12 Best Ideas to Improve Engagement on Instagram

Improve Engagement on Instagram

Ah, Instagram. Its all-time favorite social media channel. Little sister Facebook, this channel focuses on photos and videos to share experiences, products, and information in the beautiful flowing news feed. But, as a business, like any other social media channel, we have to think about it in a more serious sense. There are ways to maximize engagement and visibility if you will.

With the New Year fast approaching, here are 12 Ideas to Improve Engagement on Instagram.

1. Use Quality Filters

With so many filter options, how do you make the right choice? Right now, Clarendon, Juno, and Lark are the three most popular filters. However, according to Track Maven, the top three filters to discuss are Mayfair, Hefe, and Ludwig.

2. Start a Discussion Using Instagram Stories Stickers

Stickers from Instagram Stories were introduced quite recently, and they are made for conversation. These include question stickers, pool stickers, countdown stickers, and more. The point is to start a conversation with your followers, make celebrities, companies, and influences more human, more accessible, and more popular Instagram Story Viewer Apps like Imginn.

3. Pay More Attention to Your Hashtags

The right hashtags will link to shared groups of people who may not follow you and take you to their page. Wrong hashtags look spammy and common. You’re lucky because there are tools to help you find the right tools, such as the new hashtag suggestions feature later. All you have to do is know the “one” hashtag, and they research the hashtag in a second. What a simple idea to improve your Instagram engagement!

4. Post on Right Times

Just like any other marketing strategy, your followers are more likely to be present than others. If you have a business account. You may want to consider scheduling tools for your posts, such as Hootsuite or Facebook Business Suite, as we are not available to stop and post at any time of the day. (If you do not have a Facebook Business Suite setup, you are missing out on a lot of tools that can help you get your page up and running smoothly.)

5. Make Fun of It Sometimes

Your company may not feel entertained, but even in the most boring industries, social media can be very good. A friend of mine owns a company that manufactures conveyor belts and robots for factory automation; boring! But with some help from his marketing team, you’ll never know how much Snooze fest can be in this industry. From including AR filters in your stories to including memes and GIFs to your feeds, your engagement rate can see surpassing results and communications with best results and impressive posts.

6. Create Content that People Want to Save

I bet you didn’t realize saving photos and videos on Instagram, even more so in terms of engagement, but in 2020, saving is just as important as comments! Saving is also important as Instagram is fully (so far in seven countries) testing the elimination of favorites. “Saving” content is something your followers will want to return to later. Think about what is important to your audience and what they mean.

7. Be Consistent

If you are not in harmony with your voice and message, your followers will not know why they should follow you or continue. Having a regular theme and posting schedule will help new or potential followers know who you are and what you are all about. If you want your business account to grow as soon as possible. So, you can increase your business presence along with your Instagram account through buy Instagram followers Canada.

8. Use Geo tags to Promote Local Support

Geo-tagging provides a sense of community to Instagram users who visit your brick-and-mortar site and post pictures as they go.

It can also show which of your great places to take pictures of your brand. Each way, it assists new users to find you and engage with you. When this happens, your profile picture will show up in the “Places” tab in the Instagram Search and Explorer section, along with all other posts tagged in the same place.

9. Run a giveaway Strategy

One of the best kinds of comments you can find on any social media post, not just Instagram when a user tags their friend. These comments not only contribute to the engagement of your post, which makes it compatible with the Instagram algorithm, but each tag brings you a new audience member who was reached by a recommendation and you follow Who can win as?

Pro Tip: When running any kind of competition, be sure to consult the promotion guidelines first. You can also promote your Instagram accounts by getting Instagram services through Epiclikes. You can also contact with our expert and make a good strategy for your business promoting.

10. Steal Your Opponent’s Followers

How can you do this without being upset? Just engage with them. Like the user, comment on their posts, or like the straight post. If they do not know who you are, they will see you now. Don’t be afraid to use emojis or two, you seem more interested and more human.

11. Beautiful Bio

The bio of your profile is one of the first things that viewers click to visit your profile when it becomes an important part of your audience’s first impression. In addition to the basics of including your contact details and website link, you should also include your brand story with interest. This helps the audience understand what kind of company you are and will give you a reason to connect with your brand and follow you.

12. Don’t Forget to Be Social

Remember that your followers are the ones who help you grow, so tagging, shouting, and responding to everyone’s comments will tell your followers that you care and are interested in their talk!

  • One Tip, starting a conversation in a comment doubles this engagement. This means that the more comments a post have, the more likely it is to be picked up by an algorithm!


Posting on Instagram and getting maximum engagement on it will seem easy until we learn all the necessary steps. Hopefully, these Binyameen’s ideas and tips will benefit your Instagram profile. These ideas help you increase the presence of your personal and business Instagram account. You can also raise the sales of your business by adopting this strategy. This is very essential for a new business.

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