Enter Code Problems on Xbox One – Solved

Are you finding the Enter Code screen on Xbox one? Also, unable to use YouTube on Xbox One.

Are you wondering what went wrong, how do I activate YouTube on my Xbox one? And how to fix Enter Code problems on Xbox One?

Next Relax, I am here to answer all your queries & provide the possible solutions to fix Xbox One issue.

Assuredly, YouTube is a fantastic service available on different platforms, but recently users are found reporting the Enter Code problems on Xbox One.

Anyhow, this screen is utilized for authentication, and if you can’t authenticate it or failed to verify YouTube on Xbox One, then you can’t watch YouTube.

Fortunately, some ways are there that work for you to fix the activate Xbox One problem. Please read the complete article and follow the ways to fix it & active YouTube on Xbox One.

How to Fix Your Enter Code screen on Xbox One Problem?

Method 1 – Re-log into your Account

The first thing you need to do is try to re-logging your YouTube account. So, This worked for many users to resolve the Enter Code problems & activate YouTube on Xbox One, or Xbox 360.

Follow these Steps to Login into your Account:

  • First, Open the Youtube app > and move to Sign-in and settings option.

  • Choose Sign in > press X.
  • Now the application will present you a code.
  • Note down the code > don’t close this window.
  • And then go to from your device
  • Here, Enter the Google account information > and sign in.
  • Then, enter the code that you have written and continue.

  • Select Allow access.

Now, check if activated or not.

Method 2 – Check the Internet Connection

If you are still facing the Enter Code screen on Xbox One problems, this might be your internet connection.

The weak or slow internet connection can cause problems with to activate Xbox One, so very first restart the Modem or Router.

Also Fix the Network Problems, follow the Steps given below:

  • To open the guide press Xbox button

  • And choose Settings, > select All Settings > Network.
  • Then select Network settings. Now all the connections show up

  • Also, the right side of the Network settings screen > choose Test network connection.

  • In case of any issues are detected, the Network Connection Troubleshooter will try to fix it.
  • Wait for the whole process to complete.

It is expected enter code Xbox One is fixed now.

Method 3 – Restart your Xbox Console

Multiple users confirmed they fixed the Enter Code problems on Xbox One by restarting the console.

Then, follow these Steps to do so: 

  • Click the Xbox button > open the Guide.

  • So, they choose Settings
  • Now choose Restart console.

  • Here Select Yes to confirm.

Next, check if the problem with Enter Code screen on Xbox One is solved or not.

Furthermore, read the article How to Fix Xbox App Won’t Open In Windows 10 if, in the case still facing problems in opening the Xbox application.

Final Words :

Hence, this is how the Enter Code problems on Xbox One is resolved. I wish the fixes given above works for you and are activated. Further, if your Windows computer/laptop is running slow or facing issues and errors, feel free to run the PC Repair Tool.

So, this is trusted & safe to use a repair utility that detects and fixes all sorts of computer problems in no time. Plus, we did like to hear from you. Now, Feel free to share your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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