TOP 5 Mobile Marketing Services

The days when you could only call landline phones are completely gone, along with them –  the era of mobile phones, and please welcome the smartphones. Many of us simply can not imagine our lives without these gadgets, which can now not only call, but also open up many other opportunities for their owners.

Today almost 84% of the world’s population, more than six and a half billion people, have become active users of mobile devices. Let’s admit, the scale is really impressive. This trend has changed many areas of life, including business, which is impossible without following modern instruments. This is how mobile marketing came about – a whole area that requires more detailed consideration.

What is mobile marketing?

Essentially, mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy used by companies to reach current and potential customers and persuade them to buy their products or services. What makes this form of marketing “mobile” is that advertisements or promotions carried out by mobile marketing companies are distributed to consumers through their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile marketing is the promotion of goods and services through mobile communications. To put it simply, this is an advertisement aimed at active smartphone users. So far, this area is becoming more successful, as currently about half of online purchases are made by phone. Therefore, those who want to succeed in business, should pay special attention to mobile marketing.

Main technologies used in mobile marketing

Among the most common mobile marketing technologies you can find:

  • voice messages;
  • SMS-mailings;
  • MMS mailings – text or multimedia messages, with the ability to use photos, videos, music, links, etc.;
  • WAP, GPRS, EDGE and other technologies available to obtain information from the Internet from a mobile phone;
  • IVR – voice menu, which allows the caller, communicating with the auto-informer, to obtain information on issues of interest, place orders, learn about promotions, discounts, events and so on;
  • technologies for creating applications for relevant mobile platforms – Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and others;
  • ICB (Interactive Cell Broadcast) – sending interactive (clickable) teaser messages to all subscriber terminals in the area of ​​base stations;
  • ICB + (Salute) – a technological solution that allows, like ICB, sending teasers to mobile terminals of subscribers. Unlike interactive broadcasting, ICB + provides more advanced personalization and targeting capabilities, i.e. interacts with individual subscribers.

Previously, the main tool of this type of marketing was mass SMS. Its imperfections and obsessions led to it being perceived as spam instead of the expected effect. Much has changed since then, and mobile marketing has become a full-fledged area, which is designed not only to persuade customers to buy, but also to improve the quality of service, find the necessary product information and find an individual approach to each customer.

Mobile Marketing Services

Especially for you, we have compiled our personal list of five TOP services that will help your business to promote its products and services to consumers.

Smarter Contact 

If you’re looking for a leading SMS marketing service – Smarter Contact is what you exactly need. They claim to be the highest converting SMS platform and, on the contrary to the first company, if you focus on sending SMS messages as the main marketing tool, then this is the right place for you.

Monthly Starter, Pro and Elite and the most popular – yearly Elite plan – are offered by this company and the pricing is quite fair. They provide solutions for various segments – from general sales and marketing to gyms and fitness areas.


Mobile growth and marketing – this is what they are about. Trumpia emerged in 2006, and now it has grown to more than 80 employees working with 2,000+ customers. Their customer list includes: Costco, Baltimore Ravens, GM, Goodwill.

We offer it as the best to scale your business because Trumpia has robust automation, has options for targeting, and messaging features for enterprises to help small businesses gain the market.

Trumpia offers many standard text messaging features, including drip campaigns, scheduled reminders, contact importing, mobile keywords, and detailed reporting. The platform also offers advanced engagement tools, including yes/no texts to respond to, auto-responses, SMS coupons, text-to-vote messages, and a shuffle responder for sending random fun messages.


SimpleTexting is a web-based platform aimed at providing one-on-one customer service and mass SMS campaigns. Whether you need to share emergency alerts with team members or let your customers know about your latest promotion, it gives you the tools to get your message out there.

From business texting to bulk texting, SimpleTexting is designed to be your all-in-one texting platform. The suite of features includes segments, autoresponders, scheduled SMS, data collection, SMS contests, polls, and more. Add photos, GIFs, videos, coupons or even PDFs to your messages using the MMS feature. The easy-to-use inbox lets you see replies and respond to questions or requests.


SlickText is an online solution for businesses and organizations that want to implement mobile and SMS marketing to a target audience. Users can send bulk SMS and text messages, which includes the ability to attach images via MMS messaging. Texts can be scheduled to be published on specific days and times. Two-way conversational messages allow 256-bit encrypted chat for closer interaction with subscribers.

SlickText also manages the automated execution of “text to win a prize” contests, the sending of birthday greeting texts around dates entered during registration and also the distribution of promotional discounts. Mobile coupons can be personalized for each subscriber.

EZ Texting

Bulk SMS service is one of the most pervasive ways of commercial communication. EZ Texting offers exceptional bulk SMS services to enable businesses to take advantage of this means of communication and communicate with customers with a simple button click. They have quite a wide range of services, all aimed to improve brands’ marketing, sales and customer service. You can take a free trial to ensure.

So, let us leave you with this.

The attention of marketing specialists in 2022 will be focused on improving the user experience on the smartphone. Increasingly, customers will buy through social networks. And, to finally make a purchase decision, they will use modern visualization technologies.

Shopping in 2022 with a mobile phone is simple, affordable and fast. Brands need to adapt to rapidly evolving innovations and trends. The introduction of technologies, including visual search, AR and VR, is the key to success amid high competition in the market.

In order to increase sales, loyalty and conversion brands are highly recommended to contact professional services of mobile marketing. We hope that this article helped you to find one for your business and make the best of it. We wish you all the best!

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