AnimeHeaven Alternatives 27 Sites To Watch Anime Shows

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

AnimeHeaven was a website that allowed users to stream and watch anime content online. It was a popular destination for anime fans who wanted to watch their beloved shows for free because Anime Heaven offered a wide selection of anime shows and movies. Users of AnimeHeaven could typically gain access to a vast library of anime shows spanning various genres and available in various languages with subtitling options. Anime Heaven gained notoriety predominantly due to its wide selection of anime content available for free streaming.

What Is AnimeHeaven?

AnimeHeaven has an extensive collection of anime shows and movies, spanning multiple genres and including well-known and obscure titles. This extensive library made Anime Heaven a go-to source for anime enthusiasts seeking to discover new shows or watch their favorite shows. One of the primary reasons for AnimeHeaven’s popularity was that its content was freely accessible. Users did not need to pay for a subscription or purchase individual shows, making AnimeHeaven an appealing option for budget watchers. The user-friendly interface of Anime Heaven made it simple for visitors to search for and access their desired anime shows. This simplicity and usability contributed to the popularity of AnimeHeaven among anime enthusiasts.

AnimeHeaven frequently offered multiple language options for anime content, including subtitles in multiple languages. This accessibility endeared Anime Heaven to an international audience. AnimeHeaven frequently updated its content to include the most recent anime shows and shows, ensuring users could access the most recent anime releases. The promised land for anime enthusiasts is AnimeHeaven pro. AnimeHeaven offers anime in every genre, including action, adventure, vehicles, comedy, dementia, demons, drama, ecchi, fantasy, game, harem, historical, horror, josei, kids, psychological, romance, samurai, shounen ai, slice of life, space, sports, superpower, supernatural, thriller, vampire, and yuri.

Why People Like To Use AnimeHeaven?

If you are a devotee of anime, you will go to a great extent to watch your beloved anime TV shows and movies. You will have difficulty watching your beloved anime shows and movies because they are only widely available in Japan. This issue can be resolved by visiting prominent anime websites such as AnimeHeaven pro. According to the uninitiated, AnimeHeaven is the ultimate streaming site for anime fans. On AnimeHeaven pro, you can discover anime from all genres, including but not limited to those involving demons, drama, harem, action, the military, and music.

Regardless of what you are searching for, if you want to watch anime movies and/or TV shows, the AnimeHeaven website will be of great use to you. Even though AnimeHeaven does not host its content, it does provide content from reputable third-party sites. Notably, Anime Heaven does not assume accountability for the offered content. As incredible as AnimeHeaven may be, it is prohibited in your region. If this is the case, you will encounter issues when accessing AnimeHeaven. You can still watch AnimeHeaven through a VPN or by visiting one of its mirror sites.

AnimeHeaven Alternatives 27 Sites To Watch Anime Shows

This article outlines the best sites like AnimeHeaven, where you can watch anime shows.

1. AnimeSeason

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

AnimeSeason is a website similar to AnimeHeaven that would provide an excellent free anime streaming service. The website is divided into sections such as Top rated, Current shows, and Genres, which are separated into Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Thriller.

2. Darkanime

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

Darkanime is a free website similar to AnimeHeaven for online anime streaming. With such a moniker, you know you’re in for a great time. This website provides an extensive library of over 100 shows that can be streamed immediately. In addition, it is compatible with most countries, allowing you to watch your anime shows regardless of where you are. This website contains several OVA shows that can be difficult to locate. In addition, it contains anime movies that have never been disseminated outside of Japan. This website’s enticing advertisements contribute to its overall attractiveness as a video-watching destination.

3. GoGoAnime

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

GoGoanime is the best AnimeHeaven alternative for those unwilling to pay to watch anime online. Additionally, the website contains several shows unavailable on any paid platform. This website offers subtitled and translated versions of TV shows. This website also prioritizes community development. It enables you to discuss your beloved anime shows with many other fans. Each movie on the website has a comment section where users can share their thoughts.

4. AnimeLab

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

Animelab is committed to providing the highest-quality AnimeHeaven alternative for new streaming anime shows. Access to this website is free but geared toward audiences in Australia and New Zealand. This website receives visitors from all over the world. In addition, the show is compatible with iPhones and Android mobile devices. Animelab collaborates with Japanese studios to simultaneously transmit a limited number of anime shows. It permits anyone to watch anime for free without causing injury to its creators in Japan. This website is simple to navigate and displays show descriptions when the mouse is over an anime image.

5. Funimation

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

This AnimeHeaven alternative is one of the most trustworthy anime resources currently available. Sony Pictures’ Funimation features new shows of some of the most renowned anime shows of the present day. Shounen, romance, action/adventure, horror, drama, Shoujo, science fiction, fan service, comedy, and fantasy are categories of TV shows. This website is accessible in 47 countries and on 15 platforms. If you can’t access the website, you will need a VPN connection.

6. Cartoon Crazy

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

The best online anime streaming website is Cartoon Crazy. This website offers the largest and most diverse collection of Anime Cartoons, as suggested by its name. Additionally, you can watch anime movies. The website maintains an extensive archive of anime-related content. Additionally, you can access various disciplines, making it easier to decide what to watch.

7. Crunchyroll

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

You’ve heard of Crunchyroll if you’re a dedicated anime fan. This AnimeHeaven alternative website has provided exceptional content to millions of individuals for a long time. The website’s layout is uncomplicated, with sections for Shows, Manga, News, and Premium. Therefore, it is simple to subscribe to the premium plan if you require additional features. A message will appear on this page to direct you through any recent updates. RADIANT, DARLING in the FRANXX, and Naruto: The Next Generation.

8. AnimePahe

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

Animepahe is a renowned website for anime enthusiasts that is comparable to AnimeHeaven. They provide an extensive selection of gratis anime, including Drama, History, and others. Anime pahe is confident that it can distinguish itself from all the other online anime websites. Stunning user interfaces and engaging anime with dubs and English subtitles persuade us that this is the most unique software on the market.

9. Animenova

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

Animenova is one of the finest free anime streaming websites with high-quality anime movies, shows, videos, and cartoons available online. Other anime drama genres may also provide AnimeHeaven alternatives. The website provides about 3,000 unique titles. In addition, you have access to numerous categories and a sophisticated search function. You can stream anime shows, dub anime, movies, animations, and Naruto manga.

10. Anime Rhino

AnimeHeaven Alternatives

Despite its peculiar appellation, admirers of the genre favor it. This website is the most suitable AnimeHeaven alternative, providing a substantial collection of anime shows spanning virtually all subgenres. It provides an excellent selection of anime that would appeal to any watcher. It could be aggravating if you cannot watch your show on our website. The video is interrupted by intrusive advertisements until they finish playing, and you dismiss them. Even though the videos stream uninterrupted, this could be a significant drawback.

11. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the best AnimeHeaven alternatives, offering everything from classic anime such as Akira and You Hakusho to the newest shows such as Boruto and Fairy Tail. Keep up with your beloved TV shows by watching them in high definition and watching for new releases. This guide contains additional information regarding Tubi TV and its implementation on any device.

12. Anime-Planet

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, Anime-Planet has existed online. This website provides access to the best anime available, with over 40,000 shows. Even a section for watching manga shows has been established. Adjusting to the website’s user interface will take some time, but the search function is excellent. Anime-Planets and AnimeHeaven are comparable. This format makes it easy to select which shows to watch. This video player uses the latest version of Flash to play your videos. There are advertisements on this site. They are not, however, overwhelming.

13. KickAssAnime

KickAssAnime is what its name implies: a fantastic website for watching your beloved TV shows. Not only is the website simple to navigate, but it also has an excellent layout. The concise descriptions on the Kickassanime site make it simple to locate new anime shows. This website informs users of impending shows using a countdown timer. Also, this minor supplement is the most acceptable option for AnimeHeaven for keeping up with recently broadcast shows. Nonetheless, this website focuses primarily on subtitles and does not offer transcription.


This Houston-based streaming service, comparable to AnimeHeaven, provides clients access to the most popular anime titles and an archive of shows dating back to the mid-1900s. The most recent Japanese simulcasts have a 1080p or HD resolution. It is distinguished from other websites by its assortment of rare titles and OVAs, which may stimulate genuine anime aficionados. You can also personalize your watching experience by enabling the uncensored mode and altering the color of the subtitles. In addition, HIDIVE’s content discovery engine is among the best available.

15. Hulu

Hulu is great for its live streaming movies and original TV shows, but its anime content library surpasses other streaming services. From anime classics like Dragon Ball Z & Cowboy Bebop to English-dubbed blockbusters like Akira and Studio Ghibli releases, Hulu will not dissatisfy anime fans desiring HD content, similar to AnimeHeaven.

16. Masterani

Masterani is a popular anime streaming service comparable to AnimeHeaven among anime fans. With an extensive library that includes current simulcasts, Masterani has something for every anime fan. The primary disadvantage is that the site may need help to navigate. However, this is not a major issue because no intrusive advertisements exist.

17. 9Anime

9Anime is a similarly intuitive website to AnimeHeaven. It is simple to browse or seek specific anime. The website quickly loads, and the search bar is easily accessible. Additionally, a vast selection of anime will have you returning for more. 9Anime contains few to no corrupted video links. However, the advertisements are revolting. If you navigate to the wrong section on this website, you’ll be redirected to spam pages. Therefore, I cannot endorse using 9Anime without a pop-up blocker. The Top Nine AnimeHeaven Alternatives.


If you appreciate a clear layout, it is a gorgeous website like AnimeHeaven. may have a peculiar moniker, but it makes up for its outstanding user interface for free anime streaming services. Additionally, it facilitates the navigation and selection of new anime shows. They also sell manga. When new shows are available, a timer on the website shows you can keep up with the most recent TV shows and avoid falling behind. Also, the website features an active news journal that keeps you informed of the latest developments in the industry. Despite its modest size, this is unquestionably one of the finest anime websites.

19. VIZ

Since the beginning of the anime industry, viz media has existed. This company is the proprietor of the American edition of Shonen Jump and was responsible for introducing several successful shows to the United States. This website has nearly every show of classic anime shows like Sailor Moon. Even though this website has a limited selection, it helps to support its creators. In addition to free streaming, buying digital seasons for streaming is feasible. The AnimeHeaven alternatives website frequently offers discounts on their anime, allowing you to purchase many of your beloved shows for less. It is the finest acquisition method if you are not interested in CDs. Viz does not even use it.

20. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is an exceptional service for watching subtracted anime videos. Even for the most recent anime, the subtitles on this website are typically accurate. Additionally, this website’s search capabilities are excellent, allowing you to locate your shows rapidly. Moreover, the website renders quicker than competing alternatives. AnimeDao is the most acceptable AnimeHeaven alternative. This anime website also offers narrative summaries for each of the shows. The only drawback is the simplistic design, which some users may find unappealing.

21. VRV

VRV, an additional new streaming service, features an anime channel. This website is for those who would rather watch their shows online than purchase a TV package. AnimeHeaven-like free channels unrelated to anime or animation are available on this service. A one-month subscription to the VRV app currently costs $9.99. Before committing entirely, a free 30-day trial period is available for the service. The service is comprised of channels that are straightforward to navigate.

22. Anime Digital Network

Well, this French anime streaming website is proud to be among the most comprehensive anime sites in France, Luxembourg, and Belgium. It has agreements with the Japanese publishing houses Kaze and Kana Home Video. For example, the AnimeHeaven website’s streaming service is completely lawful. Note that the content is accessible in French, Japanese, and French with Japanese subtitles.

23. AnimeVibe

AnimeVibe seeks to increase the number of anime fans by disseminating simple-to-watch shows to the rest of the world. This website currently hosts approximately 2,000 shows. These anime shows include subs and dubs, so you can appreciate them regardless of how you prefer to watch them. It is typical for AnimeVibe to rely heavily on advertising revenue. However, if you employ an ad blocker, this is one of the anime websites most similar to AnimeHeaven. Additionally, their community is always excited to greet new members.

24. Chia-Anime

Since it broadcasts the best anime shows in high definition, including Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and One Piece, Chia-Anime has captivated anime fans since 2009. Also, users can watch the show on Chia-Anime within an hour of its debut on AnimeHeaven or any other Japanese anime streaming site. Additionally, you can investigate randomly selected and the most popular anime shows to satisfy your cravings. Remember that all shows on the site are accessible for free and can be searched because they are hosted on third-party websites. Thus, advertising will appear the majority of the time.

25. KissAnime

KissAnime, a sister site to KissCartoon and/or KissAsian, was formerly one of the most prominent anime websites ever but has since been discontinued. However, you can find the best AnimeHeaven alternatives in the accompanying list. Before it was offline, the original domain was comparable to torrent sites in prominence and site traffic. It contains hundreds of anime shows labeled “Completed” if the show has concluded or “Ongoing” if it is still airing due to the irrevocable closure of the original domain by its owners.

26. Amazon

Amazon is an excellent location to buy and stream anime similar to AnimeHeaven. The initial Amazon Strike launch crew encountered obstacles. The expense of a strike is in addition to the Prime Membership fee. It required viewers to pay twice as much for anime seasons, which infuriated them. Prime membership is the only requirement for streaming content. The horror show Happy Sugar Life is among the most recent anime that Amazon has the streaming rights to. The website could be easier to navigate, and Amazon should promptly add an anime section.

27. MyAnimeList

Well, due to its diverse collection of content or standing as a one-stop shop for anime rewatches, news, forum debates, and promotional videos, this streaming website has amassed a substantial following among anime enthusiasts. MyAnimeList is distinguished from its competitors by its exhaustive coverage of all anime TV shows and movies. Users can access the summary, production data, context, other titles, characters, voice actors, opening and closing music, rewatches, and statistics (score, position, popularity, members, preferences). At only $2.99 per month, AnimeHeaven offers one of the most reasonable monthly subscriptions, which includes ad-free viewing, an expanded Favorites section, a profile logo, and additional perks. If you are not logged in, advertisements will appear while watching.


What Is The AnimeHeaven Website?

AnimeHeaven lives up to its name by offering hundreds of shows of the most renowned anime shows from the present and the past. In addition to the most current shows, its content archive comprises difficult-to-find titles. AnimeHeaven Display is comparable to most movie streaming services and includes user remarks at the bottom of each page. Due to the free nature of the anime content, AnimeHeaven frequently displays advertisements.

Is AnimeHeaven Legal?

AnimeHeaven’s streaming of anime is not legal in the United States. Anime and copyrighted TV shows are not prohibited by law. Copyright attorneys claim you will only face criminal or civil prosecution if you extract or distribute content. So, it is advised that you watch anime online for free to avoid any complications.

Is AnimeHeaven Safe?

We need to find out about the security of AnimeHeaven. Well, use a VPN to remain anonymous, an anti-virus app, and an AdBlock addon to block advertisements and pop-ups to ensure your safety.

Is AnimeHeaven Down?

To ascertain if AnimeHeaven is down or experiencing technical difficulties, visit or social media platforms.

What Are The Other Domain Names And URLs For AnimeHeaven?

There are multiple domains on the AnimeHeaven website, some currently inactive and closed while others are still active; if you wish to learn more about this website’s disciplines, please continue reading.


Is There Any AnimeHeaven App?

No official AnimeHeaven app was available in official app stores such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. AnimeHeaven was predominantly a website that allowed users to stream anime content for free. However, it is important to note that unofficial or third-party apps and websites related to AnimeHeaven or similar anime streaming sites may have been created by individuals or groups seeking to provide a mobile or app-based experience for users. These unofficial apps may pose risks, such as security and privacy issues, and may not always provide a dependable or lawful method to access anime content.

Is There Any AnimeHeaven APK?

AnimeHeaven had no legitimate or official APK (Android application bundle) available for distribution from reputable sources such as the Google Play Store. Any APK professing affiliation with AnimeHeaven was likely unofficial and potentially dangerous. Please exercise caution when obtaining APK files from third-party websites or sources, as they may expose your device and personal information to security risks. Accessing copyrighted content through unauthorized channels may violate intellectual property rights and may not provide a reliable or legal watching experience.

The Bottom Line:

In many nations, AnimeHeaven is illegal; however, it does not permit its users to depart by altering its domain name, as it constantly distributes new content. AnimeHeaven is, therefore, prohibited from traveling anywhere. The download pace of the AnimeHeaven website is exceptional, and it provides a variety of evening offers in high definition, which is why most of its customers find it so useful. If you like this guide, please share it with your peers so they can easily watch Anime movies and shows on AnimeHeaven and its alternatives.

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