Best Apps Like CamScanner To Scan Documents in 2021


CamScanner was a brilliant tool for document scanning. It has nevertheless been found that a malicious malware has been released that could display intrusive ads on Android smartphones. Google has since deleted CamScanner from the Play Store and should also be uninstalled as a safeguard step.

Then we’ve assembled a list of the best CamScanner Alternatives in this article if you need a substitute for CamScanner. We ensured that users’ above apps are well received and developed without a history of shady actions by genuine developers. After this, let’s start with the article and explore applications with similar characteristics to CamSanner. 


Best CamScanner Alternatives To Scan Documents

We’ve included 10 CamScanner-like alternatives in this section that are great for scanning and have standard CamScanner features. In reality, we have listed scanner apps, both Android and iOS. Besides, some of the apps you listed don’t have a CamScanner watermark, so it’s perfect. Let’s go through the list and search for a substitute for the CamScanner. 

Google Drive

Although it can come as a surprise, Google Drive does have an integrated scanner in the app. Tap the plus button, and you can quickly search papers, receipts and notes. Let me put it straight. This isn’t as full of features as CamScanner, but it provides a necessary scan and upload function that is useful for searching for a simple scanner application.

Google Drive also includes edge detection and crop features with an input image editor. Despite its barebone scanner, the reason why I chose Google Drive as an alternative CamScanner is that you can always be relieved that your documents are secure. Just put, Google Drive can be an excellent replacer if you are searching for a simple scanner app without CamSanner bells and whistles.


The TapScanner is a very accurate and crisply scanned document in our next scanner in the list. You may claim that because of its good post-processing, it is one of the best CamScanner choices. In comparison to other scanners, three simultaneous images are taken, and comprehensive records are produced. TapScanner has several filters, like CamScanner, that can then and there edit Images.

Borders and photographs can also be intelligently detected and trimmed. It is also possible to export OCR support in PDF, JPG and PNG formats that function very well. TapScanner’s distinctive function is to digitally sign the PDF documents that you don’t even have CamScanner. To summarize, go with TapScanner if you want a healthy scanner app. This is quite interesting. It is quite good.


Let me direct you to PhotoScan when you are using CamScanner to scan printed photos. PhotoScan is Google’s excellent application to scan printed photos with exceptional clarity and colour. It uses the mighty Google after creating an algorithm to create a digital Image without losing information. It doesn’t have any glares or glitches, unlike other photo scanners. Edge detection and automatic cuts are also available, which are much more than the edge detection of CamScanner. As I mentioned above, PhotoScan is the only app you need to find an app that digitalizes your printed photos.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the greatest, if not the best, Camscanner choices. As Adobe develops the software, you can rest assured that it is filled with endless functionality. Adobe designs the app. First of all, you can scan with your smart scanner papers, receipts, notes, ID cards or just any paper document. It can identify the document form and cleverly cuts the image to save time and trouble. The software also provides different choices to boost the image quality of the documents scanned. But the best thing about Adobe Scan is that you can scan documents (OCR) texts which have been very popular with CamScanner.

Furthermore, the scanned documents can be exported either in JPEG or PDF formats. Adobe Scan doesn’t put any watermark, so that’s fine, unlike CamScanner. One thing to remember. All in all, Adobe Scan is an outstanding program that performs very well and flawlessly. Adobe Scan takes you home if you want to replace CamScanner.

  • Install: Android (Free), iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

Microsoft Office Lens

Another strong CamScanner alternative you can use is Microsoft Office Lens. In reality, if you’re into the Microsoft ecosystems, Microsoft Office Lens gives you much a better experience. The Office Lens does not only have an application to scan papers; it can also scan and read hand-written notes, tables and maps. These papers can be exported directly into Word or Powerpoint documents and then annotated.

Isn’t this great? Besides this, you have all the standard features such as auto edge cutting, ID card scanning, OCR, etc. You can also access scanned cloud documents through OneNote or export them as a PDF file or image gallery. In sum, an efficient scanning application, Microsoft Office Lens can be used comfortably.

Fast Scanner

Another strong alternative to CamScanner is Quick Scanner. It can simultaneously search documents from notes to several pages. Post-processing with this app is very fast, and after I saw the information in scanned documents, I was surprised.

Besides, you have edge detection, but it’s best mediocre, and the borders need to be changed often. This being said, you can share documents scanned directly via email or via cloud services such as Google Drive, Evernote, etc. You can also save the documents as JPEG or export them as pdf files in your image gallery. In all, Fast Scanner is a fantastic scanner application and can be a good alternative for CamScanner.


Scanbot is a well-known program to scan and build on-the-go pdf files. It has some functionality and overall functionality in the neck and neck with the CamScanner. First, Scanbot can scan papers, receipts, ID cards, whiteboards, QR code and more without any problems. It also has intelligent edge detection and auto-crop features that are as strong as a CamScanner. Besides, you have a multipage search that is essentially batch mode, OCR text recognition, editing documents and annotations of CamSanner. The only thing about Scanbot is that it is also possible to search for files by searching for text in documents lacking in CamScanner.

That said, you can export both PDF and JPG scanned documents. Suppose you would like to upload your data to the cloud, many cloud services are closely integrated. Essentially, Scanbot is just an alternative camScanner that provides all of the features you want. Go to Scanbot, and you don’t have to take a closer look.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is one of the best software for scanning documents, whether you own an iPhone or iPad. Evernote Scannable provides similar features and a better user experience compared to CamScanner. Second, you can scan with great clarity notes, business cards, receipts and virtually any paper document. It also uses intelligent edge sensing and automatically crops the image.

Besides, scanned documents can be saved or exported as PDF files in the camera roll. The software includes both email and cloud integration so you can search the document and submit the document without hassle to your friends or colleague. Evernote Scannable does the necessities very well although it does not have additional features including OCR and annotation. If you want a smooth scan experience, you might go for Evernote Scannable.

  • Install: Android (Comes built-in with scanning feature), iOS (Free, in-app purchases)


Finally, we have TurboScan, a good scanner app with host functionality. It would be best if you firstly searched all types of papers, whether they are pages typed, whiteboards or notes. The sharpening mode is unusual and makes a marvel of documents that are scanned.

The files you can export in PDF, PNG and JPG are crisply scanned. Auto edge detection, Multipage scanning, Dropbox integration and email integration are also available within the app. The only omission is that you do not have an OCR that most people would use. Finally, if you want a quick application for scanning documents, you can use TurboScan.


If you want a feature-packed Cameras Alternative, Notebloc is undoubtedly a robust contestant. Second, you can scan different types of documents and produce images that are scanned in high quality. The intelligent edge detection works very well and can easily be compared to CamScanner. OCR support, batch scans, document edits and cloud integration are also available in the app.

Notebloc’s best attribute, however, is that the scanned documents are without a watermark, and that is simply fantastic. Many have complained about the unreasonably high watermark of CamScanner and Notebloc takes the floor. So Notebloc is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for an alternative CamScanner less the watermark branding.

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Final Words:

This is our final list of the ten best alternatives for CamScanners that are very strong and share similar features. Some applications are full scanner apps, and some are especially good for scanning and smooth sharing. You can select a preferred app from the list, depending on your requirements. You won’t be fooled, and I’m pretty confident. Oh, everything was on our hands. Let me know if you want to see more alternatives for common apps in the comment box beneath.

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