12 Best Tether Wallets to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

Tether Wallet

A digital device called a crypto wallet allows us to transfer, receive and store different types of cryptocurrencies. Tether (USDT) Wallets also provide you with security, convenience and control over your cryptocurrency holdings.

Additionally, a cryptocurrency wallet can be used to communicate with other decentralized apps (DApps). Wallets, for example, can be used to trade and store data on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

It is anticipated that the market for Bitcoin wallets will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 24.8% from an estimated $8.42 billion in 2022 to 2030. Moreover, as of August 2022, there were more than 84 million Bitcoin wallet users worldwide.

Tether Wallet

With a market valuation of more than $77 billion, Tether (USDT) is the third-biggest cryptocurrency. Because of Tether’s reliability, more traders and investors choose it over other cryptocurrencies for transactions and storage.

Let’s now review the Tether wallet. Keep checking back!

A Tether Wallet: What is it?

Tether Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store a token called Tether (USDT). You don’t have to worry about the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market because Tether is a stable coin with a price equivalent to the US dollar.

Yes, it sounds impressive.

The Tether (USDT) token was developed on the Bitcoin network by the Omni Platform and debuted in 2014. Popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Algorund, Bitcoin Cash, Polygon, and Tron, to name a few, currently support Tether.

Depending on their features and benefits, there are different Tether wallets available. The main types of Tether wallets are:

Hardware Wallets: To prevent internet hacking, you can keep your tokens offline using hardware tether wallets.

Mobile Wallets: With Tether mobile wallets, you can use your mobile devices to quickly connect and engage with exchanges or apps.

Desktop Wallets: You can trade and store your Tether tokens with this type of wallet installed on your PC.

Web Wallets: You can use your compatible web browsers on computers or mobile devices to access these Tether wallets.

Now that you are familiar with the Tether wallet let’s see how to choose the best wallet for it.

Which is the Best Tether Wallet to Choose?

When choosing a Tether wallet, it is important to consider the following important factors:


Tether wallets are designed to facilitate faster cryptocurrency transactions for users. To achieve this, choose a wallet that offers an easy-to-use interface for transactions and storage.

You should always choose this type of wallet, as the majority of Tether wallets help you complete transactions in a few simple steps. Additionally, it is advisable to choose wallets that do not require account creation or verification.

Support with Customers

In any service industry, receiving poor customer care is always a terrible experience for a customer. Make sure that the Tether wallets you choose will solve your problems quickly.

Additionally, it is best to use a Tether wallet that offers several options for settlement via email, telegram, and chat.


The security features of the Tether wallet are the most important consideration. If there is a security breach, you may lose all the tokens in your wallet.

Wallets with security features such as fingerprint locks, two-factor authentication, Face ID, or PIN codes should always be chosen. Additionally, make sure the wallet complies with the latest encryption and security guidelines.


Make sure your Tether wallet supports multiple operating systems if you use multiple devices. By doing this, you can prevent token transfer issues when switching between devices.

Additionally, choose Tether wallets that offer iOS or Android mobile apps. When you’re on the go, this feature will come in handy for sending and receiving USDT tokens.

Additional Features

In addition to sending, receiving and storing Tether tokens, you can find other services that suit your needs. Suppose, for example, that you trade cryptocurrencies. Then, you have the option of using Tether wallets, which offer real-time cryptocurrency prices and portfolio tracking.

There are a few other features to consider with the Tether wallet:

  • Ability to send and receive tokens instantly via a QR scanner.
  • The choice for a flawless DApp connection.
  • Multiple blockchains are supported by wallets.
  • Tether accepts multiple payment methods for purchasing tokens.

Let’s now review the top tether wallets.

1) Freewallet

Freewallet is a multipurpose tether wallet designed for web browsers and mobile devices that support iOS and Android. Other cryptocurrencies can be used to buy Tether (USDT) tokens from this wallet.

To use its features, you must register for a free account with Freewallet using your email address. Also, you can create an account using your Facebook or Google accounts as well as your mobile number.

Freewallet provides one of the biggest crypto security measures to protect your Tether tokens. This wallet comes with the following:

  • Multi-signature verification for every transaction using the wallet.
  • Limiting transactions on a daily and weekly basis helps reduce the chances of token theft.
  • 2FA, fingerprint, and PIN code security measures.
  • Tokens for Tether are being cold stored to prevent online fraud.

FreeWallet offers several ways to contact its customer service department. Their official customer executives can be reached via email, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Telegram.

2) Trustee Plus

For more secure cryptocurrency storage and transfer, Blocksoft Labs created Trustee Plus, a highly sophisticated Tether (USDT) wallet. Additionally, you can use bank cards to top up this Tether TRC-20 wallet.

User’s Tether Tokens are securely stored by TrusteePlus using various security measures and real-time audit technology.

Zero fee for Bitcoin transfers and top-ups is one of the main advantages of Trustee Plus Mobile Wallet. Additionally, you can deal with the greatest currency rates for buying and selling.

You can install Trustee Plus Tether Wallet on both iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, you can instantly transfer cryptocurrency tokens using a QR scanner. Trustee Plus users can also email or call customer service.

3) ZenGo

Using ZenGo’s Tether Wallet to safeguard your Bitcoin funds is the most secure method available. You can also get your wallet back in case you misplace your device or forget your password.

ZenGo’s built-in online portfolio tracker lets you track the real-time value of your Tether coins. Additionally, sending and receiving Tether requires just a few taps on your mobile device.

In addition, ZenGo offers several ways for users to purchase Tether tokens. You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, SEPA, SWIFT transfer, or with your mobile payment app.

Android and iOS devices are supported by ZenGo Wallet. Additionally, you can contact the ZenGo customer support team via email or chat.

4) Paybis

Founded in 2014 by a group of blockchain technology enthusiasts, Paybis is a leading provider of Tether wallets. With this cryptocurrency wallet, you can quickly buy, trade, or store Tether (USDT) coins.

To open a wallet with Paybis, you must first create a profile. Upon completion of your profile, you can easily set up a free Tether wallet.

Paybis’ Tether wallet has several security measures, including:

  • To protect your USDT tokens, use private keys.
  • Genuine, always verifiable on-chain transactions.
  • Availability of three-layer safe sub-surface facilities.
  • Integrated security layer to prevent any threat.

In addition to its remarkable security measures, Paybis guarantees round-the-clock support to its customers. Installing Paybis Tether Wallet is possible through Google Play or the App Store.

5) Atomic Wallet

Are you trying to find a Tether wallet that is compatible with both your mobile and PC devices? Atomic Wallet then becomes useful.

To increase security, AtomWallet stores your private keys locally on your device instead of on a server. You are able to fully control your Tether tokens thanks to this security feature.

Also, Atomic Wallet does not require KYC verification or account signup. In addition, your data is not monitored. Also, you can email or chat with the support staff if you have any questions or concerns.

On your computer, you can download Atomic Wallet, which is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian. Additionally, you can download their mobile apps from Google Play or App Store.

6) CoinZoom

Users can access an efficient Tether wallet that supports the TRC-20 token standard with CoinZoom. To add Tether tokens to this wallet, you must register for a free CoinZoom account.

The user-friendly interface of this tether wallet facilitates quicker and more effective transfers. You can send and receive USDT (TRC-20) with a few easy clicks.

A mobile wallet is the CoinZoom Tether Wallet. You can install this wallet by scanning the QR code on the CoinZoom website, Google Play, or the App Store.

To get help with your questions or problems, you can also use CoinZoom Chat’s customer service. You can also track the status of your submitted support tickets.

7) Exodus

Founded in 2015, Exodus offers PC and mobile Tether wallets. This cryptocurrency wallet allows you to easily manage your Tether tokens across multiple blockchains.

For security and privacy, Exodus encrypts your private keys and transaction data. Additionally, this Tether wallet offers round-the-clock customer service and an intuitive user interface.

Exodus wallets are accessible in desktop, online, mobile, and hardware versions. To instantly trade, send, or receive Tether tokens, select one of them. You will also get live charts of the cryptocurrency market and real-time portfolio data.

Mobile users can download the Exodus Tether Wallet from the App Store or Google Play. Moreover, the desktop version of Exodus is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows.

You can install Exodus on your Brave or Chrome browser if you prefer web wallets. For even more security, you can utilize a hardware wallet that was created in association with Trezor, one of the leading producers of Bitcoin hardware wallets.

8) Linen

Safe, a leading cryptocurrency security platform, provides smart contract accounts that secure Linen’s Tether wallet. In addition to security measures, our mobile wallet has an easy-to-use UI that makes it easy to store and transfer Tether tokens in seconds.

To protect your Tether money, Linn gives you three private keys. These are the benefits of having these keys:

  • Even if you misplace one of the private keys, you can still access your wallet.
    If even one of your private keys is taken, the wallet remains inaccessible to a thief.

With Lennon, you can use your credit or debit card to buy Tether and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you are always welcome to email their customer service.

If you use an iOS device, the App Store is where you can get Linen’s Tether wallet. Android users will have to hold off till it becomes available on Google Play.

9) AlphaWallet

Looking for a mobile wallet that can protect your Tether tokens and let you earn interest? Try the leading cryptocurrency wallet, AlphaWallet.

This wallet allows you to interact with leading lending DApps. Here, interest in Tether coins will be sent directly to your Alpha Wallet.

Additionally, Secure Enclave helps protect your stored Tether tokens. Additionally, AlphaWallet respects your privacy by not collecting any of your data or KYC information.

The latest version of AlphaWallet is accessible on Google Play and App Store. Additionally, Android users can download this mobile wallet directly from the AlphaWallet website.

Moreover, AlphaWallet offers magic links for easy Tether token transfers. Also, you can reach their official customer service through Telegram and Email.

10) Infinity Wallet

With Infinity Wallet, you can track your Tether tokens on both desktop and mobile devices. Also, you can use the QR code to request tokens from other wallets that use this wallet.

Advanced encryption technologies in Infinity Wallet ensure the highest level of security for Tether storage and transactions. To further enhance the security and privacy of your wallet, your data is also kept confidential and anonymous.

You can also monitor your Tether portfolio against the current market price. You can also use Infinity Wallet’s email and chat support system to get your queries answered and your questions answered.

The latest desktop version of Infinity Wallet works with Windows, Linux and MacOS.

11) Trustee

Do you need a Tether wallet to hold tokens that are compatible with several blockchain standards, such as BEP-20, TRC-20, and ERC-20? Trustee Wallet, created by BlockSoft Lab, makes it easy for you.

The simplicity that this wallet offers to its users is its most prominent feature. With just one click, the Trustee’s Tether Wallet can be activated.

After the wallet activation process is complete, you need to select a 12-word recovery phrase. In the unlikely event that you misplace your smartphone, you can still use this word to retrieve your wallet and any saved Tether tokens. Additionally, you can add security measures like Touch ID, Face ID, or PIN code as appropriate.

Another important feature of Trustee Wallet is its ability to accommodate multiple cryptocurrency wallets. With a mobile app, you can add and manage every Tether token you own.

There is a mobile wallet for the trustee. This wallet is available for download on Google Play or App Store.

12) Minke

Would you be interested in a Tether wallet that has no gas costs and supports multiple blockchains? Visit Minke to avail these amazing features.

Created by Minke Labs, this mobile wallet is used to deposit or transfer Tether tokens securely. As of this writing, the Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains are supported by Minke Wallet.

Using Google and Apple Pay, you can buy Tether and other cryptocurrencies with Minke Wallet. In addition, this wallet accepts credit and debit cards in addition to other widely used bank transfer options.

Additionally, you can add Tether (USDT) tokens to the wallet with just three clicks, thanks to the user-friendly UI. Google Play and App Store provide Minke Wallet.


Final Remarks

Finally, when choosing a Tether wallet, security needs to be your top concern. You can then look for additional important aspects, such as device compatibility and convenience.

This article allows you to choose any Tether wallet that suits your needs. Finally, to protect your cryptocurrency holdings, be sure to use all of the wallet’s security features.

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