10 Top Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps for 2024

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Using a crypto portfolio tracker is a wise move to consolidate all your investments under one roof. Let’s identify the top to facilitate simple and effective cryptocurrency investing.

Using the application, you may add text to the top and bottom and change the font size.

People often overlook important information and mismanage their crypto investments as a result. And for serious investors with widely diversified portfolios, this is especially true.

Top Crypto Portfolio Trackers

To save you time, we’ve put together a list of some really Crypto Portfolio Tracker apps. These programs monitor hundreds of coins across multiple exchanges. They provide highly accurate essential information that would otherwise require hours of computation.

1) CoinMarketCap

Manual transaction entry on CoinMartetCap is similar to crypto portfolio tracker CoinGecko.

It is also free and suitable for limited amount of transactions. Additionally, you can create different portfolios and view edits as you see fit.

While it’s similarly free, it lacks many of the paid features seen in other platforms for tracking portfolios.

Check out CoinMarketCap.

2) Altrady

With API connectivity and support for transaction entry via XLSX or CSV upload, Altrady is a state-of-the-art trading and crypto portfolio platform.

You can store all of your API keys in a password-protected vault that you set up with Altrady. This crypto application also offers two-factor authentication setup and device authentication options.

Additionally, you can prevent past mistakes by leaving notes with images of charts. Additionally, Altrady keeps track of important market news and integrates it directly into the dashboard.

Finally, Altrady seems best suited for experienced traders and does not offer a free membership.

Take a look at Altrady.

3) Kubera

A wide range of asset types are managed by Kubera, a comprehensive investment tracker platform, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, your home, cars, websites, and more.

It allows importing APIs for crypto. However, if a specific exchange is not available, you can also enter the data manually.

The percentage of each asset in the portfolio is displayed using a pie chart.

A 14-day trial of Kubera will only cost you $1, which is again odd but a reasonable tactic to deter freeloaders.

In conclusion, this is the best crypto portfolio tracker for the least amount of people and a really simple program.

Try Kubera.

4) Coinigy

A full 30-day trial of Coinigy’s advanced features is included in its forever free plan.

Transaction data can be imported via wallet addresses or APIs.

Asset allocation, top gainers/losers, and line/bar charts are all tabbed within the dashboard. Furthermore, you can design customized panels under the Boards tab that show news related to a particular subject, currency rates for particular platforms, and more.

This heavily commercialized website can be a great deal overall because to its helpful features and free tier.

Check out Coinigy.

5) CoinTracking

A robust and highly detailed crypto portfolio tracker is CoinTracking. Some people may find the amount of material overwhelming at first, but if you stick with it, you’ll gain a lot of insightful knowledge.

Importing transactions via API, CSV, or hand entry is fairly easy. Additionally, you can directly add a wallet address and synchronize your data in seconds.

Additionally, reporting and analytics are top-notch. Details like per exchange, per month, and daily cryptocurrency balance are displayed by CoinTracking. Timeline, which shows every cryptocurrency activity in a beautiful vertical bar with date stamps, is the next feature.

This only applies to the dashboard. A separate reporting tab on CoinTracking provides comprehensive information about all transactions, fees, profits and losses, current and daily balances, and more.

In addition, you can get full-service tax assistance from qualified tax professionals or prepare a cryptocurrency tax report in a matter of clicks.

Additionally, the first 200 transactions are free. You should definitely try this cryptocurrency portfolio tracker because it is the best.

Consider using CoinTracking.

6) CoinTracker

Additionally, CoinTracker was mentioned in our piece on cryptocurrency tax software. Moreover, using it for better compatibility makes even more sense in light of portfolio tracking.

With CoinTracker’s support for over 300 exchanges and 10,000 coins, you can be sure you’re keeping track of every investment. Depending on the exchange, transaction import using API key or CSV upload is supported.

It facilitates tax loss harvesting, optimizes for cost-based accounting, and displays real-time market value. Apart from performance data broken down by history and cryptocurrency, you also get daily portfolio updates.

Finally, the first five wallets are free to use, after which you can upgrade to a premium tier to add more.

Check out CoinTracker.

7) CoinStats

With CoinStats, you can manage your cryptocurrency portfolio and get personalized crypto news and analytics on desktop and mobile devices. CoinStats is a premium portfolio tracker.

Using API keys, you can access support for multiple exchange accounts and wallets. Once configured, CoinStats puts critical data at your fingertips to simplify investment decisions.

Charts are provided showing the growth of each asset or the entire portfolio.

Heatmaps that separate profit-making and loss-making organizations. Analytical sections list leading exchanges, total fees, withdrawals, profitable and losing currencies and other information.

Sadly, there is no free tier. To determine its suitability for your needs, you can try it for free for three days.

Check out CoinStats.

8) The Crypto App

CryptoApp is a well-reviewed news aggregator and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker available only on smartphones.

Local blockchain wallets and leading exchanges are supported by this application. However, the majority of users seem to appreciate its widgets, which allow you to keep the app updated without constantly launching it from your home screen.

The free version of the crypto app has limited capabilities and is ad-supported.

However, the Pro Edition allows you to add an unlimited number of wallets and exchanges with just a one-time payment. More widgets, UI customization, ad-free functionality, and real-time data from over 200 cryptocurrency trading platforms are also included in the Premium Edition.

Check out The Crypto App.

9) Delta Investment Tracker

With Delta Investment Tracker software, you can monitor your entire investment portfolio, including cryptocurrencies.

With the free version, you can connect to two exchange platforms; with the subscription version, these limitations are removed.
A uniform policy will apply for the introduction of cryptocurrency wallets.

Additionally, an integrated news section selects articles that fit your portfolio.

Source, coin distribution, and transaction history can all be analyzed by free users. The Pro Edition displays fee breakdowns, successful and unsuccessful investment choices, and other information.

In summary, it is a top choice for investors with a diversified portfolio that includes bonds, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and other assets.

Use the Delta Investment Tracker.

10) CoinGecko

One of the largest cryptocurrency portfolio trackers for those who regularly short trade is CoinGecko.

With this tool, you will enter all your transactions manually to ensure that the facts are correct, bypassing automation entirely.

You can also set up multiple portfolios, to look at combined gains or losses.

Some may find the absence of API entries a deal breaker, but it keeps your investment private. Additionally, you can enter an unlimited number of test transactions and plan for the future accordingly.

Finally, CoinGecko offers a completely free experience to argue against the lack of some sophisticated features.

Check out CoinGecko.

Final Thoughts

Crypto Portfolio Tracker Or Some continue to manage their portfolios using the traditional spreadsheet method. And in the beginning, this is perfectly acceptable.

But when you grow up and move around more, these gadgets can come in handy.

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