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Subiz is an advanced live chat widget that aids in the development of Internet businesses. Customer service is provided by providing direct assistance and real-time feedback. Subiz works by adding an unnoticed component to a website or app. Users may click to speak with one of your representatives right away. The Subiz widget may be specifically adjusted to your brand’s needs, even though it is compatible with any website or app. As a result, if you want to learn more about what Subiz can do for you, it blends seamlessly with your website design.

About Subiz

Well, Subiz is a web-based live chat solution allowing internet businesses to communicate directly. Taking care of website visitors and converting them into customers. Chatting with visitors in real-time allows business users to provide rapid support and receive immediate feedback. Website owners may reach more prospects in this way, increasing conversion rates. Both sides benefit from this arrangement. A website owner may use the Subiz widget to add a small pop-up window for live conversations to any page. Their websites operate swiftly and successfully without requiring substantial changes to their current layout. Visitors may quickly join using their Google account or Facebook profile rather than their email address. You may design your template using CSS language or choose from established ones. As a result, your imagination is free to run wild.

How Does Subiz Function?

Subiz has a straightforward process. Website visitors may start a live chat session with a corporate representative by clicking an icon. Customers may type messages to be sent straight to your people in a floating window that appears. Your employee will be notified and will have the option to respond via text or voice message. Customers are immediately removed from their chat session when they cease conversing. There will be no follow-up emails or paperwork to complete. In your browser, everything happens straight away. Our widget may be integrated into your website in various ways, with over ten alternative integration possibilities. They provide a wide range of options for businesses of all sizes.

Subiz Advantages

Although live chat has been a component of many different tools for years, such as email, SMS, and phone calls, there are some key benefits to using Subiz to chat with your website visitors that you may want to be aware of. Connecting directly with website visitors with our widget without leaving your site is simple. There are exceptions to the rule that live chat requires a paid membership or an account with a third-party service provider. When using our solution, no third-party account is required. Subiz asks users to supply a unique URL address. They may even begin conversing without first opening an account. They also offer two payment choices depending on the number of active conversations you have at any time.

This guarantees that you only pay for what you use. Subiz is cost-effective even if your firm is yet to be profitable. They offer technical support via email and phone. As a result, if you have a problem with your website, they can solve it promptly. To keep prospective leads interested throughout the process. Regardless of the product or service offered. Most businesses will agree that excellent communication with Internet customers is one of the keys to their success.

Configuration And Integrations

Setting up a new company messaging solution can take time and effort, especially if you still decide which features to include or exclude. Fortunately, our Subiz app adds our script to your website. And you’ll have a fully functional chat solution in minutes. Customers may seek and get rapid support by adding an easy-to-use chat system to your website. Contributing to higher levels of customer satisfaction and ensuring that customers are well-informed. Because they provide free hosting for all of our users, setting up a new message portal is simple and may assist in improving communication with existing and future customers.

Supported Devices

Subiz supports all major web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. Were you using a mobile device? Not a problem! You may access a responsive site version from your desktop or laptop computer. There is also a native app available for the iPad and iPhone. So, you can now offer online assistance from your iPhone or iPad! If you need help using our live chat widget, please visit our troubleshooting page for more information on using Subiz.

Price & Packages

They offer three different types of packages. For a fixed monthly fee, the standard membership, aimed at larger businesses, includes access to all features and support. Assume you are just starting and want to test your product in a controlled environment. You may be interested in our Beginning package. This bundle is less priced and includes fewer features than our Standard option. In addition, they offer an Enterprise-level service tailored to your specific needs and support. More customization options and finer-grained data collection management. Options for integrating other apps, user roles, permissions, etc.

Users’ Favorite Features

Because it is a web-based app, businesses and their agents do not need to install software or plugins to chat with visitors in real-time. Customers chat instead of staring at a screen with figures and lines that confuse and intimidate them. It can handle several chats at once by allowing businesses to define actions like ‘call back’ or ‘get details on purchase’ directly within the chat. This allows customer service staff to spend more time aiding customers than switching between conversations.

Customizable Branding

Subiz differs from other live chat software suppliers in the following ways. The ability to change brand colors, logos, and branding is exceptional. The live chat widget on each website page may show a customized brand logo while taking up little space. Customized brand colors allow company owners to communicate with visitors directly and develop rapport.

Proactive Chat

That is not to say that live chat software isn’t useful for corporate users; it certainly is. Businesses may actively engage with visitors and provide faster customer service with the help of live chat technology. Nonetheless, most solutions take time and must be integrated with websites or third-party systems like Salesforce or Zendesk immediately. As a result, you must manually copy and paste messages across apps. This will take a significant amount of your time and effort. The result? You have more real-time interaction but receive less value because it does not save you time in other areas.

Customer Service Analytics

Live chat statistics help you monitor how well your customers interact with your agents as your client base grows. The right software can give real-time data that shows which questions are asked the most frequently. Who visits, when and for how long, and where do users exit your support funnel? This knowledge can help improve customer service by detecting which questions require an agent and which do not. You can also customize replies in part or entirely. You may respond based on a user’s activity on your website. The Subiz widget integrates with common sales platforms such as Salesforce or HubSpot. As a result, information gathered through website discussions is promptly linked to leads and present accounts.

Third-Party Integrations

Online businesses may use HTML or JavaScript to include live chat assistance on their websites. It’s an excellent option for small businesses who want to stay lean. And keep pricing reasonable while providing excellent customer service. For example, you can instantly link your website with over 60 popular e-commerce platforms using our code snippets. Our favorites include Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and other popular integrations.

How Does It Stand Up To Others?

Because it does not rely on email, live chat is a more reliable and efficient customer service tool. After all, why should you wait for someone to check their phone or email? When you could promptly communicate with them and allow them to return to work. When compared to alternative web-based solutions, live chat outperforms them all. Most service providers focus on customizing options, branding features, etc. Nonetheless, these features only matter if a solution gives a consistent, high-quality experience that includes direct contact. It is what sets Subiz apart from the competition! It is not an instant messaging tool; it allows businesses to chat with website visitors in real-time without sending emails.

Final Thoughts:

Subiz is popular among users since it is simple and has considerably increased their business contacts. Any website visitor may log in and set up a chat for many pages. It will then be offered to site visitors as a button. Who may communicate via live chat if they’ve questions or concerns? Subiz eliminates the need to wait in lines or react to emails. Providing prospects with real-time contact and assistance in overcoming barriers. Customers’ faith in your company increases when they know they will receive timely replies, simplifying purchases.

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