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Hello there, Instagram enthusiasts! This time, we’ll check out IGTools. In today’s marketing landscape, having many followers on Instagram adds a lot of credibility. IG Tools is one of numerous Instagram follower tools APK and tools available to help you develop your Instagram account. It gives users a set of tools to increase their follower count. However, many have stated that it no longer works and have gone on to alternative tools. Check out this review to discover if IGTools is still available and, if not, what the best replacement is.

What Is IGTools?

IG Tools provides a personalized solution for Instagram users looking to easily increase their follower count without committing excessive time to create various content. As an Android third-party app, IGTools APK provides user-friendly accessibility. This app has a big benefit in that it is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your Instagram account; no login or personal information is required during the download and installation procedure. The accompanying essay provides in-depth insights into the app’s functions and benefits, relieving concerns about using this amazing app. To understand how this IGtools APK works and why we do not endorse it, we will first examine how it operates.


How Does IGTools Work?

IGTools is currently an Android app that assists users in growing their Instagram following. IG Tools provides services for free. By downloading the IGTools APK, you can increase your video and reel views. IGTools net will provide you with a mix of active and bot followers. You may also use IGTools to receive many emoji comments on your Instagram posts.

How To Use IGTools?

You may use your mobile device to download the IGTools app and enter the URL of your Instagram account. Then, your account will be logged in with the IGTools app, and you will be able to increase your Instagram page’s followers, likes, comments, and other success metrics.

Note: It is conceivable that using IGTools APK will prevent you from liking, commenting, or posting on Instagram for a while.

IGTools Features

The IGTools Instagram service provides users with several options: free followers, likes, saves, comments, and polls. Let’s take a look at each of these separately.

Followers Free

According to a website that sells the IGTools APK, this app may help you obtain up to 1 million followers (IGTools fake followers) for free! It is vital to note, however, that the followers provided by this Instagram growth firm are fake. They’ll not engage with your content, and Instagram may eventually designate your company account as spam.


This IGTools can help you increase the number of views on your videos (both old and new). It will, however, do not affect your engagement rate. IG Tools merely adds to your stats and does not affect the other aspects contributing to your engagement rate.


With the IGTools App, you may obtain up to 2 million likes for free! If your genuine followers take the time to check over the profiles of people who like your posts, they can discover that they are fake. This will seriously harm your company’s reputation. People no longer trust fake followers and likes.

Story Polls

Polls are an excellent approach to engage your followers and convert them into paying customers. IG Tools may provide fake poll votes for Instagram, implying that a genuine person is not casting the vote. Use IGTools Story Views to increase the number of views on your stories. Your stories can receive a limitless number of views.


This tool can provide you with many free fake saves for your posts.


You may add infinite comments to your posts with IGTools APK. You may pre-set the comments you want to receive and send them to your article in bulk. Emojis and phrasal comments are both provided by IG Tools. However, if someone navigates through the comments under your posts looking for customer evaluations, they may need clarification on a flurry of emojis or repetitious comments! If you do this, your potential consumers will lose faith in you. To attract them, you need actual content and real followers.

How To Use IGTools?

  • Open IGTools net and choose the appropriate feature or service from the options shown in the picture.


  • Log in to your Instagram account as indicated in the picture to continue. (Please note: Use a separate Instagram account to use this feature).


  • To protect the safety of your account, please complete the ReCaptcha. This step confirms that you are not a robot.


  • After completing Step 3, you will be successfully sent to the login page. (Important: Ensure your account’s privacy is set to PUBLIC and you have at least 4 to 5 posts or photographs).

  • Once logged in, you’ll be sent to the tool’s primary dashboard. As seen in the picture below, you can quickly pick the feature you want to use.

  • After you’ve decided on a service, enter the username of your primary Instagram account where you wish to get followers, and then hit the submit button. For reference, see the example picture below. (You may earn 40 followers with a single effort).

  • Enter the appropriate number of followers (up to 40) and press the submit button.

Cons & Pros

Check out some of IGTools’ benefits and drawbacks.


Free To Use – IGTools is free to use, making it available to a wider audience.

User-Friendly Interface – The app has a basic and easy-to-use UI, making it easy for users to use.

Boosting Followers – It can assist users in increasing their Instagram follower count, thereby enhancing their social media profile.

Engagement Enhancement – IG Tools can also help you increase likes, comments, and story views, which leads to more interaction with your content.

Safe & Secure – Users have reported that IGTools net does not securely demand personal information and functions, protecting data privacy.


Third-Party App – It has yet to be officially authorized by Instagram as a third-party app, which raises some concerns regarding its safety and compliance with Instagram guidelines.

Temporary Gains – While it may provide a short rise in followers, some users have reported that these gains may be fleeting and that they may lose followers over time.

Limited Platform Support – IGTools may be confined to Android devices, leaving users on other platforms like iOS or PC out.

Crashes & Bugs – Some users have reported periodic crashes or technical difficulties while using the app.

Violation Of Instagram Terms – Using third-party tools like IGTools to increase followers artificially and interaction may violate Instagram’s terms of service, which might result in account suspension.


Is IGTools Legit Or A Scam?

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the legitimacy of the service. Our investigation revealed that this firm may be giving fake followers (and likes) to your Instagram profile, putting your account in danger of being shadowbanned or permanently restricted. Furthermore, IG Tools is no longer accessible. The website has been decommissioned. As a result, it is advised to avoid using the IGTools and related websites.

Is IGTools Free?

Yes, IGTools is completely free to use. However, using this tool risks losing your Instagram account and your followers and customers.

Consider The Following:

Final Words:

IGTools isn’t the most dependable or functional Instagram growth service available. It could be more balanced and may even be irritating to use.

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