Best Free Procreate Brushes That You Can Try

Procreate is a graphics-altering and digital painting app designed exclusively for Apple devices. Procreate is the most sophisticated app ever created for mobile devices. A real-world experience is waiting for you to create stunning digital art with the aid of the Apple Pencil, which has thousands of possibilities. We are moving toward a world where digitalization is exploding, from making money digitally to not having to stand in line to receive your paycheck in currency and instead receiving it digitally in your bank account. Now, instead of sketching on a canvas that a person who loves to paint may not always have access to, they can carry everything they need in a pocket-sized app called Procreate. In the app store, Procreate is offered for free. More than a rudimentary version is required for a professional artist. To explore the horizon and other tools of the app, you must purchase the premium version. Today, we will discuss the Procreate tool ‘brushes’ and the platforms where you can obtain a gratis Procreate brush.

What’s New In Procreate?

You can create 3D models using Procreate, and with model brushes, you can make your work shine like a star. The hardworking team behind Procreate has developed several new features, and you can visit their official website to learn about all of the new features Procreate added for its users.

What Are Procreate Brushes?

Brushes are analogous to firearms for artists, whereas Procreate is analogous to a machine gun in the hands of an artist. Procreate provides tools for sketching, painting, and smudging and hundreds of brushes with various uses. Organize and save your Procreate brushes, import new brushes, and share your custom brush creations with friends and family. Using brushes, you can feel with your fingers or apple pencil to create art in Procreate is an extraordinary experience.

Procreate creates brushes with a shape that retains the grain, and by tapping your fingers on the canvas, you can see the outline of any brush. This creates a stamp instead of making a stroke, and dragging this creates a stroke. A seamless circular shape will make a smooth, even stroke. An irregular shape makes the stroke coarser. This stroke varies in thickness and surface as the shape is dragged in various directions.

How Can Using Pre-made Brushes Be Helpful While Designing On Procreate?

Custom brushes provide fewer end-to-end possibilities to create something gorgeous, solid, and appealing, particularly if you are a novice who needs more technical skills but desires to learn more quickly. Well, custom brushes are ideal for you, for instance, if you are beginning something new and are different from the type of person who wants to spend more time acquiring in-depth knowledge of the art. Custom brushes are an excellent way to add personality and texture to your artwork without spending hours illustrating. Not only do you save time, but you can also devote more attention to your overall art project. The more technical the artwork, the more likely the artist will get lost in the details. This means we can become accustomed to minor details and eventually miss the larger point.

You may sometimes need to add a touch of “wow” to a non-essential element of your piece to make it stand out. One of the included brushes is optimal when custom artwork must be created. You can effortlessly create the desired atmosphere without going excessive. Custom brushes are fun to use! Having fun is the purpose of art. Therefore, using custom textures is not regarded as “cheating.” Feel free to use your brushes creatively if you have fun and are learning simultaneously. As stated previously, art is an expression of the ego. When you discover what makes you joyful, there is no reason to stop pursuing it. If creating art makes you joyful, for instance, there are no restrictions on what is permitted and what is not.

Now, let’s download some free Procreate Brush resources to get the artwork started. After you have completed the downloading procedure, we’ll discuss their installation later in this article.

How To Download & Install Procreate Brushes?

Numerous websites and businesses offer numerous free Procreate brushes. You can download and install them by following the instructions in this guide. The first stage is to download free Procreate brushes already created. Let’s proceed to the list of the finest free Procreate brushes you can use without further ado.

Best Free Procreate Brushes That You Can Try

We’ve compiled a list of Free Procreate Brushes to help you find the one that’s right for you.

1. Linktree

Procreate Brushes

Linktree is a treasure of infinite possibilities. Hundreds of links will lead you to various brushes that can add an edge to your art, not just one or two, or three. It contains so many brushes that installing and using them individually could take months. These brushes include texture, letters, glitter, finishers, and numerous inserts. Obtaining these items for free from the website is comparable to hunting prey. It contains numerous links that lead to a page from which you can download and install the brushes that best suit you.

2. iPad Lettering

Procreate Brushes

You can download a variety of brushes with iPad Lettering. First, you must add an item to your shopping cart, which costs nothing, and then you are set to create a beautiful piece of art. This website will provide you with the highest-quality brushes for various letter styles. After registering and adding brushes to your cart, you will receive an email containing a link to download a compressed file. Then, according to the directions provided at the end of the article, you can unzip the file and install the brushes. You can install various brushes in the same manner, and on some websites, you can directly download, unzip, and install the brushes.

3. Envato Elements

Procreate Brushes

On Envato Elements, you can find a variety of high-quality Procreate brushes and palettes. Envato Elements open a universe of creative possibilities for your unplanned projects. Why unprepared? Because the artist has unplanned distances to travel before completing a piece of art, the artist requires tools for these endless distances. Unlocking hundreds of these brushes will help the artist advance tremendously. Unlock your inner potential by unleashing these brushes for Procreate, then dive into the imaginative world and create something extraordinary.

4. Shoutbam

Procreate Brushes

If you enjoy grain art, this site is perfect for your Procreate brushes. Download a variety of grain brushes from Shoutbam to add a flare to your artwork. There are also paid brushes available on this site, but you can find the link below to obtain your brushes without cost. In addition, Shoutbam’s website provides access to hundreds of free brushes with an extraordinary textures. This is the perfect site for an artist who loves texture and understands how to use it. These grain brushes can even open the door to a vast array of possibilities.

5. Librium

Procreate Brushes

Are you searching for brushes to elevate your anime artwork? These must be the brushes that you were searching for. Try Librium if you are searching for the same thing. Share your free reproduction brush sets and other drawing assets on Librium. If you are more interested in Anime creation, Librium is your best option for discovering brushes. On top of that, this site makes it easy to investigate numerous purchases made by art artisans worldwide. Consequently, Librium allows you to draw inspiration from other artists to find the right tools for yourself.

6. Mockuptree

Texture Procreate Brushes, Esteros Procreate Brushes, Lens Flare Brushes, and Textile Factory Procreate Brushes. Procreate, Grain Procreate Brushes, Liner Procreate Brushes, and the Procreate Lettering Brush, among others. This is completely gratis! How could you trust it? Mockuptree is the premier resource for Web and Graphic Designers seeking Free Mockup Templates. Mockuptree is a web-based service providing designers free access to numerous PSD templates. The high-quality Procreate brushes will also immediately allure you into downloading them. On top of that, the Procreate brushes are very attractive. You won’t wait for a second longer to get your hands on them because they are gratis. Additionally, Mockuptree aids realistic website designers in finding prototypes for their creative projects. Mockuptree’s mission is to become the most trusted resource for establishing a web-based presence for your business.

7. Hom Sweet Hom

This one has unique sets of brushes for various purposes, and you can peruse them to determine which one is ideal for you. Hom Sweet Hom was created by a hand lettering artist who has collaborated with industry titans such as Adobe, Google, Starbucks, and others. They believe in inventive rather than laborious work, so they created these designer brushes. These will save you time and allow you to focus more on your creativity than searching for brushes. Try out these free brushes to effortlessly steer your creative vocation in the correct direction.

8. Alice Monber

This is indeed a windfall! Alice Monber is the perfect artist for anyone who loves to broaden their horizons. Not merely stating it, but you can go and see for yourself. This is the set for you if you are searching for brushes to make your artwork more aesthetically appealing. Alice Momber gives you unrestricted access to the most refined Procreate brushes. Please explore this site’s extensive selection of brushes, and then download and install them on your iPad or other Apple device to learn more. These somber brushes make it simple to create minimalistic designs.

9. Paintable

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to detail portraits? The 28+ free Procreate brushes available on Paintable will solve your problem. It will assist you in making your portraits realistic and appealing. From “unnaturally smooth” or “plasticky” to beautifully completed and sensible, your pictures can be transformed! These free brushes are designated for you. Download and install them to make your portrait art audible to the world. Therefore, you need not squander your valuable time constructing your brush.

10. Brush Galaxy

Discover a variety of brushes, such as natural, stamp, heart, and glitter brushes. You can refresh your Procreate projects at no cost. So what exactly are you waiting for? Do something immediately! If you want to use these free brushes to create some interesting artwork, you can begin downloading them from Brush Galaxy. They collaborate with the most talented artists to provide you with affordable brushes of superior quality. All of the brushes on their website have been reviewed and selected by their team of experts. Therefore, you will be fine with acquiring low-quality brushes.

11. Pixel Buddha

Adding texture to your artwork makes it more appealing and challenging at the same time. Bring you a set of free Procreate brushes that can add an edge to your textures, making your work easier. Pixel Buddha is an innovative and passionate organization from which you can obtain the best free and premium brushes for your artistic endeavors. When it comes to quality, you can rely on them because they have been demonstrated to be effective for artists.

How To Install Free Procreate Brushes?

After downloading the files for Procreate brushes, you must unzip them using the proper unzipping app and then save them to iCloud. Now, please follow the steps below to install the brushes you downloaded.

1 – Launch the Brushes panel by tapping the ‘Paintbrush’ icon. 

2 – Choose the folder in which you wish to install the brush. You can create a new folder by tapping the ‘+’ icon at the top of the list of brush sets.

3 – Once the first two steps have been completed, tap the ‘+’ icon above the list of brushes to import a new brush. 

4 – After completing the preceding steps, select ‘Import’ in the dialogue pane that opens the device files. 

5 – From the device files interface, navigate to the folder where you saved the free Procreate brushes you downloaded. 

6 – Tap the brush you wish to install into your sets. It will return you to the brush panel with the untitled name, and when you select “Back,” its name will be displayed.

The Bottom Line:

Procreate is a professional app designed for artists. It provides you with flexibility, honesty, independence, creativity, and much more along the line. It is a no-cost app for creating art anywhere, at any time. The import of brushes in the app must be understood by those who already use Procreate and create stunning art with the app. Not just in the app, brushes are comparable to firearms for artists. If you’re starting or want to explore more, you can always get free Procreate brushes instead of purchasing them for a high price. You need only visit the websites mentioned above to obtain free Procreate brushes.

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