The Latest Car Tech Keeping You Safe On The Road

Americans purchased nearly 17 million new cars in 2020, as found by the National Automobile Dealers Association. New advancements in car technology are now making car journeys safer and more enjoyable than ever before. Automatic emergency braking, virus-proof cars, seat belt reminders, driving assistants, ClearSight tech, and Wireless Apple CarPlay are the latest safety features to look out for.

Automatic Emergency Braking

By 2022, automatic emergency braking will be included in the majority of new vehicles. With this feature, brakes will engage automatically to prevent collisions or reduce speed if an imminent crash is sensed. Automatic emergency braking will decrease road crashes by 50% and prevent 12,000 injuries by 2025, the IIHS reports. However, this tech alone won’t be able to entirely stop traffic collisions. Drink driving, in particular, is a major cause of unavoidable accidents. Since drink driving is illegal in most states, civil cases concerning drunk driving accidents can be more complex than other traffic accident cases. Fortunately, a drunk driver accident lawyer can help injured parties build a solid case and help those affected secure financial compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering. However, the increase in automatic emergency braking may help to reduce the number of fatalities caused by drunk driving.

Virus-Proof Cars

One third of car shoppers are now looking for cleaner and more hygienic vehicles. In response, Fiat (along with other big names) are working on improving air filtration and implementing anti-bacterial materials in their cars. Additionally, UV light is set to be used to sterilize vehicles in the near future. UV light can be switched on for brief periods of time — when the car’s free of passengers — to sterilize the interiors and kill lingering germs and bacteria.

Buckle to Drive

Wearing a seatbelt is a simple way to stay safe on the road, but not everyone always remembers to do so. In fact, teenage drivers and passengers are least likely to use seatbelts than any other age group. So now, the Chevrolet Traverse is offering an industry-first seatbelt reminder feature called Buckle to Drive. When this feature is enabled, the car won’t start and music won’t play until the driver and passengers have all buckled up. Additionally, parents can choose to implement a maximum speed limit of 85 mph for extra peace of mind.

Driving Assistants

Driving assistants designed to help prevent accidents and improve safety while on the road. In particular, the BMW Active Driving Assistant is equipped with a range of helpful functions. Its blind-spot warning system is on constant alert for blind spots and uses visual and audio warnings to signal to the driver when it’s time to change lanes. If the driver doesn’t brake and the vehicle senses it’s about to crash, the automatic braking feature can either slow the car down or halt it completely. This feature, however, can only be engaged at slower speeds. Drivers still need to brake manually when travelling at faster speeds. Additionally, the Active Driving Assistant features a rear-cross traffic alert that works to constantly monitor nearby vehicles and alert the driver to maximize safety. For example, this feature can let the driver know of approaching vehicles as they’re reversing out of a parking spot and vision is obscured. Lastly, a forward-collision warning sounds when it spots obstacles (such as pedestrians) ahead of the vehicle.

ClearSight Technology

ClearSight technology has been developed by Range Rover to create a see-through car bonnet and provide drivers with better vision. The bonnet is equipped with three cameras to generate a panoramic video display for the driver. This means the driver can essentially see through the bonnet and benefit from a bigger and clearer picture of the road. In fact, the video feed totals nearly the entire width of the car (almost four feet in total) and even provides a picture of the inside of the car’s wheels. ClearSight tech therefore improves on-the-road safety, particularly when driving in challenging conditions, and helps the drier better navigate tight spaces and turns.

Wireless Apple CarPlay

Wireless Apple CarPlay gives drivers the freedom to use their smartphones while driving without compromising safety. With this helpful feature, drivers can link their phone with the car’s entertainment system to use apps, play music, check directions, send emails and texts, and talk on the phone — you don’t have to handle your phone at all. Currently, Wireless Apple CarPlay is only available with certain Ford, GM, and BMW cars, although more models are expected to have this capability in the future.

New advancements in technology are now making car journeys safer than ever. Automatic emergency braking, virus-proof cars, seat belt reminders, driving assistants, ClearSight tech, and Wireless Apple CarPlay are just some of the most exciting new features making driving a safer and more enjoyable experience for drivers and passengers alike.

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