12 Best Free Location Sharing Apps for iPhone

Location Sharing Apps

Location Sharing on iPhone has never been easier, thanks to Location Sharing Apps. Gone are the days of struggling to get your address correct. These days, you can find someone just fine in a few simple steps.

Installing one or more Free Location Sharing Apps on your iPhone will allow you to share your precise address with friends and Family. You can use third-party location-sharing services to find out where your loved one is if you decide not to share your location.

12 Best Free Location Sharing Apps List for iPhone

So, if you are looking for the best iPhone apps to share your location with your loved ones then this post can be helpful. The top location sharing iPhone apps are listed below. Almost every program was free to download from the Apple Apps Store. Let’s investigate the Free Location Sharing Apps.

1) WhatsApp

The first on the list of Location Sharing Apps is WhatsApp. The most used instant messaging software is called WhatsApp, and it has a lot of helpful features. With WhatsApp for iPhone, you can quickly and effortlessly share your location in real-time with your pals.

Sharing your live or current location on WhatsApp for iPhone is also very easy. For more information on this, you should read our tutorial, How to share your location on WhatsApp for iPhone.

2) Messenger

It may come as a surprise to some, but Messenger also offers real-time location sharing. This feature is accessible on mobile devices but not in the web version of Messenger.

You can use the location-sharing function in Messenger discussions to let friends and Family know where you are in real time.

Conveniently, the feature lets the other person know where you are and when you’ll be back. You can also set a timer for live location, and location sharing will stop immediately after the countdown ends.

3) Findo

Another fantastic iOS software that keeps you in touch with your loved ones is Findo. With the help of this real-time location-sharing program, you may see other users’ precise whereabouts.

To share a space, you need to create a circle and add participants. Once done, you can share your current location with people in the circle.

In addition, Findo lets you share location data and other details like battery life.

4) My Family

My Family and the iSharing app mentioned above are quite similar. Like iSharing, My Family lets you share yourself and see your family members’ current locations on a map.

You can set up locations on a private family map to receive alerts when family members arrive or leave the areas you specify and share your battery charge level with loved ones or lost or stolen smartphones. Can locate phones, etc.

For more advanced location monitoring capabilities, My Family also features a paid membership. For instance, you can add an infinite number of destinations, examine driving patterns, and view the location history of the last 30 days with the premium subscription.

5) Snapchat

Similar to Messenger and WhatsApp, Snapchat offers a function that lets users share their current position with others in real-time. However, the drawback of Snapchat is that you can only share your current location with your pals on the app.

When you’re in Ghost Mode, Snapchat automatically shares your live location with select friends. If you don’t want to enable Ghost Mode, you can choose to manually share live locations with selected friends.

We’ve already provided a thorough tutorial on using Snapchat to share real-time locations with pals. To find out the steps, you can read this tutorial.

6) Find my Phone – Family Locator

This is a great app to stay connected with your friends and family members. It is more than a location sharing app as it provides many other family protection features.

From location sharing to tracking, you get a lot of features with this app. With Find My Phone – Family Locator, you can get notifications when tracked family members reach destinations, set GPS-based safe zones for your family members, create your own groups for in-app communication, And much more.

More features, including instantaneous family member location using augmented reality, automatic SOS calls in the event of an emergency, limitless location notifications, and more, are available with the premium edition of Find My Phone – Family Locator.

7) Glympse

With Glympse, a small location-sharing app for iPhone, you can broadcast your current location in real-time through your phone’s GPS feature. What do you think? Glympse requires no registration and is instant and free.

You can share your location on LiveMap and with Glympse on your terms.

On Glympse, you can also create groups and add your relatives. Once joined, you can use the group to see where your family members are located.

8) iSharing

iSharing is another iPhone location-sharing app that lets you view friends’ and family members’ current whereabouts on a map. The option to mark places on a map as home, work, and school is one advantage of sharing.

Once locations are set up, you can set up sharing to notify you every time a friend or relative enters or leaves the area.

Apart from this, iSharing provides a few more functions, including text messaging on the map and issuing panic alarms in case of emergency.

9) Share Location

ShareLocation is an iPhone location-sharing app; however, it is slightly different. With the help of this app, you can instantly communicate your whereabouts via phone or email with your loved ones.

This software allows you to view past location history, find friends and Family, receive alerts when loved ones are close, and more.

10) Life360

Life360 is not just a family tracking and location-sharing app. Rather, it’s an app that uses cutting-edge capabilities to protect and connect your Family in an effort to strengthen them.

With Life360, you may share your location with your Family or display their current location on a map. You can also set up the program to send you a notification whenever a loved one walks into or goes out of one of your designated safe spaces.

There are three premium plans available: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Unique features like Family Safety support, full access to location history, and identity theft protection are all included in every plan.

11) FollowMee

Using the location monitoring software FollowMee, you can turn your iPhone into a GPS tracking gadget. The iOS device you want to track just needs to install the FollowMee app. The software will handle the remaining.

After the program is installed, you need to track the devices using it by logging into the FollowMee website on your laptop or mobile device. Multiple iOS devices can be tracked from a single FollowMee account.

12) Google Maps

The last on the list of Location Sharing Apps is Google Maps. There is an iOS version of the popular Android navigation app. Although most people use Google Maps for navigation, many are unaware of its location-sharing capabilities.

With Google Maps for iPhone, you can instantly share your position with anybody who has a Google Account.
Even before sharing your location, Google Maps lets you control who can find you and how long to share it. It is more useful.


Thus, these are a few of the top Free Location Sharing Apps. You can see your loved ones’ locations or share your current location with them using My Family. Please let us know in the comments if you are aware of any further iPhone Free Location Sharing Apps.


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