Wireless Debit Card Machines For COVID Business

During the pandemic, social distancing is vital. However, when you run a business, following this guideline can be difficult. Fortunately, the right resources, such as a free Clover Flex, can facilitate social distancing without a negative impact on your daily operations. In fact, here are several wireless debit card machines you can use during the pandemic.


The SpringBoard is a POS system that comes with a large screen for employees to use and a smaller touchscreen for customers. The touchscreen has a built-in card reader, allowing customers to make a payment without cards ever changing hands. This decreases the risk of passing the virus through touch of shared surfaces.

In addition to the separate card reader, the SpringBoard POS also has a variety of useful features:

  • Sales data recording
  • Order management
  • Purchasing reviews
  • Inventory management

Clover Station

The Clover Station is another excellent POS system to use while social distancing measures are in place. The screen containing the card reader is lightweight and therefore easy to turn to face the customer, who can then swipe or insert their card.

Additionally, the Clover Station can help you track inventory, manage sales data and even generate detailed reports to help you improve your shop’s efficiency. The software is incredibly easy to use as well, which means you can take advantage of these features even if you’re not “tech savvy.”

Clover Flex

Designed for ultimate flexibility, the Clover Flex is small enough for waitstaff to keep in a pocket. It contains a touchscreen as well as a card reader, allowing servers to process transactions right at the table. It can be easily sanitized with a wipe or cloth sprayed with cleaner.

Another great perk is the Clover Flex’s QR scanner and camera, which allow you to quickly and efficiently take inventory. When you need a small device that can do it all, the Clover Flex is an excellent choice.

Clover Mobile

As the name implies, the Clover Mobile is intended for businesses that are always on the go. The size of a tablet, this POS system has a built-in card reader as well as NFC payment processing capabilities. It’s the perfect option for pay-at-the-table restaurants, which minimize the amount of contact between customers and servers.

Clover Mini

The Clover Mini is another small POS system with a touchscreen. It can be placed on a counter and easily turned for customers to view and interact with. It also contains a built-in card reader and has contactless payment processing capabilities to assist with social distancing.

Like other Clover models, the Mini offers apps that can track inventory and sales data. It can also generate reports to help with accounting and time management.

In this time of hardship, many businesses are making changes to ensure that they can deliver exemplary services while keeping employees and patrons safe. Merchant services careers are playing an important role in this; having a POS system that not only helps you run your business, but also makes social distancing feasible, has turned out to be crucial to keeping afloat for many shops.

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