13 Top Sleep Tracker Apps For Android

Sleep Tracker Apps

Let’s acknowledge it: getting a good night’s sleep is essential to overall well-being. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you may feel sluggish and uninterested the next day. However, several studies have shown that getting enough sleep improves general health.

You may use your Android smartphone to track the amount of sleep you get at night. For this, sleep tracker apps accessible on Google Play Store are used. Some  Best Sleep Tracker Apps even document your teeth grinding or snoring.

Best Sleep Tracker Apps List For Android

If you’re not sure if you’re getting enough sleep each night, it’s time to download sleep tracker apps.

Top sleep tracker apps available on Google Play Store are included in this post. Now, let’s investigate.

1) Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor, unlike all other apps, records details about your sleep cycle to monitor your sleep level.

It also has an intelligent alarm clock to ensure you wake up at the ideal time. Your sleep habits can also be monitored with a sleep monitor.

2) Sleep Cycle

This is one of the other top Android apps on the list that lets you monitor your sleep from night to morning. It also gives you a thorough check of your sleep cycles and patterns.

In order to give you a natural start to the day, it also features a smart alarm clock that wakes you up when you’re still half asleep.

3) Sleepzy

Compared to other apps on the list, Sleepzy is relatively fresh. But Sleepzy seems to work quite well. It tracks your sleep habits to determine when you’re most likely to get restful sleep.

A clever alarm clock that wakes you up when you’re still barely sleeping is another feature of this device.

4) BetterSleep

BetterSleep is a feature-rich sleep tracking app for Android smartphones. The app can assist you in better understanding and managing your sleep with its sleep monitoring, guided content, and noises features.

The advantage of Better Sleep is that it was recommended by leading medical professionals and neuropsychologists. You can also access premium audio content and many other useful features with a premium account.

5) ShutEye

With the help of the Android app ShutEye, you can manage your sleeping patterns. This app is a complete sleep monitor that records snoring, sleep chatting and other sounds.

Not only does it record your sleep, but it also has features that promote sleep. For example, you can mix and match white noise and natural noises to create a personalized mixture.

It is among the best Android apps for parents, students, professionals in offices, and people who have trouble sleeping.

6) Pzizz

Pizzz is the best sleep tracker software available for Android, and it offers a ton of incredible features at no cost. The app provides you with a combination of voiceovers, sound effects and music specially designed to promote sleep. It changes every night to help you relax, fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up.

Although there is no sleep tracking option on the app, every time you use it, a new session is created. The software works well to promote sleep.

7) Sleepwave

Compared to every other Android sleep tracker app in the article, SleepView is a little different. This app uses silent sonar technology to turn your phone into a sleep tracker.

It gives you an in-depth chart that helps you understand your sleep cycles, routines and habits over time.

It offers an assortment of ambient noises to help you fall asleep. All things considered, Sleepwave is a simple yet useful sleep tracking tool that you shouldn’t miss.

8) Sleep Tracker

One of the best apps for monitoring sleep cycles is Sleep Tracker from the Leap Fitness Group. It’s a feature-rich sleep tracker app for Android that catches snoring, tracks your sleep cycles, and plays sleep sounds for you.

Sleep Tracker is more user-friendly and lightweight than other apps on the list. It also offers free soothing sounds to help you sleep better and fall asleep faster.

9) SleepScore

Although it’s not as well-known as the other applications on the list, SleepScore is nonetheless a fantastic tool for tracking sleep cycles. Your sleep cycle can be tracked through the app, which can also offer tips and insights to help you sleep better.

This software should be used on a regular basis. As it monitors your sleep patterns over time, it will assign a SleepScore, which is a number between 0 and 100. Light, deep, RAM, and wakefulness are the four stages of sleep it can identify.

10) SnoreLab

Compared to the other sleep-tracking apps on the list, SnoreLab stands out. This is a simple program that tracks and logs your snoring. This software allows you to track your snoring over time and measure its loudness.

The app can compare snoring and snoring scores between nights after recording your snoring for about a week. SnoreLab is a great app that you shouldn’t pass up overall.

11) PrimeNap

This software is a sleep tracker that promises to improve your sleep quality. It provides helpful functions to enhance your sleep quality such as screen dimmer, sleep statistics, snoring detector, sleep sounds, dream diary, etc. It tracks your movement while you sleep to track your sleep quality.

12) Sleep as Android

Sleep for Android is unquestionably the greatest app for monitoring your sleep cycles; it has been around for a while. The good news is that sleep is supported by Android Wear, Pebble, and Galaxy Gear devices just like it is by Android.

Additionally, it is compatible with Google Fit and Samsung Health, among other fitness applications. In terms of features, it tracks your snoring, cycles and sleep habits.

13) Google Fit

Google Fit is a feature-rich activity tracker software available for Android that offers numerous benefits. You can get healthier and lead a more active lifestyle with Google Fit.

You can monitor your goals, check your sleep stats with the watch, and track your workouts from your phone or wearable with Google Fit. The software integrates with other apps to display relevant information even if it doesn’t have a dedicated sleep tracker.



Thus, these are the top ten Android apps that track your sleep. These free apps make it easy to track your sleep patterns. If you know of any additional sleep-tracking apps, please let us know in the comments section below.

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