Why Should You Think About DRM Solution for your Streaming Platform

Why Should You Think About DRM Solution for your Streaming Platform

Yearly, the video streaming industry makes a considerable leap in its development. A lot of people and businesses are involved in this field, and more agencies offer different kinds of services. This progress will keep on and will never stop. Live streaming is a living, continuously moving as well as changing environment, and absolutely anyone can be a part of it. The popularity of live streaming is to its interactivity and accessibility.  Keep on reading to know why you should know about DRM Solutions for streaming platforms.

Importance of Great Content 

One major reason why great content in living is vital for individuals and brands is the level of interaction and engagement it provides. No other marketing technique and platform allows for such a degree of interaction. This is also considered the highest rate of engagement of all kinds of content.

Great video content is valuable with regards to assisting potential clients in learning about your product and service. As a matter of fact, 94 percent of online marketers say utilizing video content has helped increase the understanding of a user of a service or product.

Clients will purchase your service or product if they know what it does as well as how it will assist them. Unsurprisingly, good video content is a fantastic tool because the visual element helps brands and businesses clearly explain how everything works.

Digital Right Management and Its Important for Content Monetization 

Digital media assets- which include video, audio, documents, images, and software- have a value beyond what they cost to make. Current multimedia content will be reused, remixed, and refurbished from sensitive company documents and archive video footage through the photo libraries and licensable music. These assets need proper security and protection.

With digital storage as well as delivery the norm, there is a risk of losing track of people who access your library. Documents and contents can get shared with the wrong individuals, uploaded to the off beam platforms as well as copied on the fringe of the internet illegally. Keeping your business as well as its media assets demand better with the help of DRM or Digital Rights Management.

Digital Rights Management is a kind of server software that allows secure distribution and, maybe more considerably, immobilizes illegal distribution of paid content online. This state-of-the-art technology is being made as a way of security against the internet piracy of commercially marketed materials that have proliferated in the widespread application of Napster as well as other peer-to-peer document exchange programs.

With the thriving of the file exchange programs, creators, content owners, as well as content producers have to have a plan to deal out their content online and protect it all at once- a seemingly impossible task. There are many books out there dealing with eBusiness, copyright, privacy and internet, security, content management as well as associated technical subjects. What is more, there are many research documents and virtually daily newspapers as well as magazine articles that deal with digital piracy. But, only a few documents are out there that bring these together as a ground for the lucrative exchange of online content. DRM can assist video content providers in earning money by unifying the puzzling array of ideas that swirl around existing presentations of digital rights management in newspapers and business publications.

Types of DRM Technologies

There are many types of Digital Right Management such as:

  • Fairplay: Chipper Block Chaining encryption is the only choice for Safari and is just utilized by Apple devices.
  • PlayReady: made as well as maintained by Microsoft and supported on Windows, set up boxes as well as TVs, utilizes WRMHEADER tag object as metadata format.
  • Widevine: Made by Widevine Technologies, purchased by Google and utilized on Android devices in Chrome, Roku, Edge, Smart TVs, used protobuf format for metadata.

The Importance of DRM on IPTV or OTT or Live streaming Platform

Is your video content truly secured and protected in this ever-changing world? If you are in doubt, the IPTV DRM solution is here for you.

The development of network bandwidth as well as multimedia services based on live streaming media has gained so much attention recently, amongst which IPTV or OTT has to turn out to be a hot subject. After the emergence of the P2P system, a P2P-based IPTV system was used widely. But, there presents a big challenge that is how to handle the content. DRM is such a technology that includes encryption as well as other systems that is able to control the use as well as distribution of digital content.

Professional OTT or IPTV platforms must opt for multi DRM protection as it puts value to their OTT platform. The content provider is always responsive to the devices the paying subscriber is using digital content. The transparent relationship puts value to the connection and assists in keeping subscribers for a longer time. DRM is different as it supports many base-exchange protocols and has a complex determining policy engine to set the rules.

A lot of innovative operators as well as services firms support major DRM technologies. They support the security of precious and exclusive content as well as assist in gaining the utmost streaming spread. They, together with DRM secured content, also offer a complete IPTV middleware solution for the core subscribers.

With IPTV middleware and DRM IPTV solutions, operators get the security of content as well as real-time feedback, while end consumers obtain a good live streaming experience. Both the technological solutions assist the creators of the content and distributors in securing their content while reaching a wider paying customer base.

DRM as IPTV Encoder 

This IPTV encoder takes your content from the source, and it doesn’t matter if it is a live recording from your camera or an uncompressed video from a digital storage too, and encodes it for circulation online.


The IPTV and OTT system streaming is indeed the future of the content delivery system. In these platforms, content ownership lies with content creators as well as providers. However, subscribers get to pick which content they like to use anywhere, anytime. DRM IPTV solution makes quality content faster and easier, with real-time information of content preference streaming both ways, which makes the delivery of the content network reliable and efficient.

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