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Are you trying to determine your intended audience? Wish to create user personas that give you insight into who may be interested in purchasing from you? Persona generators are the building elements for any company seeking to increase website traffic organically or through paid advertising. This article will explain what a user persona is and why it’s important, provide examples of user personas, and provide a list of persona generator options. Let’s plunge in!

What’s User Persona, And Why Is It Vital?

A User Persona helps businesses or marketers identify all of the characteristics of their ideal consumers. This allows them to create or modify their product or service to meet their customers’ needs better. Although these personas are fictitious, they represent real individuals with identical histories, demographics, challenges, and goals. To communicate all of this information easily and intelligibly, a user persona also compiles all of the information. User personas are not created solely based on the company’s perception of its ideal customer. Instead, they’re created by researching real-world data and statistics derived from actual research.

Why Do You Require A User Persona?

It would be best to have a User persona whether you are making AI software for B2B companies and/or manufacturing construction equipment. Assisting you in understanding who will use it and how they will use it will guide you in making a successful product. Here is a list of questions that user personas can help you answer.

  • Who will your product serve?
  • What are your customers’ current lifestyle and behavior patterns?
  • The problems or challenges your customers confront
  • The requirements and goals of your customers
  • How can you assist them in fulfilling their requirements and goals?

Obtaining precise answers to these questions will give you an accurate picture of what your product must add. This enables your product team and designers to consider the user categories when designing and developing the product. Your team can choose specific paths and actions while keeping the user in mind. A strong persona will guide you in creating a final product that fixes a problem, is desirable, and serves a purpose.

User Personas Benefits

We just discussed why user personas are necessary. Let’s now discuss their actual apps and tangible benefits.

Create Product For A Highly Specific Audience

When you understand your intended user, you can create a product that meets their requirements. It also guides designers and developers in shaping the strategy and implementation. This ensures that no dissenting opinions could influence the team’s outcomes.

Build Empathy Towards The User

A designer can make better products your consumers need when they empathize with the user. It’s a strong comprehension of why they need the product and the effect it could have on a customer’s day-to-day existence. In addition, designers begin to view the product from the user’s view and take actions that the user may desire.

Get An Excellent Final Product

As designers and developers strategize & implement the product with the consumer persona in mind, they will produce a positive result. While also making it suitable enough to be a long-term solution, the product will directly align with the user’s goals and requirements.

Aids In Product Positioning & Marketing

Two distinct things are selling a product and creating a product. However, both are enhanced by a robust user persona. Understanding your ideal customer enables you to create a product that they will use and helps you reach out to them to market your product.

Top Persona Generator For Marketers

As we curated, the best Persona Generator For Marketers are listed below.

1. EvenDigit

Persona Generator


The EvenDigit is a marketing agency that has created a Persona Generator tool for use by anyone. Without complex features, it is a basic tool that is easy and fast.


  • With a straightforward design that anyone can use, the user persona generator is simple to use.
  • Extensive data input with nine distinct segments creates highly specific user personas.

EvenDigit will appear to an experienced designer as a rudimentary tool with little to offer regarding user persona designs. However, an experienced marketer will appreciate how detailed this tool is despite being incredibly user-friendly and fast.

2. Hubspot – Make My Persona

Persona Generator


Hubspot is one of the most widely used platforms for marketing tools. Well, Make My Persona by Hubspot is a free and incredibly easy-to-use persona generator.


  • The tool is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use by anyone.
  • You can also create a user persona template in just a few minutes.
  • Make My Persona also enables you to add any custom fields you may require.
  • Various color schemes, pre-made user avatars, and the ability to rearrange the fields are included in the adjustable design.

There are no extra processes or features in Make My Persona by Hubspot. Therefore, you can begin creating a user persona without prior experience and still complete the job.

3. UXPressia

Persona Generator


UXPressia is a comprehensive user persona generator with nearly all imaginable features. Marketers can easily design these personas online and choose to include detailed descriptions and fields.


  • Access a wide variety of existing information fields or create new ones based on your requirements.
  • Add a persona type by selecting one of four options, and then add the market size as a percentage.
  • Create multiple user personas and distinguish between them to make the most informed decisions possible.
  • Without searching for stock photos, a name and photo generator makes designing easy.
  • Add custom sliders and icons to your information fields to make them more creative.
  • Integrated presentation option.
  • Embed data in your personas using embed codes.
  • Real-time interaction with your team.

UXPressia is a great tool for creating the most comprehensive user personas with easy-to-use designs. You can access the rudimentary version of the persona generator for free, but you can upgrade to a premium version to unlock all features.

4. Adobe Express

Persona Generator


Adobe Express, formerly Adobe Spark, is not predominantly a User Persona Generator but offers free user persona templates. Instead, it is a design tool created for making simple designs on a browser.


  • An extensive collection of user persona templates and ready-made designs for testing.
  • For a seamless workflow, it is simple to integrate with other Adobe Suite apps, such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Create a user persona design using various tools to acquire the appropriate design elements.
  • An extremely collaborative tool that facilitates sharing templates or designs with team partners or anyone else for making modifications.

Adobe Express is among the best design tools for creating user personas. You can create your own design in accordance with your requirements if you have experience making user personas. On the other hand, novices can select one template and modify the field data to match their user profile.

5. Delve AI

delve ai


Delve AI is a one-of-a-kind buyer persona generator that uses your Google Analytics data to create one or more consumer personas for your company or product.


  • Delve is an AI-based user persona generator that requires no manual information input.
  • Create highly accurate user personas based on your Google Analytics data.
  • You can conduct competitive research pertinent to your user personas.
  • Obtain precise responses and data regarding behavioral patterns, demographics, etc.

Delve AI is an excellent and easy user persona generator that needs a few features added. You cannot, for example, add any information to the personas or create separate fields for specific information. Regardless, it is an excellent tool that saves much time when manually creating user personas. It also helps you view Google Analytics data in a slightly different light.

6. SEMRush Persona

semrush persona


SEMRush is a straightforward user persona generator. Create a completed user persona in minutes, starting with a Polaroid photograph. Despite being a fundamental and straightforward tool, their user persona templates can fulfill your requirements.


  • Simple to use and with highly configurable templates.
  • Add and remove content fields according to your preferences and requirements.
  • Rearrange information and add hues to various blocks to indicate significance levels.
  • It contains definitions and annotations for all fields, making it an excellent beginner-friendly tool.

SEMRush lacks key features such as submitting personal images and choosing a user name. However, the tool does a great job explaining all the fields to novices, making creating user personas free easy.

7. UserForge



UserForge is among the most established user persona generators on this list. It creates user persona templates precisely as you would expect it to, and it is an excellent tool for what it needs to be.


  • Create original and contemporary designs for your user persona template.
  • Simple interface with frequent updates to add new features and maintain the tool bug-free.
  • Add more detail to your personas with narrative maps and visuals to connect with the user’s experience more effectively.
  • Large incorporated image library with more than a thousand icons to choose from.
  • Connect UserForge with JIRA software for enhanced team collaboration and project management.

UserForge user persona templates resemble mini-blogs and provide in-depth personas with which to understand the users better. You can try out UserForge for free or purchase it in various versions.

8. Xtensio



Create highly creative and detailed user personas for free with Xtensio. Xtensio provides access to the best user persona templates and designs with comprehensive information fields.


  • Skim through more than 100 templates and examples for ideas.
  • Create user personas with a comprehensive tool that includes all critical design features.
  • Collaboration in real-time with your team.
  • Custom sliders and fields like characteristics, motivations, abilities, etc.
  • Choose your own user persona’s image and moniker.
  • Add and reorder various sections as desired.

You do not need to be a designer to obtain outstanding designs for your consumer persona with Xtensio. Additionally, it is free eternally. Therefore, you can create an unlimited number of initiatives.

9. Samply



Samply enables you to create a user persona template from scratch or select an existing one with extensive customization options. It’s a paid tool, but the free trial allows you to experiment with user personas.


  • You can modify highly customizable templates with images, text, and elements.
  • Prioritizes the fundamentals over extra customization options.
  • Modifying the content of a pre-made template is as simple as using a drag-and-drop interface or an intuitive process for beginners.
  • You can effortlessly export the user profile to PDF files or duplicate it.

The tool makes creating user personas incredibly easy. However, the absence of more aesthetically appealing designs makes Samply a ‘not so aesthetically pleasing’ tool. Despite this, you can purchase Samply without hesitating and obtain a satisfactory product.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

User Personas have always been crucial to the success of a business. An excellent user persona template or generator that accomplishes the job the way you want it to is now a requirement in addition to this need. Choosing any tools on this list is not an issue because they are all excellent for various things.

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