QuickBooks Alternatives for Small Businesses 2021


Though QuickBooks is a leading software within the business world to maintain accounts, diversity of options is always exciting. Yeah, Quickbooks is easy to use and affordable, it does not fit all the businesses, and people love to gel with Quickbooks alternatives to fulfill other requirements. This is why we have jotted down some of the free Quickbooks Alternatives so that your bookkeeping becomes a matter of simplicity.


QuickBooks Alternatives for Small Businesses 2021

As you are watching these QuickBooks Alternatives, before you settle on an option, make sure your data isn’t “trapped” if you change your mind. You want to be capable to easily move data in and out of solutions, especially if your needs change as your business grows. That is, of course, why it’s most satisfying to investigate several options before making your final decision!

You can normally get an Excel or a CSV file of your data should you choose to switch software programs. So, Be sure to confirm that before signing up. It will save you from having to spend valuable hours re-entering data by hand.

Zoho Books


Suppose you’re aware of Zoho and already using its products, and you don’t need to go anywhere in search of free Quickbooks alternatives. The Zoho Books offers various plans to choose from where you can select several client additions, banking connections, project tracking, etc.

This leads you through a managed pipeline of due payments & company growth for smart judgment. Yeah, with this Quickbooks alternative, get a profit-loss statement, balance sheet report and detailed cash flow statement, even in the version of your mobile phone.



It is perfect for small business owners, and Wave is an entirely free Quickbooks alternative with more than 3.5 million users worldwide. The software is smart enough to understand your income and expenses while connecting you easily with payments, invoicing and automatic generation of other packages.

This is slick and intuitive interface makes it appealing to the users to add multiple numbers of other users at no additional cost. Can manage it Just one wave account and several businesses through it. You will now surely leave out the Excel spreadsheet while using Wave. Must-Try this QuickBooks alternative today!



Gusto is built for advanced payroll management, and one such Quickbooks alternative allows smart accounting like pre-tax benefits calculation, reimbursements, deductions, and more. Interestingly, it’s capable of bringing accounting and HR together in one field.

Well, you may find it short of functionalities that other software includes in its product, syncing it with other third-party software allows you to enjoy revenue-expense management, bookkeeping apart from already present time tracker, friendly support, medical vision, etc.



As well, Your decision matters most when it comes to taking the business ahead, and Sage is one such business accounting software that fulfills all the needs of a small to medium business owner. Further, its user-friendliness work behaviour is the reason for its popularity amidst fewer tech-savvies. Therefore, Both desktop and web-based versions are available for business accounting.

Well, What makes it more interesting is its multi-currency and multi-language support and the compatibility of Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. You can begin with the 3-day trial before heading to this great Quickbooks Alternative.



FreshBooks is assuredly an excellent Quickbooks alternative considering under-friendly interface, robust time-tracking support to sync between you and your team, easy billing through email, and multiple price plans to choose from. Nevertheless, you need to pay an extra 10 dollars to add each user into the group, and its multi-currency tracking feature is another big plus.

Hence, When compared with Quickbooks, you can track billable hours, categorize expenses, assign roles in the team, and add rich content to the proposal estimates using FreshBooks.



Now Managing to make your business beautiful since its launch, this Quickbooks alternative tells you about your financial accounts’ health. Suppose you give access to a more significant number of users within Xero, do not worry about the charges as it is free. Yess could be a little expensive for the beginners but managing unpaid bills, tracking expenses, invoice customization, and easy access to balance sheet reports make it stand apart.

Here, Manage your vendors, suppliers, credit card accounts with multi-currency support using this QuickBooks alternative! Additionally, get your business data protected via data encryption without any worry using Xero!



Are you looking for a professional bookkeeper? Then, become one using Billy! Easy to use, adding unlimited users to your group, automatic sync with bank accounts, a mobile app for importing receipts and multi-currency support back you up with Billy.

So, These are the reasons people prefer using this QuickBooks alternative without second thoughts. Therefore now scan the receipts, connect bank accounts and pay bills via various modes!

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Final Words:

When you are watching for accounting software, we know that QuickBooks has ruled your mind. Yet, there is nothing that stops you from checking the free Quickbooks alternative. Wherever Xero, Billy, and Wave have taken better positions, Freshbooks is left not far behind.
Read about each of the features and pick the right choice for you according to budget-friendliness and features today only!

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