How to Get a Map in Satisfactory (2022)?

How to Get a Map in Satisfactory

Satisfactory Map: You’ll find many unexpected things if you play through Satisfactory’s early gameplay. The game requires you to explore the globe and gather materials independently. This indicates that there is no Satisfactory Map to aid you in the game. The majority of video games are different from this. You’ll get closer to receiving a map, though, if you can make some progress in the game.

In this article today, we’ll walk you through the methods of unlocking a Satisfactory Map so that you may get yourself a mode of transportation. You will find things much easier if you have a Satisfactory Map because it will show you designated locations for practically everything you need. Let’s look at how to get a Satisfactory Map without further ado.

The absence of a world Satisfactory Map will immediately be evident to new players. It is necessary in such cases, given the size of the map and its varied sections. It’s different from how one might anticipate it to be, though.

Places can access a world Satisfactory Map , but they must search for it. In today’s article, we will go into more detail about this and show you how to obtain a Satisfactory Map .

How to Get a Satisfactory Map

A Satisfactory Map will seem a welcome addition to Satisfactory and make the experience much more enjoyable. That’s enormous, especially if players understand that the precise area is 5.4 KM by 5.4 KM!

Depending on the form of transportation, it can take up to 45 minutes to go from one end of the world to another. Once players begin scouting new areas and establishing bases, having a Satisfactory Map is immensely helpful.

As was already mentioned, players will need to look for a map. Research into Quartz in the Molecular Analysis Machine can help with this. Players must first unlock the Molecular Analysis Machine (M.A.M.) by completing the Tier 1 Field Research challenge before carrying out this task.

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Using the M.A.M. is quite advantageous since, based on the resources currently accessible in the game, it will provide more fabulous research tress when players level up. The Quartz research chain is descended from Quarts, as the name suggests.
Players can use a resource scanner to look for Quarts once they have the Tier 2 Hub.

Once they have acquired all of the materials above, players can start a Quartz research chain and conduct a study on the Quartz tree. Small nodes and deposits that can be mined are both available to players. Players can set up a standard miner on the deposits and gather the required Quarts to start the research chain. Players will require 10 crystal oscillators and 10 beacons to finish the research chain.

The fifth step will unlock the map.

How to Use a Satisfactory Map

When players unlock the map, they can view every region that has been explored by pressing the “Z” key. The Satisfactory Map will also provide more intriguing details like:

  • current state
  • Crates that fell
  • locations of hubs
  • automobile places
  • Nodes of resources
  • Energy slugs
  • Creatures

Players can also save a tonne of time using the external website “Satisfactory Calculator.” Players can quickly submit their saved game files using this website, and the Satisfactory Calculator will display a map-like representation. The fact that all of the terrains are shown in blue on this Satisfactory Map denotes water as its main feature. This eliminates the need for players to search the facility for water resources.

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We have now finished our tutorial on obtaining a Satisfactory Map. This manual should be helpful to you. If you enjoyed this, be sure to also check out our other tutorials on social media, iPhone tricks, Android tricks, Windows guidelines, gaming guides, and gaming systems.

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