How to Protect Yourself from a Devastating Data Breach

How to Protect Yourself from a Devastating Data Breach

Data breaches can be incredibly devastating and can cost a business its entire reputation. Instead of putting your company through the wringer, you should protect yourself from data breaches at the outset to avoid millions in cleanup costs and upgrades. The best way to start is by reviewing others who have gone through massive data breaches.

Companies large and small both suffer from continual hacking attempts and data breaches. Through simple observation and identification, you can find where companies went wrong and how you can do right.

However, you should look internally as well to determine if any cyber-attacks may have occurred and where they originated from so that you can gain a better understanding of the task before you.

Study Past Cyber-Attacks

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Cyber-attacks have nearly destroyed some of the biggest businesses around the world and account for a large number of damages to internal systems.

By simply studying these failures you can understand where and how these businesses went wrong.

Gather In-Depth Data About Popular Hacking Techniques

Hackers will speak with surprising openness about various techniques that grant access to private systems illegally. Social hacking, or the principal action of using one’s better nature against them and then calling the person with integrity “stupid”, is a common ploy.

Knowing this might prompt you to limit access to more users or to establish a security check for access to sensitive systems. Just by educating yourself on hacking techniques can have an incredible impact on your company’s security and product management.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Gathering in-depth information is crucial for finding holes in your intranet and weak points amongst your technology. The first step in securing your internal systems and data is encryption.

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Encrypt everything from individual files to entire drives to secure a stronger internal security system. Encryption provides the extra layer on top of password protection and network security. In addition, make sure that you hire the right security specialists who have the work experience and the skills to help you with that.

As there are many specialists in the tech market, finding and hiring the right people can often be a challenge. Thus, a cybersecurity developer hiring guide that includes all the information you need to be aware of, will definitely make the recruitment process much easier.

If any harmful and narcissistic hackers successfully bypass the initial layer of security then the encryption will act as an additional layer of security that will make the process twice as difficult. Implementing general data protection regulations alone will provide your business with an advantage over the competition and the hackers.

Secure All Access Points

Security can be accomplished through simple password randomization and network scanners that do everything possible to find intruders and weed them out. However, a truly secure system is one with identifiable access points that are all current and up to date. If there are any routers, nodes, or mobile devices that are connected to the network then they should all be checked for appropriate security protocols.

Any of these machines without protection will act as a welcome mat for hackers and criminals. Unguarded technology can be the death of an entire company’s security system. Check for legacy systems or unused connected devices and turn them off immediately.

 Unfortunately, simply upgrading security and checking for intruders will not be enough to fend off the horde of cowards called hackers who want your most valuable data. It is integral that your company educate the plotters and put together a crisis plan in the event of such intrusion.

Some businesses go as far as using facial recognition technology or implementing a shut-off switch which essentially takes everything internet related offline for some time while IT combs through the systems. However, businesses can protect themselves with even greater force by educating the staff about what to expect and what to do when things go topsy-turvy.

Identification can be made much easier by acquainting yourself with popular hacking techniques and strategies. These will provide you with the necessary information on how to deal with hacking attempts and where they will target. Knowing your enemy is twice as important as knowing yourself.

Most importantly, be very selective and watch each transfer of data carefully by utilizing packet sniffers and network security protocols to identify each segment of information. Repelling hackers is about vigilance and care for the health of your business and businesses everywhere.

Encrypting your company’s data may sound like a herculean endeavor for only the savviest of techies. In actuality, initializing encryption protocols is simpler than you think and with a few tips, you will be well on your way to safer browsing and operating.

Firstly, every company should evaluate their technology and make sure that none of the active technology is outdated or outmoded.

A good password can prevent most forms of digital attack and is often enough to deter hackers and unwanted intruders. Password managers should also be used in conjunction with a secondary password system to prevent critical passkeys from being copied or stolen.

A good password can go a very long way. However, when we are dealing with servers of data or private information we should always encrypt the system. For your company’s most sensitive data you must add additional security at the system level to truly be secure. Most machines come with some form of modifiable encryption and if it doesn’t, numerous encryption applications work wonderfully at the enterprise level.

Data storage on company servers is still susceptible to hacking via direct connection or physical theft. Utilizing cloud storage is a great way to prevent hacking through your intranet. Instead, digital dolts would have to penetrate some of the strongest network encryption on the market just to get to the beginning.

This means that businesses don’t have to rely on their network protocols to ensure the safety of their data. Combining these security protocols will guarantee that your company is always one step ahead of the bad guys.

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