Top SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions You Can Use

SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions

SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions: Your current fleet tracking solution costs much money. Would you like to switch to a more cost-effective and affordable option? You can use SIM-based tracking for your transportation and logistics fleet for efficient fleet tracking. eCommerce businesses must actively monitor their product shipping fleets to ensure on-time delivery of packages. In addition, businesses can address vehicle theft, package theft, fuel theft, and vehicle malfunction issues with tracking assistance. However, the current GPS-based fleet tracking technology is expensive because it requires additional hardware and software. Several logistics technology companies have developed a more sustainable and affordable tracking system based on mobile SIM cards to resolve this issue. Following is a list of the top companies that offer SIM-based tracking.

What Are SIM Trackers?

By analyzing a SIM’s network inputs and outputs, SIM trackers are tools and/or software that can locate the SIM’s location. The software can be executed on a computer or smartphone, depending on the intended use of tracking technology. Initially, SIM trackers existed to determine a person’s location during an emergency or to locate a missing mobile phone. However, with the advancement of SIM tracking technology, it has discovered its way into shipping, logistics, and transportation businesses.

It operates simply. The service provider assists you in tracking the signals of your vehicle drivers and delivery personnel. If the driver submits the consent form sent by the telecom service provider, you can track the driver’s SIM card or mobile device. Currently, SIM-based tracking service providers use a credit model for tracking consent. You purchase tracking credits from your tracking service provider, who then collaborates with telecom operators to collect tracking data.

The tracking vendor then processes the tracking data, providing you with readable and visually appealing content via mobile or computer apps. Additionally, these apps provide tracking analytics data. Today’s SIM trackers do more than locate the SIM’s location. These tools also provide numerous other services. For instance, SIM tracking can empower your business with geofencing technology, Email or SMS alerts, driver consent, call and text analysis, and route optimization.

SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Vs. GPS-Based Tracking

The Global Positioning System (GPS) or GPS-based tracking of transport vehicles, vehicle fleets, and shipping containers has been the most sought-after service. As a result, transport, logistics, and vehicle rental businesses are transitioning to SIM-based tracking. Some of the reasons include the following.

Set Up Cost

Accessories, hardware, and software for a GPS-based tracking system require a one-time expense. For SIM-based tracking, however, neither software nor hardware is required. Instead, you can only obtain tracking data by purchasing mobile tracking consent credits from the tracking provider and using those credits to obtain tracking data. The vendor handles data processing from the telecom provider.

Maintenance Cost

GPS radio devices require maintenance, replacement upon failure, and repairs, in addition to an initial investment. On the contrary, you do not encounter such activities with SIM fleet tracking.

Device Requirements

To set up GPS-based fleet tracking, you must equip drivers with smartphones and vehicles with GPS radios. On the other hand, SIM tracking functions on any mobile phone and does not require GPS radio devices. Instead, you only need the driver’s permission to track a vehicle’s location using its SIM card.

So far, you have learned a lot about SIM-Based track vehicle tracking systems. If you want to switch to SIM-based surveillance, it is time to discover the best service providers. Here are some excellent options.

Top SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions You Can Use

We’ve compiled a list of SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions to help you find the one that’s right for you.

1. VamoSys

SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions

VamoSys specializes in operations, technology, communications, and data analytics. It uses this knowledge of the transportation and logistics industries to create GPS-based fleet tracking systems that are sustainable, affordable, and superior to those currently in use. Well, vehicle tracking based on the SIM of the vehicle attendant or driver is one of its inventive tracking solutions. The service contributes to your company’s profit growth by reducing the additional costs associated with GPS tracking. Every size of logistics business can implement vehicle tracking with VamoSys’ SIM-based solution.

It assists small and medium-sized businesses reduce the costs associated with package theft, vehicle theft, petroleum theft, delivery delay penalties, etc. No longer must GPS tracking contracts be signed with outsourced chauffeurs. Additionally, there is no requirement to compensate third-party chauffeurs or vehicle proprietors for GPS installation. Get superb, actionable tracking data by sharing mobile target details with VamoSys. The SIM tracking app is compatible with most feature phones and smartphones. On the client side, VamoSys offers FleetOS software for shipment tracking, which logistics owners can access via web browsers, mobile devices, or desktop workstations.

2. FleetRobo

SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions

If you are searching for affordable and effective fleet tracking, FleetRobo is a trusted and reputable vendor. Since the FleetRobo tracking system is based on SIM card activity, there is no need to worry about higher up-front and ongoing costs. The company has enhanced the existing SIM tracking technology to obtain additional data from the target SIM. Since the target person will be subject to an assent approval process, there will be no violation of data privacy. FleetRobo provides real-time tracking data, live alerts, and actionable insights by tracking the SIM signals of vehicle attendants and transport drivers.

Its SIM-based tracking solution includes additional services such as shipping schedule management, delivery route management, trip management, and assent confirmation. FleetRobo also offers a mobile app that is compatible with most mobile devices. Consequently, you need not worry about whether or not the driver has a smartphone. So that the vendor can assist you in tracking data and share the driver’s mobile information, such as SIM number or IMEI, you can still use FleetRobo’s tracking services if your logistics business model employs third-party vehicles and chauffeurs because you do not need to deploy any software or hardware in the third-party vehicle. Request the driver’s consent to track.

3. Aditi Tracking

Aditi Tracking provides innovative and efficient SIM-based fleet tracking to track activities in various locations. It uses the geocoded location data transmission from the vehicle attendant or driver’s cellular network. The company has designed a system to track, locate, and track your vehicle fleet’s daily activities. It accomplishes this without employing a conventional GPS signal. The driver or delivery person must consent to SIM tracking before you can share tracking data with Aditi Tracking. The SIM-based tracking system used by Aditi Tracking is flexible. It is readily adaptable to industries such as public transportation, vehicle rental, logistics, healthcare, construction vehicles supplier, and e-commerce. It may be your best option for transport tracking as the company offers pay-per-use plans, supports all mobile phone types, does not require annual contracts, has no installation fees, and is ideal for outsourced vehicles.


SIMON IoT provides numerous industries with Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled tracking services. If you are a member of any of the businesses mentioned above, you should test SIMON IoT to track assets effectively. In addition to GPS-based tracking, SIM cards for tracking devices are also available. Its SIM cards are IoT-enabled, making machine-to-machine communication more flexible and rapid. Data connectivity issues primarily plague IoT-based fleet tracking. The tracking system could only function if adequate data coverage on the road. By partnering with numerous tier-one telecom service providers, SIMON IoT resolves this issue so that your fleet is always near you through intelligent tracking.

5. Fleetx

The sophisticated, delicate, and expensive device installation has always restricted vehicle tracking to enterprises and international carriers. Before now, small, medium, and startup businesses were required to pay substantial up-front and ongoing fees for fleet tracking for their logistics and shipping operations. Fleetx’s entry into the SIM-based asset tracking market altered the competitive landscape. As long as you adhere to Fleetx’s credit-based system, whether you own the vehicle fleet or contract third-party vehicles for deliveries makes no difference. In addition to location, Fleetx’s tool provides trip administration, delivery confirmation via one-time password, delivery tracking, consent acknowledgment, and shortest route calculation.

The Bottom Line: SIM-Based Fleet Tracking Solutions

SIM-based tracking of vehicles or delivery carriers is gaining popularity as it requires less capital investment. We’ve compiled a list of the most suitable ones for your shipping, logistics, or vehicle rental business.

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