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Which are the most reliable cloud storage Alternatives to Google Drive? Google Drive is undoubtedly among the most popular cloud storage solutions. This is easy to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox and other cloud storage providers. Plus, you get the right amount of free storage, and it’s easy to access from a lot of different devices.

But, there is an excellent reason to look at some great storage options other than Google Drive, mainly the security.


Why Search for Alternatives to Google Drive

We were shocked &, to an extent, also quite scared after reading the small print associated with Google Drive. So, here are some reasons to consider Google Drive alternatives:

  • Is Google Drive linked to your Gmail Account – Suppose you access your emails from a public computer or lose your device. Others can access your emails and your Google Drive files.
  • Google Scans your data – These files you upload are scanned by Google, & then information is taken to build your user profile- which is public;
  • Google Shares data with third-parties – Meanwhile, this might not be anything new. Well, Google’s privacy agreement states that they can reproduce, modify, publish as well as other things. Basically, once you load a document onto Google Drive, it becomes Google’s property;
  • This is difficult to track your shared files – So, Once you have given someone permission to edit a document, they can share it with others, and you aren’t told when this happens. Your records could be found with a Google search;

The logical great Google Drive alternatives are OneDrive & Dropbox, so let’s compare these solutions first.

Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Google Drive has the benefit of incorporating more applications for efficiency. Dropbox has “Paper,” which lets you create simple documents and merge uploaded files. Although this is a bit fundamental, Dropbox has done a fantastic job of sharing access.

Any file that is shared with others is labeled, and the number of individuals who have access to each file can be seen. For team coordination, you can sync both with video conferencing systems.

With storage room, Google Drive has the upper hand. Compared to Google’s 15 GB, the 2 GB of free cloud storage with Dropbox is nothing. Dropbox has a 2 TB monthly membership for $120 and a 3 TB Dropbox Plus account for $200 per year. For $100 a year, Google Drive offers 2TB. After that, 10TB for $99.99 per month is the next option.

For its method of block syncing, we chose Dropbox. When changes are made, Google Drive can automatically save an entire folder. Only the improvements that have been made are maintained by Dropbox, which makes the process much quicker. With less delay, everyone can see improvements made, and you are less likely to miss any recent results.

we thought Google Drive was the better choice since neither is the perfect security option. That being said, Dropbox is always a good choice, depending on your needs.

OneDrive vs. Google Drive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution that has the benefit of incorporating the familiar Word, Excel, and other applications that most of us use. Like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides, Google Drive has similar apps. Also, exchanging Google Drive and OneDrive files is similar. You can right-click and interact with an email address or copy a connection that you want to share.

Pricing, storage, and protection make up the difference. Google Drive offers 15GB for free, but only 5GB is currently provided by OneDrive. For 100GB, it costs $1.99 a month for both. OneDrive becomes the greatest value for money when you start looking at greater numbers.

You can now get 2TB of storage with Google Drive & 6TB with OneDrive for $9.99 a month. There are also more pricing plans for both, but OneDrive is more cost-effective, generally speaking.

Like Google, Microsoft has the right to search documents, but you may feel that Microsoft does not misuse this right, with substantially fewer ads coming your way. Microsoft has not encountered any big data abuses to date.

The safer option is OneDrive in terms of data protection, privacy, and value for money.

More Google Drive Alternatives

It would be best to read the description & choose the one that best fits your requirement & use-case scenario.


Another solution that has placed protection as a priority is pCloud. PCloud provided $100,000 to anyone who could hack the device, with TLS/SSL channel security and 265-bit AES encryption, and none of the 3,000 hackers could. The other thing that we liked was the arrangements for payments. There is a one-time payment of $175 for 500GB and a one-time payment of $350 for 2TB.

A built-in video player and audio player, accurate information on the connections you have exchanged, automatic synchronization across different devices, and data recovery are other features. You can backup data from other big suppliers of cloud storage and from Facebook. 


Because of its improved security, Tresorit made it to the top of our Google Drive Alternatives list. It may be one of the safest cloud storage services on the market with military-grade encryption and public-key cryptography. To someone who was able to crack the encryption, Tresorit gave $50,000. About 1,000 hackers, including those from MIT, tried and failed.

A private account comes with 2.5TB of encrypted storage that provides access to 2-step verification. It has file restoration and file recovery, as well as password-protected links and file sharing permission controls. It doesn’t come cheap for this protection. The per-month personal account is $25. 


Mega has set a leading example of how well-priced and reliable storage of cloud data is offered. Your information is broken into equal parts and processed all over the world in various data centers. It is reconstructed using end-to-end encryption when you need to access it.

50GB of free storage is provided to you, and 400GB costs just 5.88 dollars a month. 10TB will set you back $99.00 a month with Google Drive; Mega costs just $35,34 with the benefit of enhanced security.

A good variety of communication tools are available, and all of your chats, emails, and video calls are also encrypted, so they can not be accessed by even the staff at Mega. We loved how with a cryptographic fingerprint, you can verify the identity of your contacts, making file sharing all the more secure.

If you have projects which involve a lot of team coordination, is perfect. It is possible to share, edit, and comment on files while you receive updates of all that has been done.

It is possible to add more than 1,500 other common apps, making the workflow simpler for all. Advanced security practices such as advanced threat identification, data protection, and market enforcement are included in

We felt 10GB for free was pretty generous. 100GB costs $10.61 for personal use. It seems like that’s a little more than Google-Drive. Yet provides unlimited storage for as little as $15.91 a month when you pay annually if you are running a company.

In cloud storage, has all of the right stuff to search for. By using encryption, it is totally protected from unauthorized access. Regardless of their size, you can share files with anyone, and several users can work on the files simultaneously. You should set up permission and password protection so that you know who has access to your files.

For a personal account with 2TB of storage, rates start at $8 per month. For teams of up to 100 members, it costs $5 a month for 1TB and $8 a month for 4TB. When you sign up, also provides 5GB for free. 

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Final Words:

Perhaps Google Drive vs. OneDrive or Dropbox shouldn’t be the issue today. These may also have been some of the pioneering providers of cloud computing, and we are happy using them.

Nevertheless, the list of best Alternatives to Google Drive for cloud storage indicates that there are choices that provide great value for money and much better security than conventional solutions for cloud storage. 

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