6 Top Streaming Video CDNs for Businesses of All Sizes

Streaming Video CDNs

No matter where your audience is or what device they use, a robust streaming video CDN can help businesses deliver high-quality content at high speeds and with little lag.

The rapid development of technology is bringing about significant changes in our environment. And thanks to technology, companies can now work remotely in the digital age. This includes the ability to hire workers, schedule meetings, and send money to anyone anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, people today prefer to watch movies on digital devices than on TV, probably because they are more convenient. This explains the evolution of video marketing. Customers who find an e-commerce website through video content are approximately 184% more likely to make a purchase.

And if you want to get the most out of your content, you need that speed and high-quality deliverability for your videos. However, common content delivery networks (CDNs) can undermine this.

This is where CDNs, or content delivery networks, enter the picture. This will guarantee that your video content will be delivered to your intended audience across the globe at the highest speed and with minimum latency.

Now, let’s talk about video streaming content delivery networks (CDNs) and how they can benefit you.

A Video CDN: What is it?

Streaming Video CDNs

A wide global network of interconnected servers is called a video content delivery network (CDN). They are employed in the online delivery of content. Businesses that want to share long video files with their audience and maintain a relationship with them through education, information, or product/service promotion will often find it beneficial.

How are CDNs Operated?

If we have a good internet connection, we can find our search results online within seconds. However, a lot of background work is done in these brief moments.

A CDN is made up of a network of globally dispersed, connected servers. This network copies and stores data in multiple locations to cache all content. By doing so, users who are closest to the server receive the requested data with lower latency, faster download speeds, and less buffering.

Why Video CDNs Are Beneficial

Modern video CDNs offer users and organizations a variety of advantages over website CDNs, including:

Faster streaming of videos

Video CDNs help reduce the length of paths that consumer devices must take to stream videos by linking multiple servers around the world. As a result, they receive content faster than a local network.

Top quality videos

The best video CDNs deliver enjoyable, high-quality movies to your viewers regardless of the size of your video content. This improves both their streaming experience and the perception of your company.

Very little lag

No one enjoys watching videos that constantly lag or buffer. Your viewers will experience minimal lag or interruption while watching videos thanks to video CDNs. As a result, it also improves their viewing pleasure.

Increased security

Your business data is something you never want to put at risk. However, cybercriminals are constantly looking for security holes through which they can enter your network, steal data, and destroy your company’s finances and reputation.

Videos delivered over a local network may have security holes that allow hackers to exploit them. On the other hand, video content delivery networks, or CDNs, can strengthen your network’s defenses against intrusions and online attacks.

The importance of streaming video CDNs for organizations is evident from all these benefits. By storing your movies and delivering them to users with minimal latency, a professional video content delivery network (CDN) can help you achieve these benefits.

Now, let’s discuss some of the top CDNs for streaming video that are available for serious companies to use.

1) Bunny Stream

The first on the list of Streaming Video CDNs is, BunnyStream provides better transcoding, stronger security and storage to enable you to offer a better video streaming experience. It integrates features into the video player to make it more robust and user-friendly.

BunnyStream simplifies the distribution of video content while maintaining security and feature parity. It manages the entire process while giving you the autonomy to decide what appears.

Simply adhere to these guidelines to do your work more quickly:

  • First, use the Stream API to upload your video file.
  • Allow video to be transcoded to different resolutions.
  • These days, videos are copied and kept on file all over the world.
  • Global Load Balancer generated and expanded files.

BunnyStream delivers an enhanced playback experience using Edge storage and a 30 Tbps+ CDN worldwide. The global network improves scalability and reduces buffer time by up to 80 percent.

This lets you control who can use your content and guarantees that your video has strong security features. Additionally, it enables MediaCage DRM, which protects content by preventing any fraudulent download attempts.

The starting price of Bunny Stream is 0.01/GB.

2) CloudFront for Media

The CDN is designed specifically for the media and entertainment sector and is optimized for the workloads that Amazon CloudFront delivers. You can choose to live stream video content to a large audience or use CloudFront to serve a video-on-demand catalog.

Using a private network, highly optimized software, and over 225 points of presence, you can reach your audience anywhere in the world. For this reason, leading online video platforms (OVPs) choose CloudFront for its full-stack AWS integration, high performance, security, and reliability.

Additionally, CloudFront provides sophisticated and straightforward video content production workflows through its integration with AWS Elemental MediaPackage and AWS Elemental MediaConvert. To get started with Video On Demand, you’ll find tons of resources, including build considerations, AWS documentation, AWS CloudFormation templates, configuration procedures, and more.

The low latency offered by CloudFront improves video performance. Moreover, it has a worldwide presence thanks to its sophisticated software design and petabit-per-second capacity. Prefetching, connection optimization, multi-tiered caching, connection termination, and background fills are just a few aspects of the workload required for optimal content.

CloudFront integrates with AWS WAF and AWS Shield to offer proactive security, DDoS protection, and content protection against additional threats. The latest version of Transport Layer Security (TLSv1.3) is used to transmit all video content to encrypt and secure communication between CloudFront and viewers or clients.

For the first 10 TB, CloudFront’s Video on Demand costs $0.085 per month; beyond that, prices vary depending on area and TB consumption. The free tier with 50 GB of data transmission is an additional choice.

3) CDN77

CDN77 supports HLS, MPEG-DASH, MP4, and CMAF playback for all platforms and devices and is ready for live video platforms and VOD. With a network bandwidth of over 70 Tbps and points of presence on six continents, it is possible to deliver substantial HTTP movies worldwide.

It guarantees the fastest speed and seamless delivery of both live and on-demand videos. You can reduce your bandwidth costs and increase your cache hit ratio to 97% or more by using CDN77 storage. It offers IP, SSL, geoblocking, multi-DRM, and DDoS protection for your content, among other features.

Use additional capabilities for your video content, such as an HTML5 player with audience analytics, transcoding, DVR and time shifting, encoding, and more. You have the ability to transcode recorded videos into bitrate files, publish them to CDN storage, and deliver them to your viewers in the formats of your choice.

Additionally, you can submit videos in formats like RTMP, HLS, RTSP, MPEG-TS, and MPEG-DASH and let CDN77 encode them to improve the viewing experience. With prices starting at $199 per month, choose the package that best suits your monthly traffic and overtime. A free trial is also available.

4) GCore

All-purpose video streaming service provider Gcore streaming infrastructure guarantees zero-latency live streaming, uninterrupted real-time broadcasting, and VOD services.

To ensure maximum viewer engagement, Gcore’s global CDN network coverage of 140+ Pops and free variable bitrates help deliver high-speed and seamless video content delivery with minimal buffering. Enables even the most remote users with an unreliable Internet connection.

The Gcore streaming infrastructure covers every step of the process, from video capture and conversion to media content management, delivery, and playback, scaling to 100+ million users and optimizing performance in minutes instead of months. I help.

Gcore’s streaming solutions are designed to establish a safe environment that guarantees high availability and concurrency, with built-in anti-DDoS and WAF security.

Apart from these fundamental functionalities, the Gcore streaming infrastructure offers free video encoding. Infinite VOD storage for any length of video; group and real-time video calls that may be integrated with any website or program; Object identification, VOD, and live video scanning using computer vision and machine learning; potential for custom branding. Any of Gcore’s streaming services can be readily tailored to a client’s specifications upon request.

Users pay only for what they use with the UGo billing model as a competitive payment offered by Gcore Streaming Infrastructure.

5) EdgeNext

Using its globally distributed Edge Cloud nodes, EdgeNext provides dependable and smooth video-on-demand (VOD) and live streaming services with an emphasis on China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Private networks, highly secure anti-DDoS and WAF protection are all included in EdgeNext’s video streaming system. High availability, high concurrency, and low latency are made possible by these integrated solutions, which guarantee high-quality services. Many of the world’s leading short-form media platforms have named EdgeNext as their preferred vendor.

EdgeNext’s streaming video solutions optimize reliability and workloads by supporting the fast performance of live and on-demand video content. With real-time encoding and transcoding, the solutions enable a wide variety of protocols and formats. Additionally, they include advanced streaming features, including data analysis, media processing, content distribution, live stream recording, and multi-terminal playback services.

With years of experience serving the media sector and edge computing at its disposal, EdgeNext helps mitigate high-security risks across the entire website to ensure large events run smoothly and seamlessly, as well as distribute video content.

To guarantee that its services are customized to meet the demands of its clients, EdgeNext provides unique features and flexible customization options. Try EdgeNext for free or choose from a wide range of features by creating a personalized package. Competitive pricing is provided by EdgeNext (price depends on selected locations and TB usage.)

6) Cloudflare Stream

No matter where the user is located, Cloudflare’s global Anycast network guarantees faster video streaming with less buffering and faster startup times. It saves you money on bandwidth by delivering and caching HTTP/S video content at a flat price, including bitrate formats with variable quality.

Cloudflare provides excellent delivery and uptime through its security services and performance ecosystem. Because of this, you can meet visitors’ demands for instant and high-quality online video streaming experiences regardless of device, location, or connection type, improving engagement rates and return on investment.

You can stream videos without worrying about security because Cloudflare protects against traffic surges and DDoS attacks. With a network capacity of over 7 Tbps, Cloudflare’s content delivery network (CDN) spans 200 cities in 100 countries to guarantee the fastest content delivery. They can also allow video files to be instantly removed from their network cache.

To prevent prying eyes, Cloudflare CDN encrypts every file and secures the connection between website visitors and the server. TLS/SSL encryption also protects against content issues. More customizable and granular control over cache TTL can be achieved using cache tags, page rules, and cache control headers. Tiered caching is another feature that will help you save bandwidth.

As part of content delivery, Cloudflare provides business logic and customizations through solutions such as DRM Lite, user authorization, and watermarking. Choose one of Cloudflare’s subscription plans, starting at $20/month, to get additional features, or go with the free plan.

That’s all for the list of Streaming Video CDNs.



In the near future, the demand for video content is likely to increase. This is because people in the digital age are more receptive to video streaming and will respond more favorably to any attempt to advertise goods or services.

Now is the time to use Best streaming video CDNs to provide your target audience, wherever they are in the world, with high-quality movies at high speeds and with minimal latency.

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