Top 13 Best YouTube To GIF Converters You Can Use

YouTube To GIF Converters

GIFs have become a vital tool for online communication. They are a worldwide language that can transmit emotions, sentiments, and tales in seconds. Surprisingly, YouTube is one of the best resources for obtaining intriguing and funny videos to convert into GIFs. Thousands of YouTube to GIF converters are now available to aid the GIF revolution. Nevertheless, not all YouTube to GIF converters are made equally. Some offer more extensive editing features, while others are more user-friendly. This post looks at the best YouTube to GIF converters you should attempt. We’ll look at each converter’s efficiency, features, and usability. These YouTube to GIF converters can help you turn your favorite YouTube videos into great GIFs that will capture your audience’s attention, whether you’re a blogger, social media manager, content producer, or someone who enjoys generating and sharing GIFs.

Top 13 Best YouTube To GIF Converters You Can Use

1. Convertio

YouTube To GIF Converters

Are you seeking a complete and adaptable solution for converting YouTube videos to GIFs? Look no further than Convertio. This online file conversion platform has expanded its capabilities to include YouTube to GIF conversion. Convertio allows you to upload a YouTube video link easily, set the start and stop points, and adjust characteristics such as frame rate and size. What distinguishes Convertio is its support for a diverse range of video formats, guaranteeing compatibility with a variety of sources. The platform’s commitment to quality and accuracy makes it a desirable option for those who value output perfection.


YouTube To GIF Converters

VEED is a video editing tool that makes creating and modifying GIFs simple. GIFs, MP4s, MOVs, and any other kind of video file may all be uploaded, and modifications can be made to them with ease. The VEED video editor also lets you loop, crop, trim, and rotate videos, making it a powerful tool for all your video editing requirements. The platform is easy to browse and user-friendly, making it accessible to beginners and experts. VEED also offers a range of video editing features, like adding subtitles and captions to the videos, making it a full video editing tool. If you want a simple yet effective tool to create and modify GIFs, VEED is worth looking into.

3. GifRun

YouTube To GIF Converters

GIF Run is your best option if you want a completely free converter that provides top-notch services. This free online program lets you create animated GIFs and WebP pictures from YouTube and other websites. You don’t need to register to use the service, which is fast and easy to use. Copy and paste any YouTube URL into GIFRun to create a GIF. GIFRun is unique because it is available on desktop or mobile browsers, making it accessible to everyone. It is an excellent tool for producing GIFs while on the move, and it is perfect for people seeking a simple and uncomplicated GIF creator. If you’re searching for a free and easy-to-use GIF creator, check out GIFRun.

4. Kapwing

YouTube To GIF Converters

Enter Kapwing, a flexible online platform that offers a wide range of tools, including a feature-rich YouTube to GIF converter platform. Kapwing allows you to convert YouTube videos into GIFs easily by pasting the video URL and choosing the required portion. But that’s only the beginning: Kapwing also provides editing options to customize GIFs. Text, overlays, stickers, and even frame rate adjustments are all options. Furthermore, Kapwing’s user-friendly interface enables easy trimming and exact changes. Its extensive toolbox makes it a popular option among those looking for simplicity and creative control in their GIF-making journey.


YouTube To GIF Converters

GIPHY is an intriguing YouTube to GIF converter you may want to look into. This famous platform offers a GIF Maker tool, which lets you create animated GIFs from videos or photos. You may effortlessly upload and convert videos from YouTube or your files to GIFs. The GIF Maker also includes options for adding captions and stickers to your GIFs. GIPHY provides a large library of GIFs, including humorous, charming, and response GIFs, that you can discover and share on the platform. Its fast and easy GIF generation process is well-known.

6. FreeGifMaker

YouTube To GIF Converters

FreeGifMaker is a free tool worth considering for the best YouTube to GIF converter. This free online tool lets you create animated GIFs in seconds. It is a simple, easy-to-use converter with no specific skills or registration. You may upload videos from YouTube or your files to convert them to GIFs. It’s an excellent tool for making GIFs fast and effectively. However, it may lack certain features, such as editing tools or customizing options, that other YouTube to GIF converters offer. This feature limits FreeGifMaker’s usefulness to simple GIF conversion. However, it is still a fantastic choice if you require a GIF creator for non-professional use.

7. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a comprehensive video toolkit for Windows that lets you convert, compress, and edit videos. Its features include trimming, cropping, rotating, and adding filters and subtitles to your videos. It may also be used to create GIFs from YouTube or any other video file. The program offers many preset conversion options and some basic editing features. While its user interface is easy to use, some users have experienced crashes and sluggish performance. UniConverter is also accessible as an online video converter with various intriguing features.


While is best known for converting YouTube videos to MP3, it also offers a helpful function for converting YouTube videos to GIFs. This online tool simplifies the process by letting you paste the YouTube video URL, pick the required portion, and then adjust the frame rate and dimensions to create your GIF.’s emphasis on simplicity makes it an attractive option for users seeking a straightforward GIF conversion approach. Whether you want to immortalize a funny clip or a sad moment, offers a simple way to turn these YouTube jewels into animated GIFs that can be shared across several platforms.


Anyone searching for adaptability might check out, a platform that offers an easy-to-use GIF editor. It enables you to create animated GIFs from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other video sites. To make a GIF, you may either upload your video or paste it into a URL; it is also noted for its fast and efficient GIF generation process. For commercial and branding needs, offers options to optimize and embed GIFs. To begin to start, the platform offers a free edition. However, a paying plan is available for more sophisticated features and customization options. is useful for making and editing GIFs from various video sources.

10. MakeAGIF

MakeAGIF is a top option if you’re looking for a flexible and easy-to-use online tool to convert YouTube videos into beautiful GIFs. This platform offers a smooth experience, letting you paste the YouTube video URL, pick the appropriate part, and adjust settings such as frame rate and size. MakeAGIF also allows you to add text, stickers, and effects to your GIFs, allowing you to personalize your creations. MakeAGIF’s straightforward UI and extensive editing options allow you to filter the essence of YouTube videos into perfect animated GIFs that are ideal for sharing on social media, in presentations, or to show creativity.

11. Imgur

Imgur, a popular picture-storing and sharing platform, now offers a useful tool to convert YouTube videos to GIFs smoothly. You may quickly paste the YouTube video URL, select the appropriate start and stop timings for your GIF, and even include captions. Imgur’s converter is user-friendly, making it a popular alternative for individuals who want to convert their favorite YouTube moments into shareable GIFs instantly. Whether collecting a humorous segment from a comedy act or archiving an awe-inspiring moment, Imgur Video to GIF makes the process simple, allowing your creativity to flourish via animated visuals.


Regarding versatility and creativity in converting YouTube videos into GIFs, EZGIF stands out as a dependable option. Enter the YouTube video link, trim the required part, and adjust parameters like frame delay and dimensions. This online tool offers a simple process. EZGIF does not end at conversion. Instead, it offers a variety of editing options, allowing you to enhance your GIFs with text, overlays, and effects. EZGIF’s easy-to-use interface and extensive features make it the go-to platform for converting YouTube videos into dynamic and shareable GIFs, whether you’re trying to capture a humorous response, a hypnotic dance move, or a poignant moment.

13. Clipchamp

Finally, can you elevate your YouTube videos to the next level by converting them into visually appealing GIFs? Look no farther than Clipchamp, a complete video editing platform with a sophisticated YouTube to GIF converter. Clipchamp makes the process of converting YouTube footage into GIFs simpler and offers a variety of YouTube editing options to enhance your creations. Clipchamp lets you personalize your GIFs by trimming the perfect piece and adding text, filters, and overlays. Its user-friendly UI is designed for beginners and expert artists, allowing anybody to create professional-quality GIFs that catch the essence of the original videos. Your journey from YouTube videos to visually appealing GIFs is easy and artistically satisfying with Clipchamp.

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The Bottom Line:

As we end our guide to the top YouTube to GIF converters, we’ve uncovered a world of creative transformation. Each converter, from simple options like Imgur Video to GIF to feature-rich systems like Kapwing and Convertio, enables us to distill the essence of YouTube into visually appealing GIFs. Armed with these YouTube to GIF converters, we journeyed to transform YouTube’s dynamic material into shareable artwork.

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