7 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android in 2021

Procreate alternatives

Procreate is one of the most recommended apps for digital drawings and designs. However, Procreate favors only iOS and Mac users. It means, if you use an Android phone, you won’t be able to use Procreate. So, what are Procreate alternatives for Android? Finding the right app with similar or better features than Procreate is possible.

In this article, I have picked the best Procreate alternatives that android users can enjoy along with their features and price, so you can decide which is the best alternative for you.

Procreate Alternatives for Android

So, let us dive right into the best Procreate alternatives list for Android!

1. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is very similar to Procreate in its intuitive interface and tools. It can handle a large canvas and thus making it more flexible. It allows you to maximize your canvas on any app, making it easy to use.

You can export your artwork in JPG, PNG, and TIFF format. It is available on Android and windows and allows you to sketch your imagination on the canvas. Let’s look at some of its features and pricing.

Key Features:

It provides you with a gesture-based intuitive interface.

It can handle large canvas pretty efficiently, up to 100 mpx.

Gives you a natural drawing experience with the help of professional-grade tools.

Allows you to scan paper images.

Provides you with many pro tools for your artwork.

Provides tools for layer editing and enhancement.

Price: The Autodesk Sketchbook is available with a free version for an initial seven days after that to continue using it. The app charges $85 annually or $4.99 per month.

2. Concepts

If you want to doodle, sketch or make beautiful drawings, Concepts has got you covered. It has a neat and clean interface. It offers you brush sets and a lot of other tools. Concepts app provides you with flexible vector-based artwork, which allows you to move your artwork at ease. You can take control by customizing the gestures, canvas, and tools.

Concepts also allow you to use layering and give you control of what you paint and draw. It has different grids and paper types as well. Undeniably the acceptable alternative to Procreate.

Key Features:

It provides you proper tools such as brushes, pens, and pencils, which respond to tilt and speed along with an infinite canvas.

Concepts provides a tool wheel to customize your favorite brushes and presets.

It supports the drag-and-drop feature and allows infinite layering.

Vector-based sketching will enable you to edit by the tool, size, color, scale, and more, along with smoothing and opacity of lines.

Provides you with shape guides, scale, and measurement to get real-life dimensions.

Allows you to duplicate your work for easy repetitions.

Price: The Concepts app is available for free but to get the premium version, you can go to the in-app purchases starting at $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

3. MediBang Paint

The MediBang app gives you a fantastic interface, and it is easy-to-use software. It also provides you with several tools, including brushes and fonts for your paintings. MediBang Paint is the best alternative for creating comic book-related art.

It has a plethora of options regarding the backgrounds to decorate your artwork. Like Procreate, it allows you to save your entire data to the cloud for the easy functioning of export and import of your art. MediBang Paint is impressive and easy to collaborate with others using the app. Adding speech to text comes in handy.

Key Features:

You can add speech to text to your drawings.

It is available on multiple platforms and with cloud storage access.

Provides you with maximum drawing space and creative tools for your artwork.

Provides you with perspective grids for background and speed lines. Also, offer you stroke stabilization.

Customize keyboard shortcut settings as per your need.

An easy panel-making process. It has pre-made tones and backgrounds.

Compatible with easy transfer of files from smartphones or tablets.

Price: The Medibang app is available for free, but you will have to get their in-app purchases to get the premium version.

4. Adobe Photoshop sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is among the best Procreate alternatives. The app has the added advantage of customizing the brushes, preferred by many art creators.

It comes with a vast range of tools and a similar friendly interface. Like Procreate, it allows you to draw and sketch with unlimited imagination and creativity.

Adobe Photoshop sketch works well with drawing layers and preserves it while sending it to other apps like Photoshop or Adobe illustrator. The color library offers impressive colors along with access to 11 different tools.

It is quite a versatile app in terms of the tools it provides. You can use this app to make creative artworks, craft designs with smoothness. Additionally, it works seamlessly well with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Let’s look at its features and pricing.

Key Features:

Pro tools availability. Drawing and sketching similar to real-life tools like brushes, pens, pencils, erasers.

You can create several customs made sketch brushes.

Addition of multiple layers to your drawings.

The built-in graph makes it easy to make 3 D worlds using 2 D sketches.

It works soundly with Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, or capture.

It allows you to upload your artwork to the community gallery and view others’ artwork.

Price: Adobe Photoshop sketch comes with a free version.

5. ArtRage

The ArtRage app is a gem for people who love to paint in oils and watercolors. It gives you a real-life painting experience as it keeps a note of brightness, direction of tip, and thickness. It provides you special effect tools like glitter tube and gloop pen, and more.

The compatibility with S-pen allows you to doodle on your Samsung galaxy. Let’s look at some of its features and pricing.

Key Features:

Excellent for a watercolor or oil painting.

Many tools for real-life painting experience.

You can smear and blend thick oils to get the natural gradient.

You can create artwork with delicate watercolor that will match the canvas texture.

Along with special effect tools, it allows you to use S-pen.

You can store your favorite setting as a custom preset.

Price: The ArtRage app charges $4.99 for installing it.

6. Ibis Paint

The Ibis paint app is well known for its drawing and editing tools. It offers you many professional tools to give you a smooth drawing experience. It is the best app for anime and manga-related artwork.

Furthermore, it is one of the best Procreate alternatives. It comes with many tools, including brushes, pens, erasers, and more, to create unique digital drawings and paintings.

Ibis paint enables you to add many features to enhance the overall artwork, like clouds, tone curves, and gradation maps. It is similar to Procreate in terms of the tools provided.

It also has many blending modes, radial and symmetry rulers for precision. Ibis paint app provides you with a smooth drawing experience and a beautiful customization feature.

Key Features:

It provides you a smooth, highly functional, and professional drawing experience.

Ibis paint app gives you access to over 380 brushes, 800 fonts, and over 2000 other tools with a plethora of tools.

It comes with a stroke stabilization feature and adjustable line stabilizer.

Allows you to record your drawing process and upload it instantly.

You can also share your artwork with other people via Ibis paint.

The YouTube channel provides you with an Ibis paint tutorial.

Price: The Ibis paint app is available in the free version, but to get access to the premium version, you will have to go for their in-app purchase starting at $7.99.

7. ArtFlow

ArtFlow app is among the best Procreate alternatives, if you prefer using a stylus. It supports all the gestures which allow you to sketch, draw and design your artwork.

The palm rejection feature prevents panning and zooming of the artwork or canvas. It allows you to export artworks in multiple formats. It features the GPU accelerated paint engine, which allows the app to run smoothly on any android device.

Let’s look at some of its features and pricing.

Key Features:

It supports a stylus and S-pen.

With over 100 brushes and ten-layer filters.

Provision of custom brushes with imported images.

It has a GPU sped-up paint engine and a fast, intuitive app.

The import and export of artwork support PNG, JPG, and PSD format.

Supports up to 50 layers on a canvas of size 6144 x 6144.

Price: It is available for free. The range per item is from $2 to $5.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Procreate available for Android?

Procreate is only available for Mac and iOS users. Unfortunately, it is not available for windows or android users.

Which app is closest to Procreate?

Autodesk Sketchbook is closest to Procreate in its wide range of tools and user interface.

Do we have any app similar to Procreate for Android?

Yes, we have several apps similar to Procreate for Android. Naming a few: Autodesk sketchbook, concepts, Photoshop, and more.

Do we need an Apple Pencil to use Procreate?

No, we don’t need an apple pencil to use procreate. However, an Apple pencil works wonders for this app.


Procreate is one of the top-rated drawing apps with an excellent user interface and functionality. However, it works only on iOS devices and can’t be downloaded on Android devices. Hence I listed some best Procreate alternatives for android & windows users. With similar features and many tools, they let you keep going on with your sketching and drawing.

Moreover, if you need a quick solution, I recommend using Adobe Photoshop sketch or Ibis Paint. Both the drawing apps assist you in creating amazing digital art & offering unique features. In the end, I recommend picking the alternatives that suit your need the best.

I hope you liked our article about Procreate alternatives for Android. Which app are you using to create digital art? Let me know in the comments section below.

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