Top 10 Torrent Apps For Android 2021 (Torrent Downloader)

torrent apps for android

In this guide, I will discuss some of the best and highly-rated Torrent Apps for Android.

Looking around, we can see that the use of torrent websites is decreasing with each passing day. Some popular torrent websites, such as Kickass Torrents and ExtraTorrents, have been shut down in the past.

Even though Torrent has become a haven for pirated content, many users use it legally for general file sharing, downloading Linux ISOs, and various other things. Torrent sites do not cease to exist today. There are still a large number of active torrent sites on the internet.

Please read our article for a complete list of active torrent websites. To begin downloading torrent files, we must first install a torrent client on our device. You can even use torrent apps on your Android to download your favorite torrz.

List of Torrent Apps For Android in 2021

As a result, in this article, I will discuss some of the best Android torrent apps. You can use these Android apps to download your favorite torrents to your smartphone.

1. LibreTorrent

LibreTorrent, on the other hand, is based on libTorrent and allows you to download and share files directly from your device. It’s an open-source torrent client with a simple user interface and theme support.

You can easily download and share torrent files with LibreTorrent. Aside from that, it includes a plethora of helpful file sorting and torrent management features.

2. WeTorrent

Unlike other torrent apps known for their features, WeTorrent – Torrent Downloader is known for its lightning-fast download speeds. The torrent app is based on the BitTorrent protocol and prioritizes speed above all else.

The torrent app for Android has a lovely and easy-to-use material design interface. Aside from that, it allows for multiple simultaneous downloads, magnet link support,.torrent file support, and so on.

3. BitTorrent

BitTorrent and uTorrent, on the other hand, have many similarities. So, for example, there will be slight difference between the two interfaces. The only thing that distinguishes BitTorrent is its integrated music and video library.

BitTorrent encourages the use of legal music and video torrents created by independent artists. You can even use the torrent client to access the media on your phone. When it comes to features, BitTorrent and uTorrent are virtually identical.

4. TorrDroid

TorrDroid is another leading torrent app on the list that you can use right now. It includes a torrent search engine that can be used to find and download torrent content.

The torrent app for Android now can open.torrent files directly from the Android file system. Aside from that, it supports magnet links, DHT, LSD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and other protocols.

5. FrostWire

FrostWire, the popular torrent downloader, is also available for Android smartphones. It, unlike other torrent downloaders, includes a torrent search engine. You can find your favorite torrents by using the search engine.

Other valuable features include an advanced download manager, media library, music player, and so on. All of the features were completely free to use.

6. aTorrent

If you’re looking for an Android torrent app with an appealing interface and all essential features, look no further than aTorrent. The app includes a torrent search dialogue that supports magnet links.

When it comes to features, aTorrent has everything you need, such as WiFi-only download, save location selection, external SD card support,.torrent file support, and so on.

7. tTorrent Lite

It’s one of the most famous torrent apps on the Google Play Store. You can use this app to download large torrent files such as Linux ISOs, free movies, game ISOs, and so on.

The fact that tTorrent Lite supports writing to external storage is a plus. That means the torrent files can be saved to the SD card. Other valuable features of tTorrent Lite include magnet link support, tracker less torrent support, RSS support, UPnP and NAT-PMP support, and so on.

8. µTorrent

For peer-to-peer file sharing, this one employs the BitTorrent hyper distribution communications protocol. The advantage of using uTorrent is that it divides the downloadable file into multiple parts, allowing faster downloading.

Aside from that, Torrent is extremely light and powerful. You can use this torrent app to manage your torrent downloads, pause/resume downloads, set priorities, and so on.

9. zetaTorrent

zetaTorrent, on the other hand, is one of the unique torrent apps we’ve ever seen. The torrent app for Android includes a web browser. The web browser includes an ad-blocker, history, favorites, and other features.

When it comes to torrent features, zetaTorrent does not let you down. It has many helpful torrent management features, such as magnet link support, proxy support, and support for external SD cards.

10. Flud – Torrent Downloader

On the other hand, Flud is a top-rated torrent downloader app available on the Google Play Store. The torrent client puts the power of the BitTorrent protocol in your hands.

The torrent client has an easy-to-use interface. Flud – Torrent Downloader’s key features include support for various protocols, magnet links, RSS Feed, extensive file support, multiple themes, and so on.

Bottom Lines

So there you have it, the top torrent apps for Android. Use these popular torrent apps to download torrent files on your smartphone easily. I hope you found this helpful article! Please forward it to your buddies as well. Also, if you know of any other torrent apps, please share them in the comments section below.

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