The importance of communication

In this day and age, people rely a lot on technology to do their talking for them. Folk crave fast and efficient correspondence, in a world where the speed of which is paramount. But time notwithstanding, being able to talk to each other, is a primal drive, if you don’t communicate, then you don’t know either what another person is feeling, or they don’t know what your current feelings are. Communication is information, and we need this to stay current, and be aware of the world around us – be it through a letter to a friend, a message on Facebook or even through a free sms Denmark, if need be. In this article the concept of communication will be explored further, in an attempt to isolate parts of what it encompasses.


Through speech, there is solidarity. You probably know how soothing the comforting voice of a friend can be, during times of hardship. This exchange of compassion is further augmented by technology, as you are able to reach a struggling friend far across the ocean with your message of comfort. You show your support and sympathies to the people around you through communication, and as such, grow closer. It should also be noted, that once you’ve found someone whom you share a bond with, or a willingness to communicate with, you will do so more frequently, thereby fostering a friendship – that is one of the powers of talking.


As a modern society, knowledge is valued above all, as it has allowed humankind to progress to the stage of life we are at now. You see knowledge being communicated all over the world and the internet – it comes in the form of books, pamphlets, articles and scientific journals. There are even media outlets dedicated to the progress of technology, for you to peruse and better understand the current world of gadgets. We must take measures to ensure that knowledge is kept safe, and that its exchange is never quieted.

Understanding each other

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. Even the most noble of intentions, while conveying information, can be misinterpreted. This is why it is important, while exchanging ideas, that you don’t just communicate without taking into consideration the viewpoint of your opposition. You often see how a casual conversation can escalate to heated words, due to miscommunication, and it’s a real shame. But if you just take the time to try and understand your fellow human beings, you might be surprised by the perspective.

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