Top Video Interview Platform Options You Need To Try

Video Interview Platform

When the COVID pandemic struck, businesses embraced remote working and remote interviewing. Here are some of the most effective video interview platform options for facilitating remote and logical hiring. In recent years, video interviewing has emerged as one of the most popular recruitment methods. The term “interview” refers to the process of conducting an interview. The remote hiring process has become quite popular, allowing hiring managers to interact with job candidates, particularly in light of social isolation.

For hiring managers and recruiters, recruitment platforms and staffing software are evolving into Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) and online video interviewing solutions. Video interviewing solutions ensure qualified non-local candidates have equal employment opportunities and spend less time in the hiring process. In April 2020, according to a report by Gartner, 86% of organizations had adopted virtual technology for the hiring process, up from 60% before COVID-19. Nevertheless, using a video interviewing tool is more accessible than selecting one that meets the organization’s needs. We aim to comprehensively comprehend the best video interviewing tools that organizations can use to screen candidates, avoid pitfalls, and avoid common pitfalls.

This blog will discuss a variety of video interview platforms with notable features.

Top Video Interview Platform Options You Need To Try

As we curated, the best Video Interview Platform options are listed below.


Video Interview Platform is an AI/ML-based talent acquisition system with a configurable employment board, applicant monitoring, and video interviews. This interviewing tool offers automated transcription, data-driven hiring decisions, a flexible question format, panel interviews, and more. can analyze emotions using the most up-to-date AI/ML emotion recognition technology, which accelerates the hiring process, extracts more data from videos, and makes data-driven decisions.

It enables users to make decisions based on data by measuring hiring success, centralizing data, and comparing candidates. This online tool also features a job board with automated pre-screening, third-party advertising sites, and the ability to customize and accept applications via Google Assistant, the web, and mobile devices. It consists of creating technical challenges, observing candidates’ code, selecting questions from a bank, analyzing code, and receiving team feedback.

2. VidCruiter

Video Interview Platform

VidCruiter was among the first video interviewing products and remains the market leader. It provides effective live video interviewing and prerecorded formats. The modular platform can be acquired as individual hiring products that integrate with your existing technology infrastructure or as an end-to-end solution. In addition to the above, the company also offers various other services. Several of our preferred attributes.

  • Built-in structured interviews to the platform.
  • Self-scheduling by candidates.
  • Industry-leading support for customers and candidates.
  • Compatibility with desktop and mobile devices.

VidCruiter is accessible in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and Korean for recruiters and candidates.

3. Hireflix

Video Interview Platform

Hireflix has transformed, streamlined, and simplified the screening process for recruiters, businesses, and institutions. It has allowed hiring managers and recruiters to save hundreds of hours and hire candidates more quickly. Hireflix is a one-way video interview platform that eliminates the need for scheduling, is incorporated with applicant tracking systems, and allows users to share recorded interviews. Using recorded questions, the video interviewing tool is designed to interview multiple candidates simultaneously.

It has made avoiding scheduling phone calls or interviews with potential candidates easier. The hiring team can analyze the answers to the prerecorded questions by the candidates. Employers can also set up automatic WhatsApp, SMS, and email notifications for candidates. Hireflix is straightforward to integrate with the existing process (ATS) without significant modifications.

4. Talview

Use the AI-enabled video interviewing platform to expedite the recruitment process. Talview provides an effortless hiring process and automated interviews to shorten the protracted interviewing process. This study aims to improve the quality of life for everyone involved. The on-demand video interviews can also be used to assess body language, interpersonal skills, and cultural fit during the first round of the hiring process to reduce time-to-hire. Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, Talview’s online video interviews can analyze tone, emotions, and psycholinguistics.

Talview enables users to interact with candidates who make an excellent first impression. It generates a foolproof and exhaustive profile that highlights candidates’ video responses. The purpose is to analyze the candidate profile in recruiting workflows that are automated and streamlined. The software can be integrated with various recruiting management systems, including IBM Kenexa, iCIMS, Greenhouse, Taleo, etc.

5. Breezy

With Breezy, you can compare, screen, interview, certify, and hire candidates more quickly and efficiently. The tool lets employees discover qualified candidates and review their profiles quickly. Breezy will enable employees to communicate, manage, and observe candidate information with a bird’s-eye view while accelerating the pipeline. The hiring team can manage candidates and make informed decisions by dragging and dropping pipeline stages. It aids in compiling and providing an actionable view of candidates’ credentials and social media accounts. The attribute encompasses.

  • Scorecards of candidates for review.
  • Setting up a meeting.
  • Sending invitations via SMS or email.
  • Evaluation Review.
  • Background verification.

Breezy provides candidates with streamlined access to their sent emails and SMS. Users can integrate it with Slack to receive instant updates and respond to candidates more quickly. Using a computerized system to collect and analyze data is a common practice in the United States.

6. Workable

With the help of remote control, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your work. This video interviewing tool is a premium, one-way screening platform that lets employees record and analyze candidates’ responses at leisure. Workable provides a flexible system that allows employees to streamline and accelerate the hiring process. In addition, employees can easily collaborate with teams, provide feedback, and make informed decisions.

The recording capabilities of on-demand video interviewing tools accommodate any time zone or schedule. The following is a list of the questions and answers that will be presented to you during the interview.

7. Willo

The best way to get the job done is to use a video camera. Willo can be an excellent addition to your hiring tools, making hiring more accessible and assisting in expanding your business. The following is a list of all the companies that offer this service. Willow enables interviewers to create interview questions, share the link with candidates, receive video responses from candidates, and review the answers. By analyzing each response, users can eliminate candidates efficiently.

The tool has streamlined the interviewing process, enabling employees to preserve time (instead of screening candidates via phone), save money, and increase productivity. The ability to see the world through the eyes of a child is a gift from God. Even employees are free to conduct interviews wherever they choose and are in charge of the entire process.

8. myInterview

With the slogan “Meet People, Not Resume,” myInterview has recently gained popularity. myInterview Intelligence employs purpose-built machine learning algorithms to assist in selecting candidates. It uses various data to monitor the recorded videos and precisely analyze those that match the profile.

The automated tool compiles interview information and creates a shortlist of candidates who match the job description. It includes robust features and unbiased evaluations of personality traits, soft skills, & keywords in the video. The tool enables hiring team members to maintain communication and exchange feedback and opinions.

9. Jobvite

The on-demand video screening tool promotes uniformity, improves hiring quality, and expedites screening. Jobvite is also simple to integrate with existing applicant tracking system (ATS) software, allowing for easy recruitment and a seamless experience. To make the most of your time, consider hiring a professional.

Jobvite provides candidates with timed questions that enable them to record their responses for a quicker screening process. The employees can make informed decisions and assess candidates impartially, providing equal and equitable opportunities for all. This tool provides the hiring team with a collaborative screen to provide feedback and view videos.

10. Avature

Avature’s video interview platform offers all stakeholders an intuitive user experience and a global reach. Depending on the business environment, the online video interview platform offers on-demand and live interviews, saving time for hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates. Avature lets candidates and recruiters meet virtually via a mobile-optimized, branded, customizable portal.

The on-demand video interviewing tools allow hiring managers and recruiters to check recorded videos of candidates and make informed decisions based on their findings. Users can also observe the candidate’s video and audio recordings, text answers, and profile. It also has scheduling capabilities to eradicate the coordination of panel video, group, and one-on-one interviews. The online tool displays the available time slots from which the user can choose and then schedules the meeting.

11. InterviewOpps

InterviewOpps allows you to assess candidates’ potential and learn about them beyond their CVs. It is a next-generation candidates screening and video interview platform that allows employees to delve deeper into candidate profiles and gain a better understanding of them. Well, Using targeted applicant screening assessments and video interviews is a fantastic tool to save money and time when hiring candidates.

The online tool facilitates the individualization and improvement of the interviewing process. Employees can add questions, send candidates links, and review responses. In a prerecorded video screening tool, candidates record their responses. The tool accumulates and analyzes candidate feedback and provides informed decision-making to candidate management.

12. CodeSignal

Use CodeSignal’s sophisticated IDE with live collaboration for technical interviews. CodeSignal provides a genuine coding environment for accurately assessing skills to employ the best candidate. The online interviewing tool provides actual results and advanced development environment coding. Employees can create a superior candidate experience, conduct interviews more quickly, and gain deeper insights.

Employees can collaborate with candidates to meet, converse, and code through audio and video conferencing. It provides flight simulators for developers in a hyperrealistic development environment to assess candidates. With build tools, package management, and interactive preview, the tool has made it easier to evaluate candidates.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

You have compiled a list of the top video interviewing software, but more is needed. Here are some guidelines to consider when selecting the appropriate software.

Financial Metrics – The recruitment budget depends on the company’s employee growth, retention rates, size, and profitability.

Product – Comprehend the product and how it will benefit you. Several products are suitable for hiring programmers but not senior executives. Consequently, ensure that it includes the desired features.

Best For Use Case – Try various solutions, but knowing which one is optimal for your needs is ideal.

User Feedback – Prior to finalizing a product, reviewing other organizations’ feedback is recommended.

It’s possible to save time and money by using a video camera. In addition, candidates can record video responses and conduct interviews during their free time. A potent on-demand video interviewing tool that increases ROI and sets expectations immediately.

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