9 Top WhatsApp CRMs to Manage Customer Relations in 2024

WhatsApp CRMs

Since the advent of messaging apps, businesses are reimagining how they interact with their customers. The breakthrough tool known as WhatsApp Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has gained immense popularity among banks, e-commerce sites, large corporations and other industries.

However, it usually takes ten hours for customers to respond to emails. However, compared to Gmail CRM, WhatsApp is more effective, as over 80% of messages are viewed within five minutes of being sent!

As a result, WhatsApp CRM leverages the popularity of this messaging app to help companies communicate, inform and support their customers instantly. The Best WhatsApp CRMs are listed below, with more information about each so your company can offer flawless customer support!

WhatsApp CRMs

Additionally, text messages are only a small component of a comprehensive strategy that combines WhatsApp knowledge with CRM concepts to deliver a useful user experience. Here are some examples of how large corporations, online retailers, banks, and other organizations use WhatsApp to send communications and updates:

  • E-commerce: WhatsApp CRM allows businesses to respond to customer inquiries, confirm orders and share delivery details directly on WhatsApp.
  • Travel Industry: Travel agencies can use WhatsApp CRM to retrieve schedule information, provide instant updates, and communicate with customers to ensure a successful travel experience.
  • Banking: Thanks to WhatsApp CRM, banks are able to provide customers with easy banking transactions on the WhatsApp platform, along with transaction alerts and instant support.

Advantages of WhatsApp CRMs

As WhatsApp integrates with CRM systems, there will be a difference in customer interactions and data management. This collaboration creates a strong alliance that can improve client relationships and business operations for your organization.

Combining WhatsApp with CRM enables you to manage sales, marketing and communications from one platform, resulting in more efficient processes and better customer experiences.

The following are the key benefits of using WhatsApp as a CRM tool:

Simplified Operations: By unifying your staff on one platform, this technology eliminates confusion and wasted effort.

Real-Time Analytics: You can integrate WhatsApp with your CRM system to track client interactions. It lets you see the preferences and behaviors of your customers.

Automation: Facilitates the automation of repetitive processes, such as sending follow-up messages, scheduling appointments, or running advertisements. This saves time while also increasing operational importance.

Unified Customer Database: It is possible to establish a customer database that allows easy communication between all customers.

Better Customer Service: This makes it possible for you to respond to questions in a prompt and efficient way. Knowing everything there is to know about your clients’ backgrounds and preferences will help you provide personalized service that will promote client happiness and loyalty.

Better Sales and Marketing: This feature enables your sales and marketing teams to use WhatsApp to send personalized promotions, messages and offers to customers based on their information, increasing conversion rates.

Your ability to handle client interactions and beat the competition can be greatly influenced by the variety of customer relationship management (CRM) systems that are accessible.

Reaching your marketing and sales goals requires knowing which CRM programs work best with your WhatsApp Business account. Read on to learn more about the most popular WhatsApp CRM platforms available today.

1) InTouchApp

Managing WhatsApp leads is the primary use of the InTouchApp Chrome extension. It makes it easy to save unknown numbers from WhatsApp groups and chats directly to your phone.


  • Save all your contacts from the shared contact list directly to your phone.
  • You may quickly and conveniently save each group member’s phone number with just one click.
  • Edit contact details, take notes, change profile photos, make calls, and perform additional actions.
  • As soon as possible, make calls using WhatsApp web and other platforms.

Client inquiries on WhatsApp may appear as “unknown number.” With the help of the InTouchApp add-on, you can easily add these numbers to your phone contacts with one click.

2) WhatsTool

WhatsTool provides many opportunities for company expansion through WhatsApp. These capabilities include building AI-powered chatbots, bulk WhatsApp messaging, and easy integration with your existing CRM systems, among many other alternatives.


  • Speed up the delivery of interactive buttons in automatically sent WhatsApp messages.
  • Create a chatbot on WhatsApp to provide personalized answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Easily manage every WhatsApp message with just one dashboard.
  • Automatically collect and store WhatsApp conversations with potential prospects to integrate them into your CRM system.

WhatsApp Tool allows you to engage with WhatsApp users and get their attention. It also speeds up the process of creating a chatbot with free API connectivity for your WhatsApp number.

3) VTiger

VTiger CRM and WhatsApp can easily connect to your CRM system to enable lead nurturing and initiate conversations: order tracking, notifications, alarms, and customer feedback methods to simplify operations.


  • You can send and receive WhatsApp conversations with your connections directly from within Vtiger CRM.
  • Send different types of messages with WhatsApp, including approvals, alerts, notifications and regular messages.
  • Combine several CRM modules with editable templates to create customized messages.
  • Add relevant files, such as quotes and invoices, to your WhatsApp conversations to enhance collaboration.
  • Pay close attention to the progress of your messages as well as any relevant data, such as the status of your messages.

Internal communication can be enhanced by reducing administrative barriers. CRM-enabled workflows can help boost your sales operations.

4) TeleCRM

TeleCRM is an automation tool and Whatsapp CRM designed to increase your sales. This useful tool collects leads from various sources, such as WhatsApp, Google, and Facebook ads, and distributes them efficiently among your team members.


  • Use the WhatsApp chatbot to generate custom answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Conversations on WhatsApp can be automatically recorded and stored in CRM.
  • CRM allows for the centralization and recording of all team communications.
  • Instantly check all WhatsApp messages sent and received by team members on a single dashboard.

One of its standout features is the automatic autodialer, which dials one number at a time to ensure efficient use of time and avoid mistakes.

5) HubSpot

Consumers want to be able to communicate with companies as easily and quickly as they do with friends and family. Your customer support and marketing teams will never miss a message thanks to HubSpot‘s WhatsApp integration, which brings together all client communications on one platform.


  • Mail reminders for abandoned carts can be simplified, and messages should be personalized according to the client’s purchases.
  • Leverage the popular shared inbox to serve customers on their favorite and easily accessible channels.
  • Edit WhatsApp themes by adding data from HubSpot CRM.
  • Businesses can automatically send WhatsApp messages using pre-defined templates.

By integrating WhatsApp with HubSpot’s shared inbox, your team can gain comprehensive information about each client’s interaction history, enabling consistently good customer service delivery.

6) Bitrix24

Through the integration of Bitrix24 with WhatsApp, you can establish direct contact channels with prospective customers and maintain an exhaustive log of all your exchanges.


  • Deliver marketing messages through WhatsApp to customer segments based on customer segmentation and their purchasing patterns.
  • Use WhatsApp to simplify collaboration between your salespeople and web forms, reports and invoicing.
  • It effectively designs and manages sales pipelines using accurate reporting.
  • Please be aware that individuals will not respond to messages left to them more than 24 hours after initial communication.

Bitrix24 gives your staff the ability to successfully communicate with customers at any point in their buying process, even if no interaction has taken place before.

As a result, conversion rates ultimately increase by gaining a better grasp of the customer’s purchase process and enabling more precise targeting.

7) WAPlus

WAPlus Workspace is a CRM designed exclusively for WhatsApp that efficiently handles WhatsApp leads, offers automated marketing, provides excellent customer support, and promotes better teamwork.


  • It also allows non-contacts to initiate conversations.
  • Makes it easy to follow up with external leads.
  • Customize the color and text of the call to action (CTA) on your chat button.
  • Change your brand name, subtitle, welcome text and default user message to create a unique and engaging user experience.
  • It offers functions including quick replies, automatic replies, and taking notes of conversations.

Its original goal was to enable instant customer interaction in less than two seconds, allowing users to manage client relationships more effectively.

8) OnePageCRM

It’s never been simpler to increase sales and stay in touch with customers. By integrating OnePageCRM with the app, you can make the most of WhatsApp’s capabilities and communicate with clients and prospects more efficiently and click-free.


  • By clicking on a contact’s phone number, you can call your leads from the CRM.
  • As soon as possible after each call, set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to follow up.
  • Using a split-pane view will help you reach potential prospects more easily and increase the effectiveness of your cold calling.

With just a few clicks, OnePageCRM allows you to record call results quickly and easily, keeping your team informed.

9) Kommo

WhatsApp was once primarily designed for automated conversations rather than efficiently managing important business transactions. Simplify your sales process with Kommo, a dedicated platform that will improve your WhatsApp experience.


  • Get fresh leads instantly from WhatsApp and handle them with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop sales process.
  • Control user access to the WhatsApp account associated with your business to ensure secure and regulated communication.
  • Maintaining client profiles can help you become more organized.
  • You can personalize chat templates with quick fill.
  • Get important information about user behavior, such as average WhatsApp response time.

Create a comprehensive communications database optimized with easily accessible multimedia content and buttons for quick actions.



Our bottom line is that, whichever vendor you choose, integrating your CRM data, marketing, and sales tools with WhatsApp is a very successful way to reach large audiences in the 21st century.

Each tool provides a single inbox to handle all correspondence with users.

Carefully review the rates and specific features of each offer to decide which one is best for your business.

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