Top Photo Collage Apps For Editing & Stitching Your Best Photos

Photo Collage Apps

A photo album is always a special method to remember a past day. It is similar to recalling fond childhood memories or the first day you met your college sweetheart. Could you imagine having a single image of those moments at your fingertips? Otherwise, it is time to imagine. Yes, you heard correctly. A photo collage can accomplish this. One of the most well-known forms of photo art is the photo collage. Whether you need to create graphics for your business, send birthday greetings, or invite coworkers to a business event, Canva can help. The photo collage app includes occasion-specific templates. Many photo collage apps have made it easier to create well-designed images and preserve the best moments. Are you prepared to experiment with a photo collage app to create designs that will attract the attention of your followers? Check out these photo collage apps to create eye-catching visuals in no time.

What’s Photo Collage App?

Photo collages app lets you combine multiple images into a single picture. The collage app enables you to assemble your best photographs by incorporating images of your childhood memories or transition to adulthood. With a photo collage app, you can apply filters, manipulate, and merge images, among other things.

Things To Consider When Picking A Photo Collage App

There are, without a doubt, numerous photo collage apps available on the market. However, the collage app chosen differs from person to person. Consider these factors when picking the collage app.


Its advanced features are the most important factor in selecting a photo collage app. With sophisticated functionality and premium features, you can create a business collage that attracts customers to your company. Whether creating a personal collage or inviting you to an event, the features are essential.

Customer Service

As with any app or product, customer service is essential for resolving complaints. The photo collage app remains unchanged. Even a high-quality app may experience bugs at some point; this is where dependable customer service comes in handy to resolve the issues.


When choosing a photo collage app, the cost is another and the most important factor. Choosing the collage app does not necessitate exceeding your budget. To determine the budget, it’s necessary to evaluate the daily utilization of the app. The more time you devote to the collage app, the more informed your budget decisions will be. The market is flooded with numerous photo collage apps, but choosing the best among them makes a difference when creating an aesthetically pleasing collage. Here are the best photo collage apps. Let’s investigate!

Top Photo Collage Apps

As we curated, the best Photo Collage Apps are listed below.

1. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is a great photo collage creator app with many useful features like photo and video collages, video and photo editing tools, slideshows, and numerous other features that make it a great website. This tool combines your edited video, photos, text, and emoticons with your music.

Download: App Store

2. Adobe Express

The Adobe Express app was not designed specifically for users who wish to create photo collages but performs admirably. This app is considerably more approachable & user-friendly than Adobe’s pro suite of products, which is famous for its superior quality. In addition to inspiring your creativity, Adobe Express can help you create a professional-looking online photo collage.

Download: Google Play Store and App Store

3. Phototastic Collage Maker

The Phototastic Collage Maker app will enable you to create stunning collages with just a few touches. In addition to a vast selection of templates, the app offers various backgrounds, stickers, and typefaces. Constantly new designs are being introduced to an extensive collection. You may create collages with up to 25 photos. Phototastic also features extensive customization options, making it a comprehensive photo editing environment.

Download: Google Play Store

4. Canva

Canva is one of the top photo collage apps. You must include your selection of the best photo collage apps. In a matter of moments, it lets you create collages. It is ideal for everyone, from digital marketers to website developers, who wish to create professional photo collages swiftly and flawlessly. It allows you to create collages with custom dimensions and has many altering options, including a collage feature that is excellent for creating collages with your photos.

Download: Android and iOS

5. piZap

The app piZap collage has nearly limitless layouts for creating the best photo collages. To make the most of your photos, create rectangles, hearts, circles, or a combination of these shapes to illustrate a story. Using filters, stickers, frames, or borders to make your photos appear more interesting before you create them can make creating a collage enjoyable and easy.

Download: Android and iOS

6. Picsart Studio

Picsart Studio is the most popular photo collage app, with over 500 million users. It converts photos into collages. It is a robust and flexible program that can make all types of collages. By retrieving them from the program’s database, the program’s history feature allows you to restore your previous work whenever you wish.

Download: Google Play Store and App Store

7. Diptic

The Diptic Photo Collage Maker is a versatile and comprehensive photo collage app designed exclusively for Apple product users, and it is a fan preference. This app also lets you modify videos and add audio to create intriguing video collages.

Download: App Store

8. Pic collage

The PicCollage photo collage app is one of the best on the market because it allows users to swiftly and creatively combine photos from their mobile devices to create stunning collages. You can pick from a variety of configurations within the app, and you can also display images using a photo grid.

Download: App Store and Play Store

9. PicPlayPost

If you’re a creative individual with a knack for catching spontaneous moments in nature, the video may be the best medium to capture these genuine moments. It is a video collage app that is a welcome addition to a landscape dominated by photo collage apps.

Download: Google Play Store and App Store

10. Layout by Instagram

Instagram Layout is a renowned name among the best free photo collage creator apps because it has a high brand value and is incredibly user-friendly. The layout was designed to optimize the user experience of Instagram, a service considered one of the largest online galleries. This app provides a free picture collage maker with several features that make it easier to use and comprehend.

Download: Android and iOS

11. Ribbet

Ribbet is a popular free photo collage app for users with little editing experience due to its streamlined layout and essential editing tools. Choose from various collages for any occasion, event, or disposition. Explore a variety of editing tools to add personalized text and stickers.

Download: Android and iOS

12. Pixlr

Subscribers to the Pixlr suite of photo editing apps are encouraged to capture every moment in their distinctive manner. The Pixlr editor features a common UI similar to Photoshop, letting users work in layers, alter colors, transform things, and much more with great power.

Download: Google Play Store and App Store

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Choose the photo collage app that suits your requirements and allows you to create the most captivating design now that you have the best photo collage apps available. Canva is an excellent option for all novices, as its easy-to-use interface and plenty of free tools make it straightforward to design the collage that suits any occasion the best.

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