25 Best StoriesDown Alternatives to View Instagram Stories

StoriesDown Alternatives

StoriesDown alternatives to view and download Instagram Stories: This article discusses StoriesDown, StoriesDown alternatives, and similar applications. StoriesDown is an excellent tool for viewing an Instagram story, stalking people’s updates, and downloading them with little effort. In addition, this app allows you to secretly view and download all of their Instagram stories (only public). Enter your compromised Instagram account, click the view button, and wait a moment. When StoriesDown loads videos for you, you are free to watch them in private. You may watch or download photographs and videos from Instagram with a single button click.

Using the Stories Instagram App like StoriesDown, you can view people’s stories, highlights, and posts without signing in to Instagram. In addition, StoriesDown App helps to download free Instagram posts and stories to our cellphones. Instagram stalkers will likely find StoriesDown one of the finest locations to anonymously stalk individuals. Its key features include viewing and downloading Instagram stories, downloading IG content anonymously via the IG story viewer, downloading Instagram stories, and accessing high-quality Instagram content.

Is StoriesDown Legit?

It is not legal. However, StoriesDown enables you to view Instagram pictures safely and privately. To search, simply put the person’s username into the search tool. Every Instagram story may be seen in minutes. You must follow the guidelines and the instructions. It also does not require the creation of an account. According to my research, this is one of the top Instagram downloader applications to keep an eye on in 2022.

StoriesDown will remain operational as long as its purpose of allowing you to access a user’s Instagram Stories without her knowledge. It is still one of the most popular apps for secretly checking Instagram stories.

You will only be able to browse public profiles placed on trusted websites due to a limitation that stops you from accessing private stories. However, the EV SSL certificate is still valid, and StoriesDown has been connected to many trustworthy websites.

Why is StoriesDown not working?

StoriesDown is not down, and we have good access to it. However, if it is not working for you, consider the best StoriesDown alternatives listed on this page.

Is Storiesdown Anonymous?

One of the benefits of StoriesDown is that it is entirely anonymous. You may leave and read people’s Instagram stories without being interrupted or having to sign up for an account using this website. You don’t need an Instagram account to see other people’s stories.

StoriesDown allows you to free download Instagram stories in high-quality files. However, it is essential to remember that StoriesDown only will enable you to read Instagram stories on public accounts; if you wish to view an Instagram story in a private Instagram profile, you must first get permission from the profile’s owner.

Is it possible to see who saw a story on Instagram?

StoriesDown does not provide these statistics. Even better, you may see posts in which the person has been tagged. Such posts, once again, are not included in StoriesDown. You can also download any story they’ve published in the last 24 hours.

Is it safe to use StoriesDown?

StoriesDown is not safe. Although I used to use it frequently, it hasn’t been operating properly for months and generally displays an error message. To be clear, there are multiple StoriesDown alternatives available.

Is Picuki, like StoriesDown, anonymous?

 Picuki, according to their website, is 100% anonymous. Any stories you watch or download will not have your Instagram handle.

Pros of Storiesdown

You can use this Instagram story viewer to create stories without revealing your identity or providing personal information.

  1. StoriesDown does not require registration.
  2. It allows you to read high-quality stories.
  3. It is entirely free of charge.

The service is free and does not require you to pay any fees, regardless of where you are. From the homepage, you can read, download, and save stories. In addition, weekday stories from this platform can be downloaded and shared with people whose quality is comparable to yours.

Cons of StoriesDown

  1. The website has gotten many bad reviews.
  2. It frequently fails to locate the requested account.
  3. StoriesDown is little known on social media.
  4. It is new to the industry and has not received much attention.

How to View and Download Instagram Stories and Videos Using StoriesDown?

The procedures for viewing and downloading Instagram stories are outlined below.

  1. Copy the username of the Instagram account whose stories you wish to see.
  2. Open any of your preferred web browsers and navigate the StoriesDown website. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge are all excellent browsers. To make it work, make sure Javascript is enabled.
  3. In the provided input box, enter the Instagram account username and press the search button.
  4. StoriesDown app will gather and process all of the stories before presenting them to you. If you only want to access and download the posts, go to the posts page.
  5. Below each of the stories presented, you will find a “DOWNLOAD” link. All you have to do is click on the link, and the download will begin. That is how simple it is to download Instagram stories using this app. The procedure for downloading post videos and pictures is also the same.

25 Best StoriesDown Alternatives – Download Instagram Stories

Following is a list of the best StoriesDown sites to download Instagram stories in 2022.

1. Dumper

dumpor - Download Instagram Stories

Do you wish to watch Instagram stories while remaining anonymous like StoriesDown? Yes, Dumpor is a beautiful platform for unwittingly stalking people. This app allows you to view Instagram stories without revealing you are identified. It never alerts anyone about your stalking and keeps the information confidential. You can view the followers, Instagram stories, and tagged posts of people whose profiles you choose to investigate without revealing your identity. Also read article on Dumper Instagram Story Viewer. Dumper is at the top of list of StoriesDown alternatives.

2. FastSave

Fastsaveapp - Best Instagram story downloader

The best StoriesDown alternatives on our list is Fastsave. It allows anyone worldwide to view and download photos and videos from their favorite Instagram users. Fastsave-Repost photo videos are a well-known resource for locating Instagram IDs. This application enables rapid viewing of downloaded videos and images. You may even republish the complete collection of photographs or videos with only a few clicks.

3. InstaStories


In our assessment, InstaStories is the best StoriesDown alternatives website. It allows you to view Instagram without being visible to the users you wish to see. First, enter the desired username in the search field and click the search icon on our anonymous IG browser to obtain the desired results. Then, enter the proper login in the search section and allow the platform to handle the rest. Then, add your selected usernames to your list of favorites for quick access to all of them. It is an excellent alternatives for StoriesDown to download Photos and Stories.

4. StorySaver


StoriesDown not working? Another alternatives for StoriesDown is Storysaver. StorySaver.net is an additional beneficial service if you wish to collect the Instagram stories of individuals you follow. It allows you to become a professional stalker without being discovered. You may effortlessly view and download stories from most public Instagram accounts and enjoy things in their natural state. Enter the user’s name and click the download button to check the download status. The following step is to choose the current story and the page’s highlights. After hitting the “Save as” option, you may download your selected media. You can immediately start using the site without signing or paying anything.

5. Instadp


Instadp is an excellent StoriesDown alternative tool for downloading Instagram highlights, stories, and photos, if StoriesDown not working. It has a pretty intuitive interface. Additionally, it gives you the ability to download Instagram stories, highlights, and photographs from several accounts simultaneously. You may input a profile or search for one by using the search box located at the top of the page. 

6. Instalkr


An alternatives to StoriesDown. While we are discussing watching or downloading stories, you may be interested in knowing that there is an app that helps you see the anonymous stories of whatever folks you like. Of course, you cannot download anything, but you can view it without alerting others that you are following the account. Its primary feature is locating your stalker quickly and seeing who has viewed your profile. Also read article on best sites to Buy Instagram Likes, Followers and Views.

7. izoomYou



IzoomYou is generally one of the most comparable programs to StoriesDown. If you’re looking for a tool to assist you in stretching your Instagram profile images, you’ve come to the right place. IzoomYou makes it simple to view and magnify Instagram accounts of other users. It is the app’s primary objective; however, it is not yet complete. You can view and save Instagram stories, posts, and profile images to your mobile devices without action. You may also search for and stalk your intended victim without their knowledge. Presently, InstaStories for iOS are inaccessible, but they will soon be accessible.

8. 4K Stogram

4kdownload - Download Instagram Photos, Stories, Reels and Hashtags

Like other best StoriesDown alternatives tools and websites. 4K Stogram helps to download Instagram stories, photos, or videos from other users. Then the 4K Stogram app is for you. 4K Stogram makes it quite simple to download Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations for free. This tool also allows you to download selected Instagram media from several accounts. Therefore, you will be required to enter the user’s name, location, and an Instagram hashtag before proceeding.

9. Instore


You can effortlessly save the stories of the individuals you want like StoriesDown app. Instore is a fantastic tool that allows you to rapidly obtain videos and photographs from Instagram accounts accessible to the public. Using our Instagram downloader, you may save an unlimited amount of stories, images, and videos from your favorite accounts for free. The Instore app enables users to download stories or videos. Still, it also allows users to write descriptions and hashtags by uploading images and enabling users to download stories or movies. You can consider it the best StoriesDown alternatives.

10. Instasaved

 instasave - Instagram Downloader


Instasaved is the next on our list of the best StoriesDown alternatives. It is an excellent Instagram downloader that allows it simple to download your favorite Instagram content. In addition to saving images, videos, albums, and IGTV, you may immediately download people’s stories. It does not require a login or any personal information. You can visit the website and begin downloading Instagram content from your account.

11. Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver

Story Saver for Instagram is one of the best alternatives to StoriesDown. This lesser-known but crucial option allows you to download Instagram videos and photo stories. In addition, you may rapidly download customized Instagram stories to your mobile device with the click of a button. It also allows you to store Instagram stories from public accounts without revealing you are identified. In addition, the Instagram Story Saver is an easy method to download Instagram stories.

12. Pixwox



If StoriesDown not working, Pixwox facilitates to read Instagram posts and  Stories in the way you like. In addition to searching for a username, Pixwox allows you to download or view it in your preferred format. Additionally, users can easily download or browse private or public accounts while offline. You may use hashtags such as #life, #sports, #happy, #beautiful, #love, #fashion, #art, #food, #travel, and others to express yourself. It is the greatest alternatives for StoriesDown. Also read article on Picuki Instagram.

13. VideoTagz

VideoTagz instagram

VideoTagz allows users to search, view, and download Instagram photos and videos by entering hashtags. In addition, users may read and download high-definition posts and download their favorite photographs and stories by inputting the username, hashtags, or location.

14. Free Instagram Downloader

Downloader for Instagram

Another alternatives to StoriesDown. The Free Instagram Downloader allows you to download photographs from your Instagram account quickly. It offers an intuitive layout that includes a search bar, download, favorite, settings, and help choices. In addition, it consists of an output folder that provides rapid access to all downloaded files.

15. Save-o-gram


Save-o-Gram is a software that makes it easy to save Instagram photos to your computer and enhances the Instagram experience with additional features. The application includes a search box to aid users in locating their desired accounts. In addition, it consists of an “info” button at the bottom that allows viewers to obtain additional information on the objects they have viewed. It is the reliable StoriesDown alternatives app to download favorite Instagram Photos and videos.

16. GramVideos.com


Like other best StoriesDown alternatives, GramVideos.com is a website that allows Instagram posts to be saved directly to a mobile device. In addition, it offers an intuitive interface that will enable you to download many photographs simultaneously. Also read article on how to login Instagram through Facebook.

17. ToolZu


Toolzu is a service that enables you to view your Instagram profile picture in its entirety without taking any action. It includes an intuitive user interface with a search bar and search button. To view the profile picture using Toolzu, copy the image’s URL from Instagram, put it into the searchbox, and click the Search button. It is an excellent alternatives for StoriesDown.

18. Downloadagram


Downloadagram is an alternatives to StoriesDown that allows users to download and view Instagram photographs in full resolution. It is a straightforward website with an intuitive user interface. It includes a search box for entering Instagram post URLs and a download button for downloading the relevant content. Also read article on how to Delete Instagram Account.

19. RollSaver


RollSaver is an alternatives to StoriesDown that allows users to save Instagram photographs and provides the most requested features. The grid view and slide presentation of downloaded photos make it easy for the user to organize the material.

20. Save From Web


Save From the Web allows you to download Instagram videos, photographs, stories, and profile pictures. The website’s design is clear and uncomplicated, with a search bar and a download button. It uses the URLs of Instagram posts to enable you to download high-quality videos. It is the best StoriesDown alternatives website to download Instagram video.

21. Flume


Flume is an alternatives to StoriesDown that allows users to manage many Instagram profiles from the same computer. It provides information about followers, posts, and post-marketing support (for business profiles). Using the direct messaging tool, users may safely communicate with friends and clients, exchanging locations, photographs, and posts.

22. Grids


Grids is an application that allows secure Instagram use on a PC. It will enable you to upload photographs and videos to Instagram directly from your computer. In addition, users can easily maintain and switch between many Instagram profiles. As a result, it is an excellent alternatives to StoriesDown.

23. InstaBro


InstaBro is a web browser and explorer for Instagram that allows users to search and download material using hashtags, usernames, and locations. In addition, it can convert all data to CSV files, and public accounts can be accessed without requiring the user to sign in. It is so far the best StoriesDown alternatives on this list to view and download Instagram stories and videos for iPhone users.

24. Vurku


Vurku is an alternatives to StoriesDown that allows Instagram users to download photos and videos based on their usernames or tags. For example, users can rapidly search for a post using the username or hashtags. Additionally, it may download content from public accounts and hashtags.

Another excellent alternatives to StoriesDown is InstaTake. InstaTake is a free web application that allows you to download Instagram photographs with a single click. It includes simple and user-friendly material with a search box for entering post URLs and a download button.

25. InstaPort


StoriesDown not working? InstaPort allows users to back up and store images on their PCs and mobile devices. The application assists Instagram users with hundreds of thousands of photographs on their accounts. In addition, it offers an entertaining and user-friendly interface that users may navigate without assistance. It is an excellent alternatives for StoriesDown.

26. Stories Watch


If you are looking for the best StoriesDown alternatives, Stories Watch is an all-inclusive Instagram application that allows you to view and store any Instagram story in secret. It is a web-based application accessible from any web browser in the world. Enter your Instagram username into the search box and click the search button. It will download all the anonymously accessible and downloadable stories in less than a second. Also consider StoriesIG to view private Instagram stories anonymously.


So this is article on best StoriesDown alternatives to watch and download Instagram Stories. You can use this list if StoriesDown not working. These applications are 100 percent working and safe to use. Also read article on best Instagram Followers Apps – 100k in 48Hrs.

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