get unlimited access. Like many other PDF converters, this platform values data privacy and protects your files with 256-bit SSL encryption.

11. SmallPDF

SmallPDF is a PDF solution provider that helps you manage and finish all PDF-related digital tasks. With their drag-and-drop converter, you may convert PDF files to Word documents in seconds. The platform is lean and quick, and no data is sent to the platform server, so there is no risk of privacy infringement.

12. Nitro PDF To Word

Nitro PDF to Word Converter allows you to convert PDF files to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and others. You may quickly edit the converted files by adding, removing, amending text, and putting images in the docs. In addition to basic editing features, Nitro PDF enables you to monitor comments, verify markups, and enable version control to collaborate with others. Furthermore, there is something known as OCR performance, which helps convert documents into searchable, editable PDFs while preserving the original design, colors, and layout of the document.

13. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is the next PDF to Word converter on our list, with an average rating of 4.6/5 and over 800,000 votes. It is a free online tool offering a downloadable desktop app for Windows and iOS devices. Because it is downloaded software, you may purchase it on an annual subscription basis. It gives you unrestricted access to all Soda PDF tools and document processing, and you may connect the app online from any device. In addition, the platform offers a generous 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee if you want to cancel your membership.

Consider The Following:


This post provided additional information regarding PDF to Word converters accessible online. Most of these tools are free and available online; no technical knowledge is necessary to convert files. However, if your work activities require frequent PDF editing, we suggest adopting downloaded software that offers conversion capabilities even while not connected to the internet.

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