Best 9 Ad Tracking Tools You Can Use

Ad Tracking Tools

An effective Ad tracking tool is the most efficient method to track and measure the efficacy of a campaign. Digital advertising is about increasing online presence, brand recognition, and methods of reaching potential customers. Ad tracking tools enable businesses to obtain valuable insights, optimize campaigns, and achieve a greater return on investment.

What Are Ad Tracking Tools?

Ad Tracking tools provide an all-inclusive platform for gaining insight into demographics and impressions to increase a business’s revenues. In addition, these tools provide valuable insights for the identification of new marketing opportunities, the development of targeted marketing campaigns, the management of customer relationships, and the acquisition of prospects. The following are several advantages of Ad tracking tools.

  • It helps to enhance content and campaigns.
  • It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.
  • It enables businesses to increase and convert advertising revenue.

Ad Tracking Types

Ad tracking is a broad expression, and businesses use various tools and platforms to track ads. The subsequent are various types of Ad tracking.

Link Tracking

It is the simplest and most effective method for tracking. It helps businesses track who clicked on or shared their links and collect valuable information.

Affiliate Link Tracking

This form is used for affiliate programs and provides a source for tracking shared URLs and rewarding affiliate networks.

Pixel Tracking

A tracking pixel provides information on consumer behavior, including the number of people who viewed your ads, the length of time they viewed it, and the number of clicks.

Facebook Ad Tracking

Facebook pixel helps to provide valuable insights into Facebook ads and create more targeted and pertinent ads. It increases the ROI of Facebook advertising.


Cookies collect user activity or behavior on the website and facilitate the creation of retargeted ads.

How Do You Perform Ad Tracking on Social Media Platforms?

One must have specific goals in mind to advertise on various social media platforms. Before choosing a platform for advertising and optimizing your budget, it is important to consider several factors.


Facebook is the most effective and popular advertising platform. Through Facebook Ads, it helps to reach the greatest number of targeted audiences. Consider Facebook Ads as a platform for advertising due to its unique targeting features, such as a lookalike audience. In addition, the platform enables users to choose who can view their ads based on their country, language, age, city, and postal code, among other factors.


Instagram, like its parent company Facebook, offers numerous segmenting alternatives. However, due to its relatively few users, the segmented audience shrinks. Therefore, this is the ideal platform if you wish to reach internet users between 18 and 49 with creative photos and videos.


LinkedIn is favored as a B2B advertising platform due to its emphasis on professional networking. It is an excellent advertising platform for targeting HR managers in New York. Their Sponsored InMail is one of the most alluring advertising formats available.

Mistakes To Avoid In Ad Tracking

Recognizing and avoiding common mistakes is the key to creating an effective and successful advertising campaign. Below are several advertising tracking mistakes to avoid.

Not Defining Your Target Audience – Defining the correct target audience is essential to reach your target audience and increase ROI. It will help you choose the demographics, location, and interests of those who will see your ad.

Wrong Conversion Tracking – Keep each campaign distinct and use the appropriate tool to manage and deliver accurate data.

Using Wrong Keyword And Match Types – Defining keywords and match types helps display your ads to those searching for relevant keywords.

Not Defining Negative Keywords – Just as essential as defining keywords is determining which keywords your ads should avoid.

Best 9 Ad Tracking Tools You Can Use

Listed below are some of the most prominent and effective Ad Tracking Tools.

1. Bitly

Ad Tracking Tools

Bitly is widely used for URL shortening. Businesses and marketing professionals with relatively modest budgets can track links and clicks using this platform.


  • It offers the finest link shortening and customization features.
  • Multiple brief links can be created at the same time on the platform.
  • Bitly offers one of the most effective link tracking features for modest businesses.
  • A data dashboard provides users information regarding visit rates, link history, app installation, campaign efficacy, etc.

Bitly is compatible with third-party platforms, including SMS communication, Salesforce, Twilio, and Adobe.


Ad Tracking Tools

Through AI optimization, HYROS is a proven ad tracking platform that can substantially increase the ad ROI of digital businesses. It offers a variety of tools for eCommerce, agency, call funnels, and information businesses.


  • It tracks important KPIs such as calls, leads, transactions, and repeat customers.
  • Increasing the number of close conversations helps you target better customers.
  • HYROS uses AI technology to enhance and reduce the cost of ad targeting.
  • It helps you make smarter decisions based on data.
  • The platform increases the profitability of eCommerce ads.
  • It tracks sophisticated metrics such as qualified calls, show-up rates, and offline sales.

You can find the best performing advertising creative for your company in the creative reporting suite that comes with HYROS.

3. Voluum

Ad Tracking Tools

Voluum enables the tracking of all digital campaigns using a single software. This software helps you track what is functioning and which campaign performs best.


  • It permits the integration of 40+ software with other platforms.
  • It helps identify suspicious visits and clicks in reports.
  • Voluum has an intuitive user interface and a modern design.
  • Voluum’s traffic Distributed AI analyzes data daily and directs traffic to the best-performing campaigns, offers, landing pages, etc.

The software tracks link performance and is an excellent tool for managing affiliate programs.

4. Meta Pixel

Ad Tracking Tools

Meta Pixel, formerly known as Facebook Pixel, is a Javascript code that enables tracking visitor activity when added to a website. This analytics tool helps to gain insightful information and increase advertising campaign effectiveness.


  • Meta Pixel offers one of the most effective targeting capabilities and creates custom audiences.
  • It helps create a lookalike audience to reach a more relevant and specific audience.
  • To continuously track Facebook Ads performance, it can track key performance metrics.
  • It enables you to optimize conversions based on the requirements of your business, be they signups or purchases.

Even if a business is not currently operating Facebook Ads, it should install Meta Pixel on its website because it will begin gathering data from website visitors that will be used to initiate Facebook Ads in the future.

5. Cometly

Cometly is Ad Tracking Software that tracks, analyzes, optimizes, and scales advertising campaigns. It helps businesses with attribution, analytics, and decision-making insights.


  • It tracks each sale accurately to the appropriate ad and uses data to enhance ad performance.
  • It offers integration with ClickBank, Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify.
  • The platform provides training videos to assist users in getting begun.
  • Additional important Cometly features include Attribution modeling, Multi-touch attribution, ROI tracking, Conversion tracking, and Cross-channel attribution.

Cometly offers one-click integration with the largest advertising and commerce platforms.

6. AdsBridge

Ads Bridge is a marketing tracking solution for different types of businesses that helps them increase the profitability of their ad campaigns.


  • The platform enables multiple users to access and displays logs for tracking changes.
  • It helps to distribute traffic and direct it to the best-performing campaigns.
  • It offers real-time data and statistics.
  • AdsBridge offers a quality check on incoming traffic to avoid ad deception as much as feasible.

The platform provides superior customer service through its support center, helpdesk, and support team.

7. BeMob

BeMob is software for media vendors and affiliate marketers that provides real-time data reporting and ad tracking.


  • The platform provides an all-inclusive solution for tracking, managing, optimizing, and analyzing Ad traffic.
  • It helps analyze campaigns and increase ROI.
  • It has a secure tracking feature for securely storing data in the cloud without requiring a separate server or software.
  • It has implemented weekly enhancements to optimize work and boost productivity.
  • It provides email notifications to inform users of all advertising campaign changes, thereby preventing potential loss.
  • BeMob offers affiliate marketing features like Real-time click tracking, Campaign management, Smart links, support for multiple devices, and Performance Analytics (Affiliate).

The platform offers an interface in various languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

8. Madgicx

Madgicx is a cloud-based marketing platform with features to meet the requirements of any business.


  • The platform offers flexible spend-based pricing, meaning businesses must pay for the tools or features they wish to employ.
  • It has an Ad Launcher feature that helps to create ads using performance visualization, existing ads, and Facebook or Instagram posts with just one click.
  • It helps initiate commercials that are specifically aimed at specific audiences.
  • Campaign management, social media tracking, and content management are additional essential features of Madgicx.

The platform offers monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, customer support via live chat, a knowledge base, and frequently asked questions.

9. Plat

Plat offers businesses and media purchasers ad tracking tools based on performance.


  • To keep users informed, Plat offers performance notifications available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • It helps to extract comprehensive data from organic traffic logs and ad impressions in real-time and offers real-time data tracking.
  • The platform offers comprehensive performance reports to optimize campaigns and update rule sets.
  • It permits custom conversion tracking, manual campaign optimization, traffic distribution, and simple integration with other platforms to manage and track all campaigns.

Plat offers end-to-end performance marketing through a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive customization feature.

The Bottom Line:

An effective ad management tool is essential for businesses to make media purchasing activities operate more smoothly over time. First, research and find a solution that meets your business’s requirements and goals. Then, using the ad tracking tools mentioned in this post, you can create, optimize, and report on campaigns in real-time.

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