Best 12 Note Taking Apps That You Can Try

Note Taking Apps

Why not incorporate digitalization into your writing apps? Note Taking Apps functionality is significantly higher than the traditional pen-and-paper method of taking notes. Taking notes is a fantastic way to organize your schedule, remember important details, create a workflow, and track progress. After the paper was found in China and disseminated globally, the human taking of notes significantly improved.

With the advent of digital writing apps, humankind is experiencing yet another enormous improvement over pen-and-paper notes. You no longer need to tote a notebook or make your workstation a mess using sticky notes. Numerous writing apps work on smartphones, making them extremely portable and simple. In addition, cross-platform integrations, real-time cloud synchronization, and the incorporation of multimedia files into your notes take note taking to an entirely new level. Let’s now examine the top writing apps for digitizing your notes.

Best 12 Note Taking Apps That You Can Try

We’ve compiled a list of Note Taking Apps to help you find the one that’s right for you.

1. Typora

Note Taking Apps

Typora offers a streamlined viewing and writing experience on any device. You can write in peace without being distracted, including the sidebar, alert windows, syntax symbols, and more. Furthermore, Typora displays a continuous preview of the text you write, retaining the functionality of preview windows. In addition, you can organize your files using the file tree panel & articles side panel. Another useful feature that lets you view the headings and subheadings in your documents is the Outline panel.

You can integrate PDF files with annotations for enhanced search engine optimization. Typora also supports formats like.docx, OpenOffice, LaTeX, MediaWiki, and Epub. Typora also lets you organize your files using external sync services like Dropbox or iCloud. Sometimes it takes work to concentrate on your ideas, but Typora’s Focus Mode is here to help. The Focus Mode blurs the screen except for the working line. You also have access to a Typewriter mode that places the current line in the center of the window for increased productivity.

2. Notion

Note Taking Apps

Notion provides, among other things, a highly structured note taking and web-clipping experience in a single app. Using Notion, you can quickly and easily create highly adaptable content that you can modify, share, and duplicate. This app’s web-clipping experience is leagues ahead of similar apps. For example, you can transfer an entire webpage to your workstation. Then, in the future, you can customize the piece by adding notes, shifting it among your workstations, copying portions, and doing almost anything else with the webpage. The web-clipping feature selects URLs from the browser using Firefox or Chrome extensions.

Similar to categories on a webpage, Notion is constructed around Blocks. The multipurpose app contains more than 50 categories that are tailored to various use cases. In addition, the block feature lets you create new app functionality. These functionalities enable using blocks as checkboxes and integrating Kanban and a calendar on a single page. With blocks, the sky is the limit, so unleash your creativity and create new functionalities. Nesting Toggle lists is another distinctive feature you can only find on Notion. In a nested list that you can later edit, rearrange, or modify to suit your requirements, it lets you organize your notes. Additionally, you can transfer paragraphs, images, and anything else on a page using the drag-and-drop feature of this app.

3. Evernote

Note Taking Apps

Evernote ensures you capture your ideas, memories, projects, and workflow efficiency. With the ability to attach documents, videos, images, or audio recordings to your notes, the note taking app lets you customize them to your specifications. Using a singular, multipurpose app, Evernote is notably helpful for organizing everything from large projects to personal routines. In addition, cross-platform compatibility enables you to continue working on or viewing your notes on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

The sync feature creates a real-time duplicate of your notes on the Evernote’s cloud server, ensuring you will never lose your data during a disaster. The audio notes element on Evernote is perfect for situations where it takes time to remember all the information in the fast-paced digital planet. Moreover, you can click images and add comments if you find a written note. In addition to many other features, the Evernote browser extension includes webpage capture. Using Evernote, you can save web pages as notes you browse on the browser. Additionally, you can share your notes, projects, and memories using the app’s share feature.

4. xTiles

Note Taking Apps

The xTiles is a tool to organize your ideas and projects visually. It has the complete functionality of a note taking app and the visual space of a whiteboard, but the canvas is limited. It is the perfect combination of a flexible canvas and a structured note taking app. This tool is based on tab-separable documents. The creator determines the size and placement of the information elements on the canvas. Tiles are containers for various content, including URLs, videos that can be viewed directly in the service, files, images, and more. Due to the diversity of content on the page and the ever-present big-picture concept, it is possible to visualize any idea.

xTiles offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, allowing you to work offline and capture ideas rapidly. In addition, a web clipper allows you to instantaneously save and add information to your document while browsing the web, which is useful for online research or content collection. As a result, you have an app for gathering information, organizing it in one place, and having the ability to share it or work collaboratively in an xTiles document. This is particularly beneficial for students and small teams who organize their activities. xTiles is additionally free for students and non-profit organizations.

5. Simple Note

Note Taking Apps

Simple Note is designed for users who require a hassle-free note taking experience. It is one of the simplest note taking apps available online. Rest assured that while making the user interface simple, Simple Note does not compromise on its feature set. Unlike other Note Taking apps, you do not need to enable the Sync option in the Settings menu. From the minute you start this app, the Sync option is enabled. Automated real-time synchronization is an additional effective means of making the app hassle-free.

Simple Note provides an abundance of multimedia inserts for your notes. Additionally, you can add categories and use them to search sections of your notes rapidly. The tag feature ensures you save time looking for the desired notes and functions similarly to the rapid dial feature on your phone. Simple Note supports Markdown and lets you write, evaluate, and publish Markdown-formatted notes. In addition, you can view the modifications you’ve made to the notes and review every edit. Real-time collaboration on Simple Note is a productive method for working on group projects. Well, members can collaborate and edit their notes after using the real-time share option to distribute them. In addition, the app is completely free, and its extensive feature set makes it a highly viable option.

6. Microsoft OneNote

Note Taking Apps

Microsoft OneNote is another fantastic note taking app that allows you to organize your ideas and projects. The most recent version of OneNote synchronizes your notes and makes them accessible on all devices associated with the same account. The note taking app provides many useful templates for all use cases. Additionally, you receive tight integration with Microsoft’s Outlook, which lets you create notes or tasks directly from your emails. Additionally, you can use most of the browser’s content as app notes. Finally, OneNote’s doodle feature is another excellent feature for transforming digital notes into a piece of art.

7. Todoist

Todoist is an excellent app for boosting productivity because it includes many time-saving features. This app has a unique feature set perfect for enterprises and individuals. Todoist includes the Quick Add feature, which lets you add a brief description of a task you need to finish soon. You can use the rapidly add feature for minor tasks like “Remember to water the plants.” Additionally, you get the recurring due dates feature, which reminds you of the same task periodically at the same time. For greater clarity, you can add sections & subtasks to the notes in Quick Add section. Frequently, we become overwhelmed with multiple tasks and need guidance on where to start.

Could you designate it to your tasks as you are creating them? A significant quantity of time is needed while determining the priority of your tasks. This is possible on Todoist, and you can even designate your favorite tasks as Favorites. Using the platform’s real-time sharing features, you can assign tasks to other team members and share your work burden. It also alerts you when a document is shared with you or a team member makes an edit. Todoist lets you customize your task view using the Boards feature and select the information you want to associate with your notes. In addition to Labels, Filters, and Themes, the app provides additional customization options for the startup board.

8. Standard Notes

Standard Notes takes privacy to a whole new level by encrypting your notes. Many writing apps offer privacy-focused features like Face ID integrations and Touch ID, but Standard Notes takes it to a new level by encrypting your notes. The encryption is end-to-end, ensuring only you can access your notes; not even Standard Notes can access your files. The interface of the writing app is simple yet informative, which makes it less cumbersome. Their free version has more features than the premium versions of much other note taking apps.

The free version gives you access to unlimited devices and outstanding features like end-to-end encryption. In addition, the app seamlessly syncs all of your notes to their servers with no storage limit. You can purchase the paid version if you desire encrypted attachments for your Google Drive or Dropbox notes. The paid version also includes two-factor authentication and unrestricted access to sophisticated extensions, editors, themes, and other features. Additionally, you receive 100 years of note version history and automated backups across multiple cloud storage services.

9. Bear

Bear combines the ideas of word processing and note taking to create an irresistible combination. The streamlined user interface of Bear makes it easy to write down every idea, inspiration, and memory as they occur. The app is available on the Apple ecosystem, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Using Bear’s real-time synchronization, your notes are synchronized automatically across all your devices. So when you want to work on the go using a secondary device, the sync feature is an utter savior. Also included are excellent organizational features that enable you to create a corpus of work by linking your notes. Additionally, you can add hashtags to link notes internally and create a project.

Bear is an expert at using privacy-focused hardware on Apple devices, namely Touch ID and Face ID. You can use Touch ID or Face ID to secure critical notes and ensure that only you can access them. Bear’s Advanced Markup Editor is notably helpful for highlighting codes from over 150 programming languages. Bear’s in-line help lets you add images and photographs to your notes. Additionally, the focus mode conceals relevant notes and other options. Finally, you can export your notes and documents in JPG, HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, and others to meet your diverse needs.

10. Notability

Notability is a mobile-based note taking app that provides extensive functionality in a small container. You can easily collaborate with other team members and manage projects using Notability’s PDF annotation and sketching tools. The app lets you explore your creativity and provides numerous customization options, such as adding web pages, GIFs, images, and more to your notes. In addition, you can edit and color your notes and organize them to meet your needs. Finally, you can share your notes, ideas, or memories using a third-party app like Dropbox, Google Drive, or AirDrop.

Notability allows you to create custom content, receive written or verbal feedback from coworkers, and use audio in your notes by swiping on the desired file. You can organize your notes with customizable filters and protect them with hardware-based authentication like Face ID or Touch ID. Users can export their hard files as PDF or multi-page files using the built-in scanner. Additionally, you receive an eraser feature that lets you remove undesirable elements from PDFs.

11. Roam Research

Roam Research introduces modern note taking techniques to nearby devices. Well, it aims to take notes for networked thought and is not a conventional note taking app. Instead, it helps you connect with your thoughts and organize them. The app takes a bidirectional approach, allowing you to transfer ideas fluidly in both directions. Using the Note feature of the app, creating a new note is fairly straightforward. You can also access the Note feature using the left sidebar or the plus sign next to the All Pages icon. After entering the notes, edit, or you can access all the elements using the / command.

Frequently, it would be best to have the inspiration to help you organize your notes, but frequent reference to the inspiration becomes monotonous. Instead, you can attach the inspirational information to the sidebar and divide your writing space for maximum productivity. Daily Notes is another excellent Roam Research feature, using which you can manage your miscellaneous notes and daily plans. Additionally, you can view the entire record by selecting the Daily Notes option. In addition, the Graph Overview view option lets you see your pages’ internal linking from a birds-eye perspective. You can zoom in further and carefully monitor the connections.

12. Google Keep

Google Keep is a web-based note taking app that aims to help individuals and professionals capture their ideas in any format they desire. Audio, videos, images, and more can capture ideas and tasks. In addition, keep includes various useful features like note management, reminders, task labeling, and collaboration tools. Another fantastic tool provided by Keep is handwriting recognition. This tool interprets handwritten notes using Google’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

In addition, you can convert your handwritten notes to digital formats and add annotations to customize them further. The tool lets users add up to 50 labels to their notes for better organization and color-code their notes to separate them into groups. Keep also provides a search field for the entire collection of notes and showpieces that match a query. Keep lets you create and schedule reminders for time-sensitive tasks, ensuring you never miss anything significant. Additionally, you can collaborate with other members on your notes and work on a project together.


Taking notes is the most effective method of organizing yourself as an individual or a business as a whole. Writing apps are revolutionizing the traditional methods of storing ideas and memories. The preceding article describes the finest note taking apps that provide excellent functionality and ensure you never miss a task. Apps like Notion, Evernote, Bear, and OneNote are excellent platforms with exceptional functionality and an intuitive user interface. Other apps like Google Keep, Typora, and Simple Note are simple yet effective. Check out these Note Taking apps and let us know what you think.

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