Top 15 Explainer Video Company for Small Budget Businesses

Top 15 Explainer Video Company for Small Budget Businesses

Marketing costs are one of the biggest expenses in a company. Often, small businesses can’t keep up with their competitors due to their limited budget. It’s what usually hinders them from promoting the brands. However, there’s a budget-friendly marketing tool that helps brands elevate their businesses: an explainer video.

An explainer video is one type of marketing video that focuses on addressing the brand’s message concisely. This marketing strategy often comes in the form of animated videos with various styles such as whiteboard, cartoon, motion graphic, and cut-out animation. Unlike any other type of promotional content, explainers are visually attractive—making it easy to capture the audience’s attention in seconds.

Although producing video is considered a high cost, we have compiled small-budgeted explainer video companies that deliver stellar results.

1. Breadnbeyond

This company has crafted over 2,500 explainer videos for 800+ companies from hot startups like Glassdoor to Fortune 500 lists like PayPal. Breadnbeyond aims to deliver highly crafted videos that engage with the audience quickly. This video production company provides a wide range of animated video styles from whiteboard and motion graphics. Breadnbeyond is an excellent choice for tight-budget companies expecting superior results and quick turn-around with a guaranteed 25-day video completion.

Price: $2,000+

Past client: The World Bank, Wiley, Paktor, Accenture

2. Video Explainers

Video explainers have worked in a diverse industry from Johnson & Johnson to AVG with their large teams. The teams have created more than 10,000 videos for over 7,000 clients and with 60 million+ video views. This animated explainer video company has been featured in numerous hot magazines like Entrepreneur and internet sensation Hubspot.

Price: $2,000+

Past client: Coca-cola, NASA, HP, General Electrics

3. Grumo Media

Miguel Hernandez was a mechanical engineer before jumping into 3D animators. He founded Grumo Media in 2010 with passion in mind and technically named the company after his old cat. Grumo media helps brands identify their best stories, choose the most effective content format, and deliver it directly to each brand.

Price: $3,000+

Past client: Microsoft, Walmart, Reckitt Benckiser, EMC2

4. Gisteo

Gisteo was founded in 2011 and had partnered with top-notch companies like Intel and AIRBUS. Gisteo was derived from Gist and Video, where it aims to explain the gist of what businesses, products, or services are all about. This company has over 1,500 productions for 1,200+ organizations completed to this day. The videos have been created for organizations in 20+ countries in 10 different languages.

Price: $2,000+

Past client: Oracle, Castrol, Xerox, Citrix

5. Kasra Design

This Malaysian based company aims to understand the brand’s unique identity and the target audience with a different approach. The teams’ vision is to make a video that’s easy to understand and connects emotionally with customers—leading them to work with well-known companies such as Panasonic and HP. They work with Basecamp clients (a project management platform) and let them in the loop every step of the way.

Price: $3,000+

Past client: Shell, WWF, Maybank, Schneider Electric

6. Mezzo Lab

Founded in 2012, Mezzo Lab has worked with big companies and even professional footballers like Christiano Ronaldo. The company has its unique approach that allows clients to experience the unforgettable production process with sales, marketing, and training purposes. Mezzo Lab allows a 30-minutes call per week promise and unlimited revisions for clients.

Price: $2,000+

Past client: Ford, Remote, Gartner, Christiano Ronaldo

7. WowMakers

This 9-year old digital experience studio helps clients with its expertise in user experience design (UX), user interface design(UI), brand strategy & identity, and explainer videos. WowMakers has partnered with various businesses such as Fortune100 companies to nonprofits organizations. They have successfully delivered 328 projects for 147 clients across 12 verticals from 6 continents by a 38 member team working in 4 countries.

Price: $3,000+

Past client: Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Reliance, Tencent

8. Yans Media

Yans Media is an animated explainer video company that helps brands connect with prospects and quickly turn them into customers. Today, they produce explainer videos and outsourcing services to support the agency handling the animation production process. This way, the respective studio can focus on their business while Yans Media is running the production.

Price: $4,000+

Past client: Deloitte, VISA, UNESCO, Granini

9. Wow-How Studios

Wow-How Studios provide a wide range of video production services like explainer videos, commercials, corporate videos, tutorials, and many more. The teams offer many styles of 2D & 3D animations, from the cut-out to kinetic typography. Wow-How studios help businesses deliver their message across multiple online platforms with videos.

Price: $1,000+

Past clients: Google, SONY, Bayer, Grammarly

10. Explainmate!

This Australian-based explainer video company offers diverse marketing videos such as TVC, product demos, and commercials to help brands spread the word. Explainmate aims to give the best explanation without leaving the audience bored. They also provide VR/immersive animation that not many production companies offer. Other services, including company rebranding, digital signage, and ident or title sequence.

Price: $1,000+

Past clients: pwc, HP, Toyota, Garmin

11. Rip Media Group

Rip Media Group aims to craft a meaningful story through videos. They wish to help enterprises convey detailed information in an amusing way. This US-based production company supports even small businesses to create their first explainer video that converts. The videos will help brands acquire more customers and bring in deals in a short time.

Price: $1,000+

Past clients: Accenture, Cisco, Harvard University, Ben & Jerry’s

12. Creamy Animation

Creamy animation is an explainer video company using three specialized styles, including motion graphics, cartoon animation, and whiteboard animation. The teams make sure clients receive the compelling video animation that engages well with the audience. Over 12 years of experience, Creamy animation has produced more than hundreds of videos for many companies, from nonprofit organizations to startups.

Price: $1,000+

Past clients: Copilot, RBC Royal Bank, Nanopay, Goldcorp

13. Advids

Founded in 2009, this Indian video production company has worked for more than 2000+ companies worldwide. They provide many types of video animation that fit a diverse industry. Every video they made are designed differently based on the placement and usage; for example, brand communication, product overview, and user onboarding.

Price: $1,000+

Past clients: Google Allo, EnerNOC, Connectivity, Fimac

14. Epic Video Factory

Epic Video is a custom explainer video company based in Canada. They help enterprises build the brand, generate sales, and produce profits with videos. Epic Video Factory has over 30 offices across the United States and Canada, making it easier for clients to catch up with them quickly.

Price: $1,000+

Past clients: WWF Canada, Meridian Credit Union, Astralive, Kenneth Clark

15. Blue Carrot

Blue carrot animation is a video production company that provides marketing video content for every funnel stage. This company has served over 10,000 minutes of videos for businesses. They can help create a video animation that matches the brand’s vision with a different genre, mood, and style.

Price: $1,000+

Past clients: Telenor, Giz, DNB, Takeda

The Takeaway

An explainer video is considered a top choice for every business to increase ROI. It can convince the viewers to take action right after the video ends, thanks to its incredible storyline and visuals that connect easily with the audience.

Although it can’t be denied that video production costs are exceptionally high for good reasons, some companies provide fantastic results with a lower price. These explainer video companies above are apt for small businesses with a tight budget. If you’re looking for a tool to maximize your marketing campaign without worrying about the expenses, check out these video production companies and pick out which one fits your value.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: [email protected]


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