What is a Back to School Necklace?

Back-to-School Necklace

With the approach of autumn, it is common to hear about the Back to School Necklace. It is normal to hear about shopping at this time; after all, shopping for new school clothes and accessories is thrilling for both children and their parents. It’s crucial to note that when children mention Back to School Necklace, they’re not referring to a new, adorable piece of jewelry. Instead, it is a problematic statement you can hear in conversation or read on social media that first doesn’t appear dangerous.

So what is a Back to School Necklace ?

The slang term “back to school necklace” refers to a noose. Typically, Students use the word to indicate that they dread returning to school following summer vacation. Although the word is frequently used in a darkly comedic or dramatic manner, any mention of suicide may signal a risk of self-harm. Often, the phrase is used in a way that suggests it refers to a necklace, as in Ugh, school‘s beginning, time for a back to school necklace.

Similar to other expressions use to refer to suicide (such as unalive), the term is frequently employ to avoid social media site regulations prohibiting the debate or usage of suicide or similar terms.

Most mentions about back to school necklaces on social media occur before the start of the school year. It frequently piques the curiosity of parents and media sources, which often results in the promotion of articles or other content defining the phrase, addressing its usage, and highlighting any potential dangers.

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In this regard, the term’s popularity is likely disproportionate to its usage. However, mental health professionals frequently advise parents to take such phrases seriously.

If you have found this website because you are considering self-harm, please know that you matter and that assistance is available.

Where do Back to School Necklace originate?

Back to school often refers to the return to school following the summer break towards their Career , as in Back to School Necklace shopping or It’s time to head back to school. Back to school necklace refers to the method through which a noose is put around a person’s neck. (The word necklace has undoubtedly been used historically as a slang term for a noose.)

Uncertain is the origin of the phrase “back to school necklace,” a slang word for a noose. Since August 2012, this slang connotation of the phrase has been utilized on social media. The concept acquired popularity in 2013 through memes incorporating the phrase and an image of a noose.

Who employs the back to school necklace?

Before or during the Back to School Necklace following the summer break, students commonly use the slang term “back to school necklace” to convey their fear of returning. The usage of any phrase connected to suicide might suggest the possibility of self-harm, even though it is frequently employed in a funny context.

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Of course, the phrase can also be used in an entirely unrelated literal sense, such as during the Back to School Necklace season about genuine necklaces (which is a time when many students buy new clothes and accessories for the year).

Is the phrase “Back to School Necklace” truly alarming?

Any person who entertains suicidal or self-harming thoughts should be sent to a mental health expert. In contrast, if your tween or adolescent uses the word “Back to School Necklace” and you wish to determine their understanding or definition of it, you may choose to initiate a dialogue.

After all, Gen Z is dark and profound. They have lived practically their lives in a war-torn nation. So, they have seen several school or Academy shootings and often a lack of proper response from the adults and lawmakers. Therefore, They have been flooded with pictures of civic upheaval, police violence, and the current state of our world, which resembles a trash fire.

While a more cynical individual may argue that things have always been “this horrible,” it is inevitable that Generation Z has been exposed to far more of it due to social media. You cannot avoid the news by just turning off the television, as we did as teenagers.

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Our environment is now permanently tied to positive and negative current events. Consequently, this group of preteens, adolescents, and young adults are more blatantly pessimistic than preceding generations.

In other words, a “Back to School Necklace” may represent fear for many children. Yes, this fear should be explore.
However, it may not necessarily be a cry for assistance but rather slang they have picked up from their classmates.

How can you fulfill your child’s needs?

If you’ve seen the point where your child has acknowledged feeling apprehensive about Back to School Necklace and Study as well, you should know there are several ways to proceed.

Whether their nervousness and feelings of pressure are superficial enough to be joke about or to the point where they impact, their mental health will determine a great deal. In this case, you should seek out expert assistance who can assist your child in regaining an emotionally and mentally healthy baseline.

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But perhaps your child is superficial. It is essential to remember that just because someone confides in you does not mean they want you to remedy the Back to School Necklace problem. Once you’ve identified your child’s school-related anxiety, ask, “Do you want me to listen, coach, advise, or fix it?”

The following is required from each of these responses about Back to School Necklace:


The end is here, Mama. Your preteen or adolescent must express all of their concerns while you remain impartial and absorb. Sip coffee slowly. Put a handful of granola in your mouth. Do everything it takes to avoid speaking. When they complete their idea, add, “I heard everything. If you want me to offer guidance or motivation, I can. However, until you ask, I won’t.”


If people approach you with many issues like Back to School Necklace, do not presume you know which is the most pressing. Ask them what they need assistance with initially. Then, assist them in determining how to address the issue in the new year.

Example: “Are you most concerned about AP History?” Are you requesting to discontinue the course or assistance managing the requirements for the system?”


Coaching is distinct from advising to overcome Back to School Necklace. Coaching includes an element of affirmation. Ex. “You’re anxious that your closest friend won’t join you for lunch this semester?

That stings. Who will be attending lunch with you? Text/Snap and find out what you can learn. Let’s build a plan! You have several pals, guy. Let’s come up with some other seating possibilities for you.”

Fix – Problem of  Back to School Necklace

This isn’t easy. You constantly want to do this but know you can’t or shouldn’t. No mother hates to tell her child, “I cannot repair this problem of  Back to School Necklace.

However, if you discuss the issue, you may find a solution to alleviate the burden. Start by asking if they have any suggestions for addressing the issue. Then, work backward until a compromise is reach.

Example: “You cannot drop AP History since you require the credit and have completed everything else.” What if we dropped this option with so much required homework? What if I let off on some of your responsibilities to give you more time? Would knowing that I do not expect you to receive an A help?”

Which resources are suggest for children who feel overwhelm by the prospect of Back to School Necklace?

Parents can be their children’s first line of defense. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that parents “supervise their adolescent to facilitate healthy decision-making,” “spend time with their adolescent engaging in daily activities,” and “be involve with the school by volunteering or communicating regularly with teachers and administrators.”

Additionally, Westhouse would lobby for schools to have the policy to assist pupils. Before the 2019 pandemic, according to the CDC, “about 1 in 6 teens reported considering a suicide plan in the previous year, a 44% rise since 2009.”

To make your child feel less anxious about Back to School Necklace, Cavaleri suggests preparing for school early by “getting organized, visiting the school/walking [their] timetable if permitted, getting adequate rest, and eating healthily.”

Last Words – Back to School Necklace

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In the end, information is power, and understanding that this issue affects many children and adolescents enables parents to increase their awareness and seek extra assistance.

Westhouse and Cavaleri both advocate treatment and, if necessary, call the new 988 suicide hotline.

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