Top Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)

Digital Experience Platforms

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) enable you to provide users with exceptional digital experiences across all touchpoints. These software solutions empower you with insightful data that you can easily use to shape your content strategy and deliver improved user experiences that users will love. However, since users’ expectations are shifting, modern businesses must focus on offering a superior customer experience. They expect consistent, relevant digital experiences across all touchpoints, including your website, social media pages, and other platforms. This explains the escalating demand for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). It helps to streamline your content and encourages meaningful interactions, customer retention, growth, and return on investment. This article will define a DXP platform and list the best DXP solutions for business.

What’s A Digital Experience Platform?

Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, is a software solution that provides a comprehensive collection of tools and technologies to build, optimize, manage, and deliver enhanced digital experiences to customers, employees, and partners. DXPs provide a foundation on which the capabilities of various apps can converge to form cohesive digital experiences. In addition, they aid in meeting the business requirements of organizations undergoing digital transformation. Also, DXPs can digitize your business operations, allowing you to accelerate your processes and achieve your objectives more quickly. Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) also offer tools for gathering actionable user insights that help you better understand them. Consequently, you can use these insights to create relevant content and offer enhanced experiences.

It combines the digital touchpoints of users, such as their interactions on a website, app, social media platform, customer portal, chatbot, kiosk, etc., into a more enlightened ecosystem that can be viewed and managed. Considering the capabilities of DXPs, many individuals mistake them for CMS. However, they are not identical. A CMS focuses primarily on content management for eCommerce websites, blogs, etc. However, DXP offers significantly more functionality than CMS. It manages the entire user experience voyage, from the initial interaction to post-sale support and customer retention. This occurs across all your digital channels, not just your brand’s site or app. DXPs strive to enable you to effectively connect with your customers, partners, and other users and provide them with high-quality experiences.

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) Types

There are two categories of DXPs: open and closed.

Open DXP – To make it a single, centralized system, Open DXP integrates various products from numerous third-party vendors. It may provide you the flexibility to connect products of your choosing, such as your preferred CRM and other tools you already use, as well as some new technologies you wish to implement to meet your demands.

Closed DXP – This self-contained platform incorporates all products. Therefore, you do not need additional third-party tools; the DXP provider pre-builds all DXP components. However, it can integrate with other products, though it functions best within its ecosystem.

If you wish to select one, you may do so based on personal preference. However, most individuals choose an open model for its flexibility and freedom. You can also opt for a closed DXP if you lack technological resources for integrations or prefer to work with a single vendor.

Digital Experience Platform Advantages

Data-Driven Business Decisions

With DXPs, you get an intuitive platform where you can coordinate data from various teams, such as market research, content marketing, customer support, and sales, in real-time in one place using APIs. In addition, Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) can combine this data with analytics to deliver actionable insights that can be used to make data-driven business decisions. Thus, you can create content and marketing campaigns of a higher caliber and offer exceptional digital experiences.

Multi-Channel Content Deployment

DXPs enable marketers to create and deploy marketing campaigns and content across multiple channels. Whether it’s apps, browsers, IoT devices, kiosks, smartwatches, voice assistants, etc., this helps you maintain your online presence everywhere and interact with your audience no matter where they are.


Personalization is crucial for businesses in the modern era to make users feel valued and deliver exceptional experiences. Modern DXPs can also integrate advanced analytics, AI, and ML capabilities to assist you in creating highly personalized content for your users, regardless of whether they are customers, partners, or employees. This encourages customer loyalty and lets you distribute the appropriate message at the appropriate time to increase conversions.

Seamless Integrations

You will receive seamless integration capabilities, allowing you to extend the functionality of your platform with the tools you adore and employ. Using numerous tools in multiple windows will prevent you from becoming irritated; you can access everything from a single window. Connect various platforms, tools, software, microservices, and other resources to ease and accelerate your business operations.


DXPs can use microservices to build cloud-based digital experiences. This will offer your technology platform more reliable performance and uptime. You can scale your servers anytime based on customer demand or if your business’s objectives change. In addition, a higher uptime will result in a more pleasing user experience, as your server will always be accessible to users when and where they require it. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are additional advantages to using a DXP.

1 – Effective collaboration between the backend and the frontend, designers, developers, and other team members, as all data will be visible to the entire team by using the DXP tool.

2 – Brand consistency, as the DXP will allow you to organize, manage, and edit your content seamlessly. This will ease creating and delivering pertinent content while maintaining a consistent brand voice across all touchpoints for your marketing team.

Top Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) that you can try.

1. Bloomreach

Digital Experience Platforms

One of the best digital experience platforms, it helps you provide potent content, product delivery, and customer engagement to achieve unprecedented growth. Bloomreach offers genuine personalization that will make your customers feel valued and encourage them to return. With extensive product information and user preferences, the platform will assist marketers in understanding their customers, displaying pertinent content, and keeping their customers connected. In addition, it helps you focus on your goal and gratify customers by aggregating all the essential commerce functionalities in one place. As a result of these capabilities, you may provide scalable personalization in real-time and make your customer grin to create enduring brand loyalty.

2. Neptune

Digital Experience Platforms

Neptune DXP is an excellent platform for developing custom apps using reusable, modular app building components. It promises to make enterprise-grade app development ten times quicker by leveraging your existing developer skills and requiring no additional training. Neptune offers a unified and intuitive user interface for mobile, voice, augmented reality, desktop, and offline apps and websites. This DXP can bridge low-code, no-code, and pro-code to increase your team’s performance without limiting them to a single, bring-your-own-model approach. You can even connect APIs and create pixel-perfect, responsive user experiences. This platform benefits numerous use cases, including manufacturing, human resources, retail, healthcare, and utilities.

3. SiteGlide

Digital Experience Platforms

Use SiteGlide’s DXP platform to give your customers a data-driven, scalable digital experience. It has received multiple accolades from G2 as the top DXP platform for modest businesses. This platform enables you to create and manage websites, marketplaces, customer portals, and membership sites by leveraging the true power of data. SiteGlide offers OpenSource-like flexibility for SaaS tools, enterprise-grade infrastructure, and developers. SiteGlide lets you create a fully customized experience, address business requirements, increase efficiency, and boost conversions. Using Liquid logic, you can use customer data strategically to automate and personalize user experience.

To solve business issues, capture, output, access, share, and query data anywhere along the customer experience journey. In addition, SiteGlide offers a robust user interface that works harmoniously. Avoid information silos and expensive integrations; you will have access to six or more useful tools on a single platform. In addition, it offers scalable pricing options so that you can start modest, paying only for your exact needs, and then progressively scale up. The platform will take care of maintenance, enhancements, and security, allowing you to focus on what is most essential. Additionally, it has partnerships with leading providers such as AWS, Sendgrid, Stripe, and platformOS.

4. Liferay

Digital Experience Platforms

Liferay is a flexible DXP solution that integrates seamlessly with your business needs, technologies, and processes to create a solution tailored to your needs. It helps you deliver experiences that engage and retain your audience’s interest in your brand. To empower your users, you can build individualized and customized experiences. You can also provide them with self-service support to reduce customer service expenses. By assisting customers in finding what they are searching for and optimizing their business processes, this platform also helps to increase operational efficiency. By offering a streamlined DXP solution, Liferay also helps increase your online revenue.

Additionally, it streamlines ordering, encourages recurrent purchases, and helps grow your average order size, allowing customers to conduct transactions easily. To build a hub for support, growth, and collaboration with your business partners without complexity, Liferay offers partner portals. Additionally, its customer portals enable customization of content and simplification of processes. Similarly, employee portals increase productivity, connect them seamlessly, and make them independent. You also receive supplier portals to streamline purchasing, boost profits, and support vendors using a centralized marketplace. Finally, to enable you to make the best decision for your IT ecosystem, Liferay Experience Cloud offers multiple cloud deployments, ranging from fully-hosted experience to self-hosted.

5. Xperience

Digital Experience Platforms

Using a unified DXP platform, Xperience by Kentico gives next-generation content and site management to deliver exceptional customer experiences and accelerate growth. This platform was featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and other reports, such as the G2 report. It has already executed over 35,000 successful projects with over 1,000 associate agencies and has 18 years of experience in the industry.

Unique capabilities and an autonomous platform can empower marketers to conduct high-speed campaigns with low-code or no-code technology. It offers robust features that enable you to embrace your content modeling to enhance customer experiences, generate revenue, and increase engagement. Email marketing leverage automation and personalization to connect with your site visitors through pertinent content across your devices and channels. Your eCommerce store can be powered by capabilities that increase conversion rates, transaction sizes, and customer retention. Integrate your technology infrastructure with Xperience-supported integrations and an autonomous API.

6. Sitecore

With Sitecore, which helps you connect connections, cultivate loyalty, and generate conversions, you can provide your visitors unforgettable experiences. It offers an in-depth look at customer data, AI, marketing automation, and analytics, among other things. Sitecore integrates effortlessly with your technology infrastructure and provides comprehensive digital marketing capabilities. It facilitates content strategy by letting you create and edit content using a WYSIWYG editor. This intuitive and straightforward platform also features a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to reduce your dependence on the IT team. You can aggregate data from various profiles, behaviors, interactions, and activities to obtain a 360-degree view of each customer and offer them cross-channel personalization at scale. In addition, its machine learning (ML)-based analytics, optimization, and testing offer numerous advantages. It can capture valuable data and create actionable insights, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Use intelligent campaign and marketing automation to boost engagement and conversions, decrease customer acquisition costs, and accelerate time to market. You can also provide personalized digital experiences across multiple websites, languages, and geographic locations on any touchpoint, channel, or device. By letting you visualize their paths and luring them to valuable interactions, Sitecore’s Path Analyzer helps you deliver perfect customer journeys. Also, the Path Analyzer can map the optimal journey and content components and indicate where optimization, testing, and adjustments should be made. Intuitive dashboards, diagrams, reports, and drill-down insights provide a comprehensive view of your customer interactions. In addition, you will receive Sitecore Email Experience Manager and additional marketing automation tools to target customers and create segmented lists. Determine the best digital experiences by testing components, page variants, page layouts, etc., with A/B and multivariate tests.

7. Acquia

Acquia is regarded as a pioneer in DXPs because it offers superior features, support, and flexibility to deliver unrivaled customer experiences. It integrates the flexibility of Drupal with the Open Marketing Cloud platform in the world to create the best user experiences. Using a single platform will enable you to accomplish much more and generate an endless ROI. Its features are intended to disclose the true power of your database and enable you to build incredible Drupal experiences with more engaged customers and conversions. It helps populate your website with relevant content and streamlines your multi-channel delivery. With Acquia, you can also make actionable information a reality and deliver content that can convert. As an outcome, you can dominate and drive digital expansion.

8. Progress

Transform your entire business using adaptable and compelling digital experiences with Progress, which helps you reduce expenses and produce superior results. Regardless of your goal for customer retention, acquisition, or growth, it can assist you wherever you are. In addition, Progress can positively impact your business by helping you effectively handle your online brand presence, from initial visitor interactions to conversions, support, and retention. As an outcome, your time to market and operational efficiency increase, the performance of your marketing campaigns increases, and your total ownership costs decrease.

It supports multi-channel deployments on mobile apps, the web, and various UIs, allowing you to target a larger audience and offer them customized experiences. This scalable, cloud-enabled DX platform offers global coverage, a value-driven approach, and low complexity. You will also receive a fully managed and optimized performance, scalability, and security infrastructure. In addition, it offers DAM, data-driven marketing, SEO, adaptive UX, personalization, premium search, and other advanced tools for enhanced productivity and adaptability. Well, using flexible APIs, connectors, and low-code integration tools, it readily integrates with various tools. In addition to customer data management, AI-powered content analytics, digital commerce, secure file storage and transfers, and messaging capabilities, Progress offers security and compliance features.

9. Core DNA

Core DNA is a cutting-edge eCommerce and hybrid CMS platform that lets you build apps and websites in a single place. Its DXP platform enables you to scale your digital presence and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This DXP platform streamlines your online presence by serving as a common market for your CMS, marketing, and commerce, all of which are protected, secure, and hosted. Additionally, new features and enhancements are released every two weeks. Deliver more quickly and with less effort if you have Core DNA. With a single interface, it offers complete control over the content creation process and helps you design, deploy, and collaborate quickly. Its features include an easy-to-use decentralized CMS that enables your business to grow, manage, and expand B2C and B2B commerce on a single platform. You can integrate it with your workflows and apps, and it also offers excellent automation tools. Additionally, customer segmentation allows you to identify, interact with, and retain potential customers.

10. Zesty

Zesty, a potent DXP, can empower your team to create, optimize, and disseminate web content, maximizing your outputs. It enables you to devote more time to the creation and less time to development and maintenance, which is a boon for non-technical individuals. Don’t let your CMS tool slow down your workflow; use Zesty to do what you do best: create content. It is the best CMS for expanding businesses because it can grow with you. So that you can focus on your goal, it also simplifies things. It offers SEO and automated code to handle all the grunt work, allowing you to focus on creating content & connecting with customers to build meaningful relationships and brand loyalty. Additionally, Zesty has a user-friendly platform and offers superior customer service.

The Bottom Line:

Delivering outstanding digital experiences to all users is imperative for modern businesses. Using a digital experience platform or DXP can help you achieve this by enabling you to understand your customers better and create relevant and personalized content for them. Use one of the aforementioned digital experience platforms (DXPs) to engage your customers with effective interactions and content to increase your ROI and business growth.

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