17 Top CRM Software for Small Enterprise Business

CRM Software

CRM software that works well can have a significant impact on your business’s capacity to close more deals and generate more income.

These days, businesses strive to connect their customer data with platforms and technology to provide a customized customer experience. Consequently, the CRM software market is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Check out this short table that summarizes the top CRM software, then continue reading for additional information!

The reason for this software’s broad adoption could be attributed to how simple it is to provide real-time access to client data through cloud and mobile solutions.
With the right tools at your disposal, you can increase lead generation, revenue and sales while maintaining customer satisfaction. This creates an environment where everyone wins!

Cloud-based CRM Software solutions are more flexible for your business needs and handle everything on-site. Now, let’s look at some of the top CRM Software to help you expand your company’s reach!

17 Best CRM Software List for Small Enterprise Business

Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle have some of the largest CRM market shares, according to a Findstack analysis. Based on key features, pricing, and client feedback, we’ve developed a list of the CRM Software for Small Enterprise Business.

1) Spotler CRM

Spotler CRM is really easy to set up and use, and it’s built for growing teams.

With everything in one place, a central hub facilitates easy organization and fosters the kind of teamwork and customer relationships that drive sales growth. This includes configurable sales CRM, marketing and service tools options, and integration with external apps.

This cloud CRM software strengthens your relationships and team while providing complete visibility into your customer interactions.

From your CRM system, you can create campaigns and deliver newsletters using their integrated marketing service. You don’t need a different emailing product because you only need one place!

With self-service options and a comprehensive customization service, Spotler CRM offers a flexible solution that can be adjusted to meet your demands.

You’ll know right away that help is there when you need it. There are multiple ways to access this free service, such as an online chat feature or a plethora of self-service options.

Try Spotler CRM

2) Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell can turn your interactions into real-time sales to improve productivity and visibility across your pipeline while streamlining your business operations. This feature-rich, user-friendly application is designed to help your salespeople with common problems.

It facilitates communication, access, and analysis of relevant deal information for your sales team and discreetly eliminates any potential friction arising from transaction updates.

Your sales reps will have access to all connected tools through Zendesk Sell, giving them complete insight into the customer’s account situation. They are aware and can take advantage of opportunities that present themselves this way.

Because this technology automates the data-collecting process, representatives may effortlessly stay up to date in the sales pipeline by keeping track of both new and old information. It also helps in their preferences about your customers and prospects.

From the dashboard, you can easily make calls, arrange meetings, send emails, and view deal history with just a few clicks. Zendesk Sell provides smart lists for real-time filtering and segmentation of your leads and deals.

With this desktop sales software, you can identify prospects, stay organized, and close deals even when you’re not online. It provides a unified connection with Pandadoc to view the status of your contracts and Mailchimp to help you track your campaigns.

Zendesk Application Framework is another tool you can use to build apps. With the help of reports, you can forecast and analyze your business. You can interact, understand and visualize your data with over 30 reports and drag-and-drop dashboards.

Try Zendesk Sell

3) NetSuite

Oracle owns the NetSuite cloud-based CRM solution, which is a very potent instrument that can assist companies of all sizes in managing their customer interactions and communications more effectively.

In the form of partner management, customer service management, sales automation, marketing automation, and other services, it offers the answers to every organization’s success in today’s competitive market.

For a single information flow, this capability manages partner relationships, commissions, sales forecasting, quotes, and lead generation all the way to order fulfillment.

End-to-end workflow is handled through its marketing automation and sales automation features, including creating and executing effective marketing campaigns across various media and providing visibility into every client interaction point, first out. From reach to after-sales support or renewal. Procedures

Automation not only makes organizations run more smoothly, but it also enables salespeople to meet targets and give customers highly personalized experiences.

Its customer management solutions simplify the creation and automation of case processes, provide mobile device access to critical data, and provide built-in reporting to monitor performance. Sales, marketing, and support teams can get real-time feedback from its robust analytics, and customers can easily file issues online and receive follow-up emails.

By offering a centralized source of critical customer data, NetSuite CRM overcomes bottlenecks and promotes teamwork and efficiency. It offers comprehensive information about leads, prospects, and customer actions, enhancing marketing campaigns and enabling them to match sales goals more closely.

Additionally, it offers automatic commission and quota management features, allowing staff members to execute them efficiently and quickly at the end of the quarter or month.

With its extensive feature set, NetSuite CRM helps you build long-lasting relationships with your clients so you can excel in today’s cut-throat business world.

Businesses of all sizes, from pre-revenue startups to rapidly expanding firms, can run their operations more efficiently using NetSuite. Do you want to know about the cost? Pricing is tailored to meet certain business requirements, so please contact the team to discuss customized plans that will suit your business needs.

Try NetSuite

4) Bonsai

For freelancers, small businesses, agencies, and any other professional who has to manage their clients and projects — coaches, accountants, attorneys, and architects, for example — Bonsai is the best cloud CRM for project management. It includes all the effective tools needed to maintain work organization.

You can add contact information, rates, notes and tags to each of your client’s individual profiles that you set up here. This CRM allows you to organize your project files, documents and task lists. You can also use it to create task templates for your projects, where you can specify due dates and receive email reminders.

The program has integrated project collaboration capabilities. These enable unlimited collaboration with others. You can also set tasks for other people to complete and monitor how much time each person spends on a project or task.

Try Bonsai

5) Keap

With Keap, you can figure it out—a solution that streamlines your business operations and breaks down difficult jobs into manageable chunks. Your sales force will be more focused and efficient and will be more productive overall.

You can automate all your follow-ups with Keap so you can respond to them quickly. It provides reminders to your existing customers and welcomes new leads with personalized emails. Additionally, it updates every interaction and centralizes them for simple management.

With just a few clicks, use this cutting-edge software to schedule appointments, get quotations, generate invoices and monitor leads. It’s interesting that Campaign Builder is available to help you automate your sales and marketing campaigns. With this configuration, you can assign tasks, send emails, tag new leads, etc.

Try Keap

6) Salesmate

Use Salesmate CRM to manage your business workflow effectively and build lasting relationships with the clients who depend on you. It has a lot of capabilities that can help your company reduce burdensome duties and increase revenue.

Engage in conversation with your current and prospective clients and promptly deliver them the information they need. This gives you accurate information so your sales team can respond to each request with a customized experience. So, the people you talk to can become potential leads, which can then become satisfied clients.

You can use the drag-and-drop feature to track, progress, and filter your transactions. You can also use it to measure the effectiveness of your sales reps and set realistic goals for them.

To support your business with other systems, it accepts more than 700 connectors, such as Zapier, Google Apps, Outlook, etc. It also employs analytics. Make it your own, then use iOS, Android, or a laptop to sell your goods or services from anywhere.

Try Salesmate

7) Insightly

With insight, you can personalize your unique business message to your customers and leave a lasting impact. It offers a feature-rich, customizable, easy-to-use interface that sets you apart from the competition.

With Insights, you can monitor relevant key information, ad campaigns, correspondence and tasks to review and automate your company’s workflow. Sales reps can follow up with leads while they still have an opportunity, thanks to CRM’s automated, real-time lead routing to the right customer. Custom business logic can also be implemented to integrate external entities from SAP, Oracle and other sources.

It’s easy to send bulk emails to your contact list, and it notifies you and tracks the email distribution process all the way through. You can get statistics on the number of emails that have been clicked and opened this way. Through a record-linking feature that allows emails, customer information, and other data to be linked to your database, the software maps customer relationships.

With Insight, you can build personalized applications and quickly release them to mobile and online platforms. With convenience and industry-grade security, you can also create dashboards, create stunning data visualizations, and monitor insight metrics.

Try Insightly

8) EngageBay

EngageBay is a respectable alternative. Use this program to attract clients, build trusting relationships with them and win their loyalty. It can deftly handle all your needs in terms of marketing, customer support, and sales.

Use EngageBay to automate your marketing campaigns, processes and routines to increase productivity and efficiency in your company without sacrificing quality. Organize meetings, handle transactions, get 360-degree customer insights, and more.

Use customer support ticket management and live chat to elevate customer service.

Try EngageBay

9) Nutshell

Nutshell, expertly designed to meet the diverse demands of various industries, provides CRM to help you build profitable business relationships and increase conversions. Your workers don’t need to be IT experts to use the user-friendly program, which offers innovative solutions.

Your team can focus on customer nurturing because CRM automates all the time-consuming tasks with sales automation. It provides performance tracking and reporting to keep you updated on current events and help you address areas that need improvement.

You can work effectively with your teams and stay aware of all the important issues that need your attention using Nutshell. It also provides dedicated customer support and assistance in better pipeline and connectivity management.

10) Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM, as its name implies, gives small businesses an easy way to monitor leads, manage contacts, and follow up “without annoying you.” The easy-to-use system is quick to set up and requires little effort to use.

To become more proficient with its functionality, you can also watch the video introduction. Even if you’re not a customer yet, they offer free email and phone support in case you get lost.

Many firms get confused by the abundance of options and functions when choosing a CRM. Because of their difficulties, small firms often have to spend hard-earned money on things they never needed.

You have access to this solution to make things “less annoying.” It helps you close more businesses and helps you increase productivity and customer service. All data, including your files, notes, tasks, pipeline data, events, and more, can be kept in one place. It provides a search function to make it easy to find data.

Use this program in other systems, such as Google Calendar, to manage events and tasks more quickly. You can stay informed about leads, including their priority and status, using lead reports.

Try Less Annoying CRM

11) monday.com CRM

Monday.com is a cloud-based CRM Software that will give you both efficiency and simplicity at the same time, if you’re wondering. With the help of this software, you can centrally manage all facets of your sales cycle, from lead generation to customer onboarding, from contact management to sales funnel.

Making the most of your sales funnel and achieving steady business growth is made possible with features like lead management, pre-sales management, and deal management respectively. You can have a comprehensive view of your clients, including their account and communication history, using this program.

The suite’s interface is customizable and easy to modify to meet your own business needs. You can automate time-consuming sales tasks at Monday.com and save a lot of time. It can even speed up the sales hiring process by giving your staff all the resources and tools they need.

A number of popular apps, such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Google Calendar, GDrive, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Zapier, LinkedIn, Zoom, and OneDrive, can also be integrated with Business. Is. Additionally, it facilitates email integration for communication with contacts, allowing for integrated client communication.

Monday.com CRM is suitable for small, startup and large organizations. Oracle NetSuite is an additional option to consider if your goal is to run your enterprise business only.

Try monday.com CRM

12) Hubspot CRM

For your business, Hubspot CRM is more than just a contact management solution. It provides free tools to track performance and automatically update data. Through a comprehensive dashboard, you can instantly see every detail of your sales pipeline.

Access to reports on sales activity and individual performance allows you to coach your sales force toward your goal. This CRM includes the ideal option for every type of organization, be it small, medium or large. With no expiration date, you can enjoy unlimited data, users and a million contacts.

Hubspot provides you with time-saving, state-of-the-art technologies to increase your sales team’s productivity. Additionally, by removing conflict, these methods promote cooperation. It can also alert your representatives when a customer opens an email or visits a business website. So they can effectively follow up on the appropriate leads at the ideal moment.

By planning your meetings and using email templates, live chats, click-to-call features, and other tools, you can build stronger connections with your prospects.

Try Hubspot CRM

13) Pipedrive

Are you trying to find CRM software that will help you keep your customers at the forefront of your business?

With PipeDrive, you can forecast revenue, track overall sales performance, and prioritize your opportunities with great features.

It provides chatbots and personalized online forms that instantly add hot deals to the sales funnel. It is possible to audit contacts, emails, and call histories to trace a discussion from beginning to end. Thus, take charge of your data and use it to guide your sales initiatives. The software is easy to use on a PC or smartphone, and can be integrated with other apps that increase sales.

PipeDrive uses artificial intelligence to save you from tedious jobs. Test your reports using the software and contrast them with your set goals. PipeDrive protects against unexpected events by providing complete transparency and security over your data usage.

Try Pipedrive

14) Salesforce

In fact, Salesforce is one of the cloud-based CRM Software available to revolutionize your company. Maintain a distinct relationship with your clients while connecting your sales, marketing, IT, service, and commerce departments with a single piece of software.

Give your sales staff the tools they need to close more deals and generate quality leads quickly and easily. In addition, it streamlines your billing, revenue recognition, and subscription processes and supports the delivery of accurate quotations, proposals, and contracts.

With the use of artificial intelligence, Sales Cloud can provide your sales teams with accurate forecasting, actionable insights, intelligent automation, and predictive scoring to drive the company in a productive direction. You can also connect your calendar and emails to enable automatic data entry.

Workflow builder, collaborative forecasting, auto-activity collection, and other customization options are available for this product. A drag-and-drop tool called Flow Builder is provided by Salesforce to help you automate your business processes. It enables you to design business processes that guarantee compliance with regulations or automate tedious tasks.

By connecting Salesforce CRM with Facebook and additional sales and marketing platforms, you can increase its effectiveness.

Additional features:

  • Full onboarding
  • Create personalized dashboards and reports.
  • Email tracking and meeting scheduling are automated.
  • Security at the corporate level

Salesforce Enterprise CRM is ideal for businesses of all sizes, regardless of their size.

Try Salesforce

15) Creatio

If you’re looking for a centralized, all-inclusive cloud CRM platform to handle sales, marketing, and customer support, Creatio will meet all your needs.

Creatio CRM is an award-winning, multi-platform system that provides great flexibility with no programming required. It gives customers the ability to automate every step of the customer experience, including lead management workflows, marketing campaigns, sales processes, and complex omnichannel customer support operations.

For businesses looking to improve sales performance, track customer service-based success, and gain customer insights, it’s an ideal intelligent CRM platform. To increase efficiency and enhance client experiences, you can take advantage of powerful analytics features such as pipeline tracking, team performance analysis, and automatic identification of areas for improvement.

Additionally, they can cross-reference goods and services appropriately with changing market trends thanks to the availability of vast data with pre-loaded insights into consumer behavior with AI/ML-powered predictive methods. Able to sell or upsell.

In addition to effectively automating lead generation processes and streamlining event administration across multiple channels in marketing campaigns, it has comprehensive capabilities to gather holistic customer insights.

Sales staff can track orders and invoicing by combining sales projections, skilled contracts, and document handling with its powerful capabilities.

Additionally, the Creatio service, built on the ITIL architecture, offers capabilities such as setup to manage ITSM processes and follow best practices in change/incident/problem management, all through automation. Improves productivity through

For 14 days, Creatio is available for free.

Try Creatio

16) Zoho CRM

With a global network of over 250,000 enterprises spanning 180 countries, Zoho CRM increases lead conversions and optimizes customer relationships to help businesses grow revenue. You can easily plan meetings, give presentations, organize webinars and get real-time reporting with this tool.

You can stay ahead in the numbers game of sales by monitoring your performance and sales KPIs. The software strengthens your business processes with intelligent AI tools, unified dashboards, and exclusive mobile apps to ensure you play the “unmatched game”!

Improve team collaboration by using shared feeds, answering each other’s questions, sharing insights, and providing deal data to keep everyone informed. With the program, you may interact with your clients via phone, email, social media, and live chat.

Get instant alerts when a user interacts so you can help them in real-time.

Additionally, technology streamlines repetitive activities, automates your work, and improves your customer follow-up. Everything is straightforward, including transferring data from spreadsheets and other CRM systems, whether it’s setup, onboarding, or training.

Zoho CRM pricing varies based on the features you want and is $14 per month at launch. I think Zoho is ideal for business.

Try Zoho CRM

17) Freshsales

Leverage AI to increase customer interaction and streamline business processes with the Freshsales CRM.
It has smart built-in tools like Freshcaller, which lets you quickly make calls and send customized emails that suit the needs of your clients and prospects.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get started, as both creating and maintaining an account are fairly easy.

You can use it to get a complete understanding of your company for lead scoring, activity capture, and many other purposes. Additionally, it provides data to help you find and rank potential leads who exhibit purchasing habits. Notifications and alerts can be instantly received when a new email is opened, if someone clicks on your links, and more.

The best thing about Freshsales is that there is no cost to get started!

Try Freshsales

CRM Software: What is it?

Businesses utilize CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to automate, plan, and arrange every facet of customer interaction, including marketing, sales, customer support, analytics, and customer care.

In addition to facilitating email and note-based communication, the program can create links between these regions. It can even speed up the process and handle some simple project management tasks.

Some software includes chatbots and telephony features to enable sales representatives to communicate more effectively with customers directly from the program. Strong CRM systems can easily deliver reliable work.

All of these capabilities are included in this program with the common goal of improving your customer relationship management process to increase your company’s overall productivity.

CRMs have made significant strides to become more sophisticated. These technologies can be easily integrated with a wide range of corporate processes. CRM will continue to grow as artificial intelligence and machine learning become more popular.

Why is CRM Software Important to your Company?

Taking care of different aspects of your organization becomes increasingly important as your brand expands. Everything that follows extends from your customers to your staff, from sales and marketing initiatives to analytics. In this situation it becomes difficult, expensive and inefficient to run your firm manually. If not managed well, it can cost you customers and sales!

That way, you can’t just rely on handwritten spreadsheets and sticky notes! This is the point at which CRM software becomes relevant. Simplifying workforce and business processes, can help your company grow by giving you easy access to automation!

The benefits that CRM software offers are as follows:

#1: Segmenting Users

Sales teams and digital marketers can better target their personalization efforts by using customer segmentation. They can use the software to segment prospects according to several criteria, including deal, area and more. Sales teams will be able to help customers with a precise solution and, in turn, will be able to focus more on specific areas.

#2: Encourages Group Collaboration

Employees can more accurately determine the needs of your target audience and focus their efforts more effectively if they have a deeper understanding of them.

To get the best results with the least friction, they can get valuable information from the CRM Software. Hence, it makes it easier for your team members to collaborate better.

#3: Managing the Funnel

CRMs help you build and maintain your sales funnel. It’s easy to track and manage all your contacts without fail! You can use the software to follow up with calls, automatically send emails based on customer behavior, and more. As a result, it can help you grow your customers and develop closer relationships with them.

#4: Automation and Integration

Tasks can be automated, and can be integrated with other programs such as email, SMS, phone calls, e-commerce, accounting, marketing platforms, etc.

#5: Effective Data Management

Companies have a ton of data to maintain, such as client profiles, contacts and more. The main difficulty is managing them by hand, not with CRM software. Its efficient management gives you a comprehensive picture of all your data. It can even make managing your sales process easier.

#6: Better Understanding

A number of measures, such as transaction booking, calls, email auditing, etc., can be used to assess and audit sales performance.

Customer relationship profiles allow you to identify prospects at each stage of your sales funnel.

#7: Simplifies the Sales Process

You can use multiple communication channels that can improve the effectiveness of cross-selling and upselling. By recognizing consumer behavior patterns, these technologies can help you optimize your marketing initiatives.

Why use a cloud-based CRM Software?

Gone are the days of needing a dedicated IT staff to handle cumbersome and expensive CRM software. A cloud-based CRM that is modern, user-friendly, technologically advanced, and tailored to your specific business needs.

Just 12% of companies employed cloud-based CRM in 2008. This percentage has now risen to 87 percent.

These systems let you keep all the client data you collect on cloud storage, which you can access anytime from anywhere. As a result, you are free from the worries of data management, storage, and licensing fees for various devices. With a cloud-based system, everything from implementation to maintenance is easy.


In the face of intense market competition, a developing business needs to develop innovative tactics to stay ahead of the competition.
Businesses can manage workflows, build lasting client connections, and strategically advance their sales and marketing initiatives using cloud-based CRM Software SaaS.

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