Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry (2022)?

Instagram Stories

Instagram is best platform for showing your abilities through photographs and videos. Instagram is superior to other social networking apps because users do not have to sacrifice the quality of their photos, instagram Stories and videos. You may also post photographs and videos of high quality on your instagram Stories.

Some Instagram users have recently noticed that their instagram Stories are fuzzy, even when the source photo or video is high quality. It seldom occurs, but it is a significant concern for most accounts, especially influencer accounts. There are several causes for this blurry instagram Stories issues.

Whether the issue is simple or complicated, we’ve got you covered. After receiving reports from our readers, we investigated the situation and discovered the causes and remedies for these problems.

Following a discussion of the probable causes of blurry Instagram stories, we will offer corresponding solutions.

Why Are Instagram Stories Blurry?

First, we will examine some elementary causes, then we will go on to the more sophisticated ones.

Fix 1: verify your internet connection.

  1. Your instagram Stories may seem fuzzy when using mobile data or a sluggish WiFi connection.
  2. It is because Instagram automatically reduces the quality of uploaded instagram Stories when the Internet connectivity is sluggish.
  3. Due to this, your tales appear normal before uploading, but their quality degrades after uploading.

Therefore, check your internet speed, and if it is low, switch networks and reupload the instagram Stories to resolve the blur issue.

Fix 2: Adjust the Instagram data setting

Instagram features a function restricting data use while a user is connected to a mobile network. This function allows a user to store his info and continue using Instagram. It first seems appealing, but it has a downside.

Your articles will also be affected by the restriction on data usage permissions. If your uploaded tales are becoming blurrier and of lesser quality, you should disable the data-saving option. It is straightforward.

Follow the instructions listed below.

  • Open the Instagram app and click the profile symbol in the lower-right area of the display.

  • There is a “more” option on the profile page, represented by three horizontal lines. Tap on it.

  • It will open a sidemounted menu.
  • Select the settings option from the menu shown.
  • On the subsequent page, you will notice numerous settings options; touch the account option.
  • It will take you to the subsequent page, where you must locate and hit the cellular data use option.
  • Lastly, a toggle button will appear to the right of the data saver choice.
  • Tap the button to disable it.

  • That is all that is required to deactivate the data saver.
  • Thus, you can resolve the issue with Instagram Stories Blurry.

Fix 3: use Instagram’s camera

The camera app on your smartphone may be effective, but this may also be a problem. To be more specific, the default camera app on your device is configured to capture the best possible image utilizing the camera.

It refers to a photograph with a high resolution. Instagram allows you to upload instagram Stories in the greatest resolution possible, but there is a limit. It implies that if the image is more significant than intended, Instagram will automatically make it fuzzy by reducing its resolution.

To prevent these problems, utilize the app’s camera, which is optimized for its needs. Said the Instagram camera captures images in a format compatible with the app. Consequently, there is no need to reduce the quality, and the problem of hazy instagram Stories will be resolved.

Fix 4: Update the Instagram application

When connected to a WiFi network, the Instagram app automatically refreshes. Occasionally, this does not occur properly, and the app does not update automatically. If your Instagram app is not updated to the most recent version, your instagram Stories may seem less attractive.

It occurs as a result of app version discrepancies. You should thus download the most recent app to post the highest-quality articles as soon as possible.


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Fix 5: Resize images before posting.

As previously noted, Instagram permits posting high-quality photographs, but there is a restriction. Instagram allows you to submit photos with a maximum resolution of 1080 pixels. It implies that if your images are of higher quality, they will be reduced to 1080p and may seem fuzzy.

You may resolve this Blurry Instagram stories issue by resizing your images to 1080p using third-party photo editing software. Picsart, Snapseed, and Adobe Lightroom mobile are the top photo editing applications.

Conclusion – Blurry instagram Stories

It is the list of all possible fixes for blurry Instagram stories. Indeed, one of these options will resolve your problem of blurry instagram Stories. However, if none of these solutions work, you still have one more option. You can notify Instagram support about this issue by reporting it.

Navigate to settings > help > report a problem to report an issue. That is it! Submit the issue and wait for a solution and feedback. 

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