Best 13 Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

We’re in an age where more than building the correct product is needed. In addition to innovation, technology, and convenience of access for users, organizations must also devise a marketing plan that is both strategically sound and up-to-date with social media and other advertising platforms. The digital advertising space is primarily divided into two sectors: manual advertising, which depends on the relationship between advertiser and publisher, and programmatic advertising, which is automated. The Programmatic Advertising Platforms will be discussed in this article. We will discuss the fundamental principles underlying platforms and their impact on your business. In addition, we will provide a concise overview of the various programmatic advertising platforms and make recommendations based on the requirements of your business.

What’s Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is a form of Automated technology through which advertisers acquire digital space from publishers. Programmatic Advertising has the advantage over manual advertising because it uses data insights and complex algorithms to serve ads to users appropriately. Experts recommend this advertising format because it is real-time and enables advertisers to bid on ad space more efficiently. Please explain how Programmatic Advertising operates now that we fundamentally understand it.

How Does Programming Advertising Work?

Programmatic Advertising performs a similar function to manual advertising, but it does so more efficiently and in a more advanced manner. Advertisers and Publishers make up this group. Let’s look a little deeper to understand how it works.

  • The user accesses the website (publisher)
  • The website collects impressions and auctions them off, along with user-specific data (using the Supply Side Platform).
  • Advertisers place bids on impressions (using the Demand Side Platform).
  • An impression is given to the highest purchaser, whose advertisements are then displayed to the visitor.

Demand Side Platforms

The Demand Side of Programmatic Ad Impression Advertising Platforms assists advertisers in bidding for ad impressions on publishers’ websites. The DSPs also enable you to filter target audiences based on age, location, gender, previous online activities, and other factors. The platforms listed below are examples of Programmatic Advertising platforms.

Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms

As we curated, the best Programmatic Advertising Platforms are listed below.

1. Display and Video 360 by Google

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

A Google Ad – side technology platform for buying and managing programmatic advertising is called DV 360, an abbreviated version of Display and Video 360. With the assistance of DV360, advertisers can connect with various publishers to reach a specific audience at the appropriate cost. In addition, DV360 provides a plethora of Publishers with ad space on Google Ad Exchange and other ad exchanges and networks to which it has direct connections. Scalability, audience targeting, and end-to-end campaign administration are DV360’s main features.

2. Adform

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Adform is a global Demand Side Platform from Denmark designed for modern marketing. The DSP employs enterprise technology Adform flow with its scalable, modular, and open architecture to facilitate seamless management of the campaign cycle. The concept’s underlying technology aims to improve human-machine collaboration while delivering augmented intelligence to boost clients’ business outcomes.

3. The Trade Desk

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

It is a Media Buying Platform developed for the Open Internet for advertising to global audiences. The Trade Desk uses data to help you grow your brand anywhere. The Open Internet allows you to use data to grow your audience across a wide spectrum of websites, apps, and podcasts and more-comparing performance openly and objectively. It is now more robust, data-driven, and advertising-ready from day one due to the incorporation of the Open Internet. The Trade Desk’s intelligent campaigns include media planning and buying, data activation, and API-based customization. The Trade Desk is distinguished from its peers and competitors in the industry by its access to dedicated specialists, the availability of data for everyone’s benefit, and the marketing academy offered by industry experts to develop custom solutions.

4. MediaMath

MediaMath is one such Demand Supply Platform for advertisers designed for the present and the next. It provides complete marketing control while allowing advertisers to operate flexibly and deliver Omnichannel campaigns that are efficient and effective. Ahead of the deprecation of third-party cookies, the programmatic advertising platform offers an enhanced user experience, a modernized Ecosystem, and an agnostic approach that supports any ID system.

5. Adobe Advertising Cloud

The Adobe is a media business titan, and what is advertising, if not the display of media in various formats? Adobe Advertising Cloud is a platform where Programming meets Media. It is the only independent advertising platform to have effectively unified and automated all media, displays, data, and creativity at scale. The Independent, Transparent, and Brand Safe Adobe Advertising Cloud employ corresponding data from disparate sources. It permits the creation of unified, coordinated end-to-end ad stack campaigns and offers Holistic Planning, Buying, Managing, and Optimizing.

6. Smaato

Smaato is a digital advertising technology platform that provides accessible ad servers and monetization solutions. It connects quality publishers with premium marketers to engage global audiences. Monthly, the platform receives a staggering 1.8T ad requests, has 1.3B unique users, 150B video ad requests, and 470M unique viewers. The Smaato enables publishers and advertisers to establish their own without incurring an ad serving fee. It uses sophisticated automated systems and human expertise to adhere to an Omni-Channel strategy that supports all devices, environments, and ad formats.

7. AdRoll

AdRoll is a platform for eCommerce brands to rapidly launch display ads, social media ads, and email. One Platform, One Purchase, and One Login to grow revenue and save time with a simplified marketing DSP platform. Behind-the-scenes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology simplify day-to-day marketing tasks for businesses. The advertisers can now tailor their target audience to the needs of their products with the help of AdRoll.

The platform assists Digital Ads, Social Media, and Email Marketing managers with advertising. The actionable data from the ad campaigns can be used to reach more strategic marketing ideas that engage current customers, attract new customers, and grow revenue. AdRoll’s clientele includes well-known brands such as LOUNGE, Topo Designs, Payton Jewelry, Shady Rays, Exploding Kittens, Head Kandy, and many others.

8. Xandr – Demand Side

A Global Marketplace for Premium Advertising, Xandr is a Data-enabled Technology Platform. Considered the greatest innovator at the intersection of digital and TV, Xandr provides advertisers with Enhanced Buying Strategies, Greater Access to Supply, Greater Access to Demand, and Publishers with Access to Solutions and Tailored Services. The Xandr Marketplace has a global reach of 6.7B daily impressions, 193,000+ brands, 80+ global DSP integrations, 1550+ direct publishers, 175+ global SSP partnerships, and 45+ global data provider partnerships.

9. Xandr – Supply Side

As a leading Supply-Side Programmatic Advertising Platform, Xandr is the destination for scalable, sophisticated campaigns on premium inventory across screens. It is also the one-stop shop for global access that provides greater access to demand by catering to multiple sources of distinct premium demand while assuring brand safety. In addition, they provide access to industry-leading, multi-pronged addressability and privacy solutions. Xandr’s customized services rely on a flexible partnership and dependable services to support unique business objectives.

10. PubMatic

PubMatic is another platform that maximizes consumer value by delivering the future supply chain for digital advertising. Their Customer-Specific Solution leverages specialized infrastructure designed to facilitate scalable and adaptable innovation. The unbiased approach of PubMatic provides inventory, data, and insights to drive results and provide control while focusing on transparency and developing solutions to the industry’s most prevalent problems. Each day, the timepiece processes 3.3 petabytes of data and 1.2 trillion proposals from advertisers.

11. Criteo

Criteo is a Supply-Side platform that assists in constructing, scaling, and activating first-party audiences on the Commerce Media Platform. This platform has an AI Engine for Lookalike Audiences, product Recommendations, Dynamic Creative Optimization, and Predictive Bidding. The website also provides advertisers and publishers with consumer graphs to help them better understand their target audience, as well as an ad platform that is simple, quick to set up, and offers complete control and transparency. The platform has 685 million daily active users, thousands of publishers with broad reach and premium inventory across the open Internet, and 35 billion daily active browsing and buying events in 96 countries.

12. SmartyAds

SmartyAds is the Full Stack Programmatic Advertising Ad Scale for advertisers and publishers, scaling business upward and forward, streamlining the process, prioritizing trades, and attaining desired goals. They provide a one-of-a-kind White Label Solution platform for media buying, selling, and data activation. They’ve formed strategic alliances with Criteo, InMobi, Cheetah Mobile, Google, Opera, Xiaomi, and SpringServe. They have been featured in Media Post, Salesforce blog, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur for their unprecedented success in the industry.

13. OpenX

OpenX is a 100% cloud-based industry-leading exchange with the most efficient technology platform in the industry. They assist in Audience Creation, Optimization, and Bid Guidance while covering all device varieties and formats at scale. With the assistance of OpenX, you can use your first-party data or leverage their third-party data to identify, reach, and engage audiences at every step.

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The Bottom Line: Programmatic Advertising Platforms

The advertising world changed with the Marlboro Man and has never ceased. As technology continuously changes with time, we observe a surge of innovations in how business executives market their products. Thanks to digital ad exchange platforms, it is now easier for online businesses to purchase and sell ad spaces to grow their business. The attractiveness of these programmatic ad exchange platforms is that they are entirely technology-driven and bootstrapped with the niche of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, solely serving and engaging the appropriate audience. Now that we have reviewed the various varieties of Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, and Ad Exchanges, we are certain that they enable us to reach the target audience and provide them with the product they require the most.

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